Sebastian Maniscalco | This Past Weekend #138

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018

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    Sitting down with one of the biggest stand up comedy acts in the world, Sebastian Maniscalco. See Sebastian Live:

  • Lucrative
    Lucrative 5 days ago

    Uh oh. Theo coming in early with that Italian dark artist. Gang gang, son!

  • Austin Key
    Austin Key 5 days ago

    This podcast is better than most comedians specials

  • Dolla Lama
    Dolla Lama 5 days ago

    Bustin out that cocaine vest collection bruh!!

  • SciA
    SciA 5 days ago (edited)

    Episode Timestamps: 8:07 - Cocaine Vests 12:36 - Last Good Cry 17:41 - Comedy Career 19:24 - Friendships 23:10 - Italians 26:30 - Inception of 'This Past Weekend'' 29:44 - Theo's vocabulary 33:37 - Dealing with Fame 36:21 - Social Media / Ariana Grande & Pete Davidson 38:40 - Fatherhood 41:38 - Sebastian's Upbringing 44:41 - Mexican NBA Players 46:17 - Finding friends after fame 48:20 - Halloween Costumes 52:00 - Commitment Issues & Dating 55:56 - Chicago / Backyard Wrestling 57:04 - Comedy Special Outfit 01:01:02 - Comedic Influences 1:09:02 - Andrew Dice Clay 1:11:36 - Malocchio (Evil Eye) / Dane Cooks Gift Shop 1:14:00 - Theo's Father 1:16:04 - Italian Reunion Advice 1:17:17 - Andrew Dice Clay (Part 2) 1:18:20 - Comedic Cliques 1:20:24 - Friendships 1:22:40 - Australia

  • Seth Taylor
    Seth Taylor 5 days ago

    Greyblock Pizza!!! Thanks for bringing us Theo von!

  • Gilbert Espinoza
    Gilbert Espinoza 5 days ago

    $6,000? That’s quite the inVESTment

  • Blazed and Confused
    Blazed and Confused 5 days ago

    You're absolutely killing it with these guests, Theo!

  • Hayden Smyth
    Hayden Smyth 5 days ago

    That vest got Theo looking like a busboy at the movies 

  • Kerry Posthoorn
    Kerry Posthoorn 5 days ago

    Norm Macdonald would be the perfect guest for this show


    Anyone who wears a vest and sports a mullet is into some serious DARK ARTS!

  • kpch c
    kpch c 5 days ago

    This guy is cool. I'm so ignorant to good comics. Discovered you through Brendan, Rogan etc and now I'm trying on vests in my mirror

  • Rebecca Hedden
    Rebecca Hedden 5 days ago

    Was so excited for this! Two favorite comedians

  • MorreiraR10
    MorreiraR10 5 days ago

    That cocain vest , get that hittaaa

  • dalals henderso
    dalals henderso 5 days ago

    Theo really trying to push the bridges of Madison county onto all of his guest

  • Steven Nieto
    Steven Nieto 5 days ago

    What's up with Theo and 'Bridges of Madison County'?? Haha.

  • JB Townsend
    JB Townsend 5 days ago

    I like this guy’s rationale clashing with Theo’s in an entertaining way. Cool dynamic.

  • Alexander De Michele
    Alexander De Michele 5 days ago

    Theo's line about Pete Davidson being Ariana Grande's mood ring lmaoooooooooooo

  • Chris R.R.
    Chris R.R. 5 days ago

    theo "this isnt a funny podcast" von

  • r0bCSGO
    r0bCSGO 5 days ago

    Theo with the big guest hitters, man. Cuhmawn!

  • Kyle Hopper
    Kyle Hopper 5 days ago

    Feelin' some early mornin adult excitement for this here hitter.