Electric Universe Theories, Importance of Open Mind Science Debate with Wallace Thornhill

  • Published on Apr 30, 2017
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    Physicist and Chief Science Advisor to the Thunderbolts Project joins the program to discuss the electric theories concepts and how this changes the paradigm of our understanding of the universe. We also discuss the extreme political climate scientists face bringing new ideas that challenge the status quo. It is often said, “extraordinary claims require extraordinary proof.” History shows otherwise that entrenched paradigms resist extraordinary disproof.” See more of Wallace Thornhill at www.HoloScience.com See more episodes of Business Game Changers and Articles at www.SarahWestall.com **SUPPORT MONTHLY **

  • Mhi kl
    Mhi kl 1 year ago

    This is very recent, eh? Wal sure works hard to spread the science of the Electric Universe. Surely he and David Talbott will be awarded a Nobel Prize when science finally returns to reality. Our Dark Ages are coming to an end.

  • Andrew Hall
    Andrew Hall 1 year ago

    I clicked on your channel to watch Wal. Now I'm a fan and subscriber to you, Sarah. I hope you continue with more EU Theory and interviews. Nice job!

  • Farah
    Farah 1 year ago

    wowser... Electric Universe Theory has serious game-changer potential. thanks again for another REALLY INTERESTING interview, Sarah. what a delightfully intelligent man. (: i'm going to check out his websites. keep up the great work, girl.

  • onehit pick
    onehit pick 1 year ago (edited)

    If folk who understand electric fields had a real voice in cosmological theory, we might get somewhere.

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 10 months ago

    "I think the best lessons you ever learn are the ones you teach yourself." Wal Thornhill

  • Jeff Metzler
    Jeff Metzler 1 year ago

    IMHO one of the biggest reasons for the censorship by the establishment of new "controversial" theories that are contrary to the main stream is that they threaten the government grant spigot.

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 10 months ago

    "I decided I had to work on my own. And so its been a fairly lonely journey, but at the same time one of the most exciting journeys anyone could ever have. And that is the adventure of discovery."

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 10 months ago

    "The psychology of human behavior shows that we are not well adapted to do science. Because if you present somebody with an idea which is outside their belief system, their initial response is to deny it, and then later...forget it."

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 10 months ago

    "One of the things I should do is make it clear that mathematics isn't science."

  • Stephen Hanger
    Stephen Hanger 8 months ago (edited)

    Scientist don't want to share ideas or cross teach or cross learn because they are afraid of losing their Glory or sharing their Glory or having some other Scientist steel their Glory or simply being proven wrong. Scientist are Egomaniacs like Artist. "If you can't Dazzle them with your Brilliance , Baffle them with your Bull Shit". Such are all Human Beings at one time or another.

  • Reflections Observer
    Reflections Observer 1 year ago (edited)

    Jesus, I felt so impatient. You got such a great guest and you spent at least a third of your time repeating over and over again obvious truths. How unfair people are treated and how sciences should be done.Talking about what you don't like in behaviour of others. He was clearly very eager to talk about deep and important stuff. Like nature of consciousness and life, different paradigms in sciences. Instead you keep bringing him down to complaining about how he was treated :( By doing that you only provoke latent emotional issues thus perpetuating it further. I'm sorry for saying this. I'm very grateful for this interview. He is a wonderful man with fantastic ideas and I felt that he wasn't given the chance to voice them. Also, please if you see your guest impatiently waiting for you to finish, give him more time to speak. Remember, it's about your guest, not you.

  • FreeMpg
    FreeMpg 1 year ago

    Excellent, skilled interview. Wal Thornhill will prove to be our Einstein, if we survive our rigid, dogmatic insanity.

  • dotsthots
    dotsthots 10 months ago

    EU theory is to cosmology what Austrian economics is to modern Keynesian economics. Subscribers to the latter are hopelessly lost in their mathematical models, predicting nothing, yet they look down at the former for using observation and reasoning despite their valuable predictive powers.

  • bigmurr725
    bigmurr725 1 year ago

    Thanks Sarah , what a Great interview ! Keep up the great work .

  • Shift Align
    Shift Align 1 year ago

    From the big picture, more and more people are understanding EU. Raging against the people who aren't getting is focusing on what you don't want. Let the old ideas die, they are making way for the new, and so here we are with youtube full of wonderful videos showing those who are most ready to comprehend it. 43:08 I don't think scientists and innovators are being terribly insulted and hurt by words. The underlying truth is there, and more people are realizing it. The ideas and inspiration is flowing in for a reason and there is no stopping it. Change is constantly underway, and I am so excited to co-create with you all. These concepts of EU fully resonate with me, and I feel so incredible to understand this perspective. Its like coming home. Full clarity! Eager for more. Thank you.

  • ВМ ВМ
    ВМ ВМ 1 year ago

    About that science conundrum of yours -Gee Sarah, its not about politics, nor ego, nor "firm believes", tho Im sure there are some of it. Its purely about profits, money and above else power. Electric universe tells us that everything around us and ourselves, is basically electricity. In other words everything is energy..."free energy". Ones you realize that, you'll just need to invent small converter to channel that electricity in the direction you need/want it to go. They, the powerful business magnates, now masters of all life on this planet (from their perspective), destroyed everyone that every could and would bring that tap to humanity. Their whole agenda is based to keeping humanity in the state of psychology of scarcity. That the energy is practically non existent, rare and precious and only they are able to give it to us....for a price.... Electric Universe is threatening to them. Really, really threatening.....and they have all the "power" on earth to trow at you....

  • Lorne Chadwell
    Lorne Chadwell 1 year ago

    It just make sense! What happened to y'all's Safire project?..Or has the government stepped in?

  • bob smith
    bob smith 1 year ago

    It's all about the Golden Child of the Zionist (((Einstein))), they were desperate to make one of theirs the greatest scientist ever, and they did. Now to say he is not is Anti-Semitic... now explain that logic. Relativity makes no sense and is logically inconsistent... That's racist!!!

  • Mark Martens
    Mark Martens 10 months ago

    "The problem today is that there is no university that teaches the big picture. Because nobody is going to step out there and do that. But if you have a big picture then everyone in that university can see where their part of it fits, and its relationship to others."

  • katsmagik
    katsmagik 1 year ago

    Another interesting connection to the Electric Universe Theory is thru the youtube channel Suspicious0bservers......In living time working through the postulations of the theory in real time in our relationship with the sun and the other celestial bodies in our solar system ect... check it out Ben is Awesome  ..... Sarah I think with what Ben is doing he  would make for a worthwhile  an interview as well!!!  ....   Another Scientist looking at a integrated theory is Nassim Harramein . Thanks Sarah:)