Watch This Mind Blowing Magic Trick

  • Published on Oct 13, 2017

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    Not only can this magician unlock Steve Harvey’s phone, he leaves wondering what’s reality with his mind-boggling, show-stopping trick. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest

  • Astronomygirl
    Astronomygirl 9 months ago (edited)

    I feel bad for the lady who thought she was the one Steve picked

  • ST. Upid
    ST. Upid 8 months ago

    its staged all of it, see that girl holding up R in harvey? when it was upside down its 12, and how well does she know that she needs to put the cardboads closer together to make an R if she didnt know that they are trying to spell harvey;s name,? its like they tell us they are random people but they actually knows whats going on. forthose who still cant understand 6:55 the girl holding up 12 separates the cardboard cause she knows she is showing the number 12, now when he asked to turn it upsidedown she put it closer together like she knows she going to make an R. dont get me wrong i really like magic tricks, specially the trick behind it, how it worked and how did they pull it off, that is the best thing about the magic tricks, i am just posting this for those ignorant fools who thinks magic is real

  • Aphellion Reacts
    Aphellion Reacts 3 months ago

    Poor lady... $1 less than she used to have.

  • Toasty Tube
    Toasty Tube 8 months ago

    I do that trick to my friends all the time here's how to do it Go on your calculator Then type a bunch of random numbers Get a piece of paper and white down that number u typed Then put the paper away That number is still on your calculator so leave it there Then press the times button Then press 0 Then hit the plus button And add 1 Now ask your friend to write a random number on the cacualter Then after they type there number press the times button Then you can write a mother random, number Then times it You can do that as much times as u want After there done writing there numbers then timesing it just press the equals button And it should equal the number you wrote down on the paper Then give them the paper Your welcome

  • Ben Seiler
    Ben Seiler 9 months ago


  • Birkensocks
    Birkensocks 9 months ago

    Everyone is complaining about it being fake as if they've seen real magic 

  • shan_rocks
    shan_rocks 9 months ago

    How he unlocked Steve's phone is not known but here is something I do know. If you multiply all the numbers the result is not the number that came out in the calculator, regardless of what the first few numbers he put in. He typed that number in and then did +0 x all thr numbers to give him the number he wanted. Secondly, since he knew the answer he could place it underneath the second row's seats. Also, at around 5:45 you can see him reach into his pocket for a fake $1 bill that he used slight of hand with and right after he pulls out the $1 bill from the envelope you can see his left hand dash for his pocket where he placed the original $1 bill that the lady gave him. That fake bill had that exact same serial number on it, that he put in the calculator. And that numbet was specifically chosen because turned upside down it spelled Steve Harvey. You can do this trick with any number over 5 digits. It's called the "toxic" effect.

  • Igor Gvozdenov
    Igor Gvozdenov 6 months ago

    U guys ready for this? Okay, here we go. The guy has made a combination of numbers that spell Steve Harvey when they are turned around and placed them below the second row before the magic trick. Now the dollar bill is completely random and he does really put it in the box. Now the phone, he takes Steve's iPhone(and this trick can only be done with iPhone) and unlocks it somehow, now he probably asked him before the show or smthng or maybe even saw him unlock the phone but that is irrelevant. He opens up the calculator and while nobody is watching, he writes the number then follows with + 0 * (572124012125+0*) and then whatever he puts in the calculator the final result will always be the same, as long as you multiply after every number, try it yourself it really works but only if you have an iPhone, then he puts his hand into a pocket and grabs a dollar bill that has the same digits as the number and hides it really well between his thumb and index finger and pretends to catch the bill from that box, but what he really did was hold tight the bottom of the box so that the original dollar bill wont fall, and then he just puts it in his pocket....and the rest of the trick is obvious ty for reading guys

  • Leon Petrou
    Leon Petrou 5 months ago (edited)

    This is how it is done (just my theory): 1: The number was pre-selected. Numbers that when turned upside down and written in a strategic way will spell out ''Steve Harvey''. 2: A counterfeit one dollar bill was printed prior the show with that pre-selected serial number printed on it. 3. The number he first picked for the calculation was not exposed so no matter what numbers the audience selects, we as the viewer can not calculate what the final number is. In that way, he forces us to select that serial number. 4. He is not actually punching in calculation numbers in the calculator. He is entering the memorized serial number. 5. As for the $1 bill from the lady in the audience, she was not in on it. That was her actual $1 bill and it was placed in the envelope and then placed in the glass. However, when "removing" the $1 bill from the envelope he does a sneaky slight of hand trick where he "pulls out" his folded counterfeit $1 with his pre-selected serial number. Very good trick.

  • Michael Weston
    Michael Weston 8 months ago

    would have been more impressed if the guy didn't bore me so much going through the routine. and maybe turn down the smugness a few notches

  • NoJoKe
    NoJoKe 10 months ago

    5:45 - 5:47 he is reaching for the dollar bill that has the same number

  • Daniel Huddleston
    Daniel Huddleston 2 months ago

    1988*88=174,944 any operation with the number 9 then divided into his mystery number would equal the number he chose. Well I’m sorry but he lied. Bc his mystery number would have had to been a long decimal number that isn’t finite. So clearly he didn’t not multiply any of those numbers together but instead entered in a memory equation. Nothing to do with audience at all. So if you know the number it’s easy to place cards before hand. As for the bill he pulled it out and we never saw the envelope was empty could have been two bills, or he palmed it, but this guy I don’t even think could do that. Simply started with his bill, placed the cards of his bills cereal number under peoples set. Then wrote down row 2 where he placed them. Didn’t add or multiply anyone’s number and said he’s going to start with a number using the memory to plug s function in, so when you hit mc or mr or whatever button it is I can’t remember and hit equal his predetermined number pops up. Mentalist I think not, just an old trick with a calculator that’s been done for decades. Come on you get on tv and that’s what you go with, do something better than that. Oh and unlocking the phone, he rubbed his pants, perhaps something to reveal the finger prints Steve Harvey was literally just pressing in to unlock it. Idk I’m no magician, but this trunk stunk.

  • Drogheda Drones & Fun
    Drogheda Drones & Fun 3 months ago

    Theres no number divisible by 8 or 88 that ends in 5. That's why it's stupid.

  • Mr. Theater
    Mr. Theater 9 months ago

    "If thats okay with you..." saying that 88 times. 

  • dasugo
    dasugo 9 months ago

    it would be nice to give the magician's name??

  • Justin
    Justin 3 weeks ago

    Cool trick but the guy is awkwardly silent, no charisma in his performance

  • Max Mayer
    Max Mayer 4 months ago

    strange how the second row found those papers without searching right away and the one girl even had 2 numbers in the right order in her hand. the little envelope had of course 2 bills inside. AND OF COURSE THERE WAS NO CALCULATION ON THE CALCULATOR, AS HE HAD PUT THIS NUMBER IN INSTEAD! SIMPLE AND PRIMITIVE!

  • Alien Hunter
    Alien Hunter 2 months ago

    My magic is better..people react to things they don’t see..every time I fart.

  • DTR396
    DTR396 4 months ago

    He reached in his pocket @ 5:45 and swapped bills while reaching for the envelope. So he planned ahead to just do mumbo jumbo on the calculator knowing the number wanted. It didn't matter what numbers they said as he could always recall the number he needed.

  • Ice_Kul_ Isse
    Ice_Kul_ Isse 9 months ago

    I like how Steve is pretending to be surprised.