25+ Hilarious Memes Will Make You Laugh Only If You Are 90’s

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
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    Nostalgia has a place in everyone's hearts, but no one floods the internet with their sentiments about the past as much as '90s kids. However, since no age group spends online as much time as we do, cut us some slack, why don't you? There are many things that made our childhood special. The CD player that wouldn't fit into any pocket (kids nowadays will never know the struggle), the legendary Tamagotchi and so on. Most of them are hardly available now and today's kids will never understand, so we have to keep their memories alive with this pics that will make you feel old. And what better way to do so then creating funny memes? Scroll down to check out the nostalgic selection of images that will instantly send every '90s kid down the memory lane and remember the struggles kids today will never understand. Some of these things kids today will never experience anymore, it’s something for the “older” people, lol. Can you relate to these funny memes about the 90s? Share your thoughts with us in the comment. Subscribe my channel for a new video every day PLEASE HELP ME FOR DREAM OF 100.000 SUBSCRIBE:

  • jaspr1999
    jaspr1999 2 months ago

    I feel where you're coming from! I'm a 70's kid myself but can relate to everything except the computer use. Heaven forbid kids play in the sprinklers nowadays. Try hearing a DJ on the radio calling a song a "Classic" when you could have sworn it came out just a couple of years ago.

  • Jonathan Li
    Jonathan Li 2 months ago

    Also back then, Mariah Carey was the Taylor Swift, Rihanna and then some. Chicago Bulls = Golden State Warriors + Lebron James.

  • Teresa Calarie
    Teresa Calarie 2 months ago

    90’s teenager here! I had a great childhood! I would not change it for anything! I have 3 daughters and I can’t keep up with the tech speak, lol!

  • VAS SK13
    VAS SK13 2 months ago

    That was awesome. Amazing how you completely forget about things and overlook how simplified everything is in todays age. Brought back a lot of great memories thanks!

  • deathkillercabs
    deathkillercabs 2 months ago

    our first vcr had the remote with a wire attached