Watch This Mind Blowing Magic Trick

  • Published on Oct 13, 2017

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    Not only can this magician unlock Steve Harvey’s phone, he leaves wondering what’s reality with his mind-boggling, show-stopping trick. SUBSCRIBE to get the latest

  • Astronomygirl
    Astronomygirl 11 months ago (edited)

    I feel bad for the lady who thought she was the one Steve picked

  • Aphellion Reacts
    Aphellion Reacts 5 months ago

    Poor lady... $1 less than she used to have.

  • abigail Williams
    abigail Williams 4 months ago

    For everyone saying it's fake, every damn magic trick is fake.

  • mizuhonova
    mizuhonova 3 weeks ago

    No number multiplied by 88 will give you a number with a 5 at the end...

  • Arien HSP
    Arien HSP 1 day ago

    What a con artist! Obviously staged

  • Tyler Myrman
    Tyler Myrman 3 weeks ago

    This is incredibly staged

  • HeadShot
    HeadShot 3 weeks ago (edited)

    This is so fake he could've chosen the other lady instead there is so many evidence 

  • Devrim Ekici
    Devrim Ekici 3 weeks ago

    But they never seen what he put in the calculator so he probly lied

  • PumpkinEskobarr
    PumpkinEskobarr 3 weeks ago

    Jesus christ... 2:52 mins in i am done. Hate long ass magic tricks.

  • ABAL Bonez
    ABAL Bonez 11 months ago

    Everyone is complaining about it being fake as if they've seen real magic 

  • Drogheda Drones & Fun
    Drogheda Drones & Fun 5 months ago

    Theres no number divisible by 8 or 88 that ends in 5. That's why it's stupid.

  • Reaper & Sylum
    Reaper & Sylum 3 weeks ago

    Steve is a tough host to deal with

    TRICK-OR TREAT 4 months ago


  • Travis Murphy
    Travis Murphy 3 weeks ago

    Wack...wasnt impressed ‍♂️‍♂️

  • Igor Milojkovic
    Igor Milojkovic 8 months ago

    U guys ready for this? Okay, here we go. The guy has made a combination of numbers that spell Steve Harvey when they are turned around and placed them below the second row before the magic trick. Now the dollar bill is completely random and he does really put it in the box. Now the phone, he takes Steve's iPhone(and this trick can only be done with iPhone) and unlocks it somehow, now he probably asked him before the show or smthng or maybe even saw him unlock the phone but that is irrelevant. He opens up the calculator and while nobody is watching, he writes the number then follows with + 0 * (572124012125+0*) and then whatever he puts in the calculator the final result will always be the same, as long as you multiply after every number, try it yourself it really works but only if you have an iPhone, then he puts his hand into a pocket and grabs a dollar bill that has the same digits as the number and hides it really well between his thumb and index finger and pretends to catch the bill from that box, but what he really did was hold tight the bottom of the box so that the original dollar bill wont fall, and then he just puts it in his pocket....and the rest of the trick is obvious ty for reading guys

  • Arun Panjabi
    Arun Panjabi 3 weeks ago

    05:49 he blows up the magic trick

  • Donald Trump
    Donald Trump 2 weeks ago

    this is more staged than CNN

  • superactive1000
    superactive1000 5 months ago

    that number isn't even divisible by 88, lol so stupid!

  • k cole
    k cole 2 weeks ago

    Steve Harvey = Buffoon

  • ST. Upid
    ST. Upid 10 months ago

    its staged all of it, see that girl holding up R in harvey? when it was upside down its 12, and how well does she know that she needs to put the cardboads closer together to make an R if she didnt know that they are trying to spell harvey;s name,? its like they tell us they are random people but they actually knows whats going on. forthose who still cant understand 6:55 the girl holding up 12 separates the cardboard cause she knows she is showing the number 12, now when he asked to turn it upsidedown she put it closer together like she knows she going to make an R. dont get me wrong i really like magic tricks, specially the trick behind it, how it worked and how did they pull it off, that is the best thing about the magic tricks, i am just posting this for those ignorant fools who thinks magic is real