Dickie Goodman ~ Mr Jaws 1975 Comedy Parody

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • I don't think there is enough humor these days, maybe this will get a smile? The fun thing about radio in the 70's was never knowing the next thing the DJ was going to play. Dickie Goodman was a comedian who started "sampling" back in 1956 by using clips from a variety of then currently popular songs and hit big with "The Flying Saucer (Parts 1 & 2)". Here, Goodman seized the opportunity to spoof Jaws and make you laugh by utilizing that technique. I remembered how much I liked novelty tunes and my mind took me back to 1975. John Williams sure got it right when he composed the music for the soundtrack, that ominously dreading string section that accelerates in tempo really catches my attention. Nowadays most will probably guffaw at this one, but back in da day it was pretty funny to this 15 year old.

    2JOHNNYT 1 week ago

    hahaha I had this record when I was like 8 - this was HILARIOUS - radio sucks nowadays, no originality or personality

  • Mario Maldonado
    Mario Maldonado 1 week ago

    I little comedy to make the day a little better. Thanks and take care

  • Guirguis Youssef
    Guirguis Youssef 1 week ago

    oh wow so very nice

  • Ron Taylor
    Ron Taylor 1 week ago

    Oh hell yeah.. I used to love these when I was a kid I made a couple of these myself... need more

  • Beau Jan Gels
    Beau Jan Gels 1 week ago

    Back in the days when folks weren't as hypersensitive about copyright, these types of recordings flourished. I still remembered the one they produced at KENI in Anchorage, Alaska during the 1978 election. Jay Hammond, the incumbent governor, won the Republican primary over former governor Wally Hickel by only 98 votes. They did a bit in exactly this style of "news interview". When they asked "How many times did you count the ballots, anyway?", the response was to cue in Lionel Richie: "Once...twice...three times!" "Okay, okay, we get the point".

  • Muzikgirl67
    Muzikgirl67 1 week ago (edited)

    WOW!!...Why so many dislikes on this one?..Maybe they are from listeners who are too young to remember how HUGELY popular this song (and movie of course) both were back in '75, and hence they have no idea how funny and entertaInIng this song (along with the popular hits of the time) truly is, or they are just individuals who have no humor in their miserable lives at all..In a world today where every word someone says is taken so seriously and constantly having to "watch their tongue" in fear of rubbing someone the wrong way or offending them, I think this is truly FANTASTIC and I personally thank you for this Discocat!..Sadly, there is no place for a fun novelty song like this gem to be played on American radio today and become a hit...but back in 1975..this was a #4 SMASH on the Billboard Hot 100 Chart..and were truly "the good times" of which I am grateful for and wIll always remember!..Take Care! Ms. Elizabeth :-)

  • garden ho
    garden ho 1 week ago

    I still have this 45. :)

  • Richard Boudeman
    Richard Boudeman 1 week ago

    loved his records.  he was the king of this type of recording.  he did have a greatest hits package.  his late foray was "the safe sex report" done in the late 80s.  to mean this is way better than most of the most of the "music" on the airwaves today

  • Cjs Transp
    Cjs Transp 1 week ago

    WOW, this definitely brought back some good ol summer days. I thought this was a really cool commercial, I didn't know this was on LP's, or 45's. I really enjoyed it, and thanks to you I still do. Awesome, just awesome.

  • phoelix ,
    phoelix , 1 week ago (edited)

    Like a Rhinstone Cowboy!! I love that song

  • Emmanuel Lehuu
    Emmanuel Lehuu 1 week ago

    Hahaha thank you for this :)

  • Robert Mondelli
    Robert Mondelli 1 week ago

    “Big boys don’t cry....”lol!

  • Daniel Pena
    Daniel Pena 1 week ago

    They used to make a lot of these types of records on the 70's. After a while, it got old.

  • ChristianFreeman
    ChristianFreeman 1 week ago (edited)

    Luv it! I remember when local stations around L.A. would make their own especially around election time, they would parodize the candidates with song clips. One started out with a question for Walter Mondale, asking him what exactly was his special platform for his campaign, the intro to a song that starts out "I... am the Magnificent..." another portion alludes to some gal who works in the Mondale camp perhaps having a crush on him the interviewer asks how she feels about him the clip goes, "I don't know how to love him...", whoever was running agaisnt Mondale was asked where he had been on the campaignn trail recently, his reply was "I've been thru the desert on a horse with no name.." amd so on. FUNNY stuff! Back when everyone wasn't so touchy about politics. Everyone was fair game in these parodies. Wish I had a bunch of them. Somewhere I have part of the foregoing example on a cassette... think it was from KRLA! :)

  • Cathleen Diaz
    Cathleen Diaz 1 week ago

    Too funny! I had completely forgotten about this... lol

  • Oscar Lazo
    Oscar Lazo 1 week ago

    Pero que tamaña cagada es esto.

  • Mikey_Suze Four
    Mikey_Suze Four 5 hours ago

    Like a rhinestone cowboy LOL Great upload DJ Cat Brother!

  • thatDonOguy
    thatDonOguy 1 week ago

    I guess this is no 12 inch mix here....

  • mrwilljones3015
    mrwilljones3015 1 week ago

    I was 11 years old when I bought this 45 in 1975. Loved it then loved it now, thanks for the memories