Salaye Alagbo Latest Yoruba Movie 2018 Drama Starring Tope Osoba | Tayo Sobola | Niyi Johnson

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • A young lady refused to be defeated by fate after a painful ordeal with her supposed best friend but she has a huge price to pay in her journey to live the life she desires. Find out more.

  • Adewunmi Bolanle
    Adewunmi Bolanle 6 days ago (edited)

    Whao apata thanks for upload this movie finally watching because of my sweet lady tope osoba love the lady accent die if you love her hit me like my beatiful darling partner's come and watch this intrest movie and enjoy it niger lazy youth where una dey oungbona felifeli come and enjoy this intrest movie and learn one or two tins inside this intrest movie this movie soo hot poverty is not good may god not let us know it unique bae have not seen u missing ur present here my love 

  • Ogunsanya Themny
    Ogunsanya Themny 6 days ago

    Hmmm we small girl with biggest God is here again ooo Let's see what Tope Osoba av for Us.....

  • Tiamiyu Marufah
    Tiamiyu Marufah 6 days ago

    My love tope osoba

  • Unique bae
    Unique bae 6 days ago (edited)

    Umm to be forewarned is to be forearmed, she should have waited till her old age rather than her getting mad patience is the virtue ‍♀️‍♀️salaye pada salaye ara ę interesting movie kudos to everyone for the job well done 

  • Brien Hannah
    Brien Hannah 6 days ago

    Watching where are my people

  • Victoria Efoghe
    Victoria Efoghe 4 days ago

    Eyah....i pity her so much....after all d suffer,and insult...she should have been patient ....Eyah....funny Niyi ..d job fit am weller ...

  • Daimand Blessing Dabria
    Daimand Blessing Dabria 6 days ago

    Tope d luv I have 4 u Omo no be small.apataTv u are d best

  • Rebecca Oluwaseun
    Rebecca Oluwaseun 6 days ago (edited)

    First to register My Colleagues let watch Together Good morning Everyone Ologi yin tide oo Hmm Poverty is a disease All her possible best to Rich just go in Vain I really pity Tiwa there is a lot of Lessons to learn, interesting movie no other part just love tope Osoba with her Acting Kudos to all the cast APATATV+thanks for uploading ✌

  • abiodun damilola
    abiodun damilola 6 days ago

    Lovely movie I trust tope osoba, she always deliever I love her silly...she said 9 abi 10pm kin ba le wa awake I love you girl....nice movie..kudos to cast n crew

  • Adewuyi Maryham
    Adewuyi Maryham 6 days ago

    Interesting movie...tnx 4 uploading apata tv

  • Shotunde Oluwadamilola
    Shotunde Oluwadamilola 6 days ago

    In love with u tope osoba

  • Adigun Sekinat
    Adigun Sekinat 3 days ago

    I loff d way she use to talk... Tope osoba loff u like kilode

  • Mayowa Adeola
    Mayowa Adeola 5 days ago

    Interesting movie with lesson learnt... Eni awi fun oba je ko gbo.. Adani waye o gbagbe eni kan, ai mo asiko lon damu eda... Job well done to all crew... Thanks for uploading....

  • Alli Sirheed
    Alli Sirheed 5 days ago

    Fantastic... Thumbs up TOPE OSOBA

  • Afonja Oluwasheyimi1
    Afonja Oluwasheyimi1 6 days ago

    A great lesson to everyone patience is the most important in this life interesting movie. Thanks for the upload

  • Adeneye Joy
    Adeneye Joy 6 days ago

    OMG, after all the humiliations from her friends all her patients and struggles she still runs mad, well this is a lesson and warning to everyone out there no matter how fast u run, u can never run faster than ur creator.what a lovely movie

  • Omo Joan
    Omo Joan 6 days ago

    Pls where are my fans Wlcm me into d building

  • Silverdera Haryanfe
    Silverdera Haryanfe 5 days ago

    Dis lolade self nawa for her...olowo yin kole dolorun..

  • Badmus Olawande
    Badmus Olawande 6 days ago

    Hmmmmmmmm ile aiye asan