The Alchemist - The Chemistry Files: The DVD: The Uncut Version (Pt.1)

  • Published on Jun 21, 2014
  • 2006 ALC Records. This is the official ALC documentary. Produced, edited, and slapped together by the man himself. Put together from old footage and edited entirely on a apple G4 laptop with iMovie, this never-before-seen documentary captures the life of the ALC in a rugged yet personal, rough-around-the-edges fashion. "I have absolutly NO knowledge of film making, editing, or anything associated with movies, but one day i was messing around on the laptop and i realized that editing footage was alot like beat making! So, on the spot, i said fuckit, i'm gonna make a DVD, right here, me, in my living room, on my laptop, out of all this footage i got laying around. And i sat up for one week straight, got into creative mode, and went bersek! Shit was fun." Of course we'd all rather that Al spends those hours doing what he does best, making those classic productions. But we're quite glad he took a week out and put together this truly motivating DVD. Originally edited, shortened to 25 minutes and used for the re-release of Alchemist's debut album 1st Infantry, this is the full 1 hour unedited and uncut version, exactly as he intendet it. "I felt like the edited version didn't tell the story well. So i wanted the fans to see it the right way." Go inside the various smoke-filled laboratories and studios and watch as Alchemist and the The Mobb create their signature sound. Sit in on mix sessions. Watch as, for the first time ever, ALC puts together a beat live on camera. Witness magic as Alchemist and Mobb Deep zone out and the making of the classic "Hold you down," miraculously captured on camera, is revealed for the first time. Then watch as the song metaporphasizes from a spontaneous vibe in a little home studio to a live concert in front of 30,000 fans. Complete with an exclusive live performance by Alchemist ant Twin of IM3, the making of the "Hold you down" video, photo shoots, exclusive never-heard-before ALC beats, and individual segments of Twin and Big Noyd, this DVD is a must-have for Alchemist fans, or anyone who just wants to be inspired!