EXTREME BEHEMOTH IS NOT OKAY - Pro and Noob VS Monster Hunter World Multiplayer! #extremebehemoth

  • Published on Aug 25, 2018
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    Monster Hunter World Extreme Behemoth is here and it's scary as hell! Monster Hunter World Extreme Behemoth gameplay is brutal but is it worth the Monster Hunter World Extreme Behemoth armor the Drachen layered armor!? Monster Hunter Extreme Behemoth is essentially Monster Hunter World Behemoth Tempered and then some as he proves to be by far the hardest hunt in World! Subscribe (




    WHY WOULD THEY DO THIS!? WHY IS SATAN INTO MH!? Enjoy! Support me on Patreon:

  • RageGamingVideos
    RageGamingVideos 1 month ago (edited)

    WE JUST DID IT ON STREAM FOR THE FIRST TIME! FUCK THAT MONSTER! Also here's how to do it for yourself: https://bit.ly/2NkExiQ

  • Amber Valkerie
    Amber Valkerie 1 month ago

    Extreme Behemoth not worth the cost of my sanity at all. I've soloed all the Arch- Tempered Monsters, Soloed Tempered DevilJho, even went through the grind on normal Behemoth. I want the layered set, but I think for the first time in a Monster Hunter game, I have to give up trying to beat this monstrosity.

  • Tomi nator
    Tomi nator 1 month ago

    This quest punishes you for not playing by raid rules. You really do need a capable tank to keep his emity locked so he doesn't spam his meteors and charybdis while a healer tries to keep the team alive. You either have to do that or be a team of 4 coordinated HBG users trained in the art of cluster bombing.

  • Daniel Pickford
    Daniel Pickford 1 month ago

    (Since this is the more recent video I thought it’d make more sense for me to post my outro lyrics idea here~) Thank you for tuning into RageGaming, We’re ever so glad that you came in, To watch us play and share some news, We really appreciate all the views! Josh is the man and his sword his large, Whenever there’s a hunt he’ll lead the charge, He’s got the knowledge and he’s got the skills, That he needs in order to rack up kills, Although his teammate cannot be forgotten, The pink blade flurry who goes by Cotton, With the ferocity of a Dynosaur, He makes his enemies a total eyesore! If you want more video fun, Be sure to support us on Patreon! (I hope my lyric ideas help ><)

  • SuperSonicBlur
    SuperSonicBlur 1 month ago

    This night saw me hone my blade against the tempered fury of thunder and lightning. Twas a grueling battle 'twixed man and monster. But my blade saw true and the beast lane slain before me. Yet the horizon grows feverish and boils a crimson red. The thunder and lightning was not the arrival of a beast but rather the herald of another...this beast must be slain and by my hand shall it be done. Until that day, that ever fixed day, I shall prepare. The behemoth is coming and all pc players will feel it's unquenchable and unbridled fury.

  • Darthplagueis13
    Darthplagueis13 1 month ago

    Behemoth just sat down with Mr Torgue and they had a nice little chat because Behemoth was depressed that people were starting to kill him really quick (Damn you, TeamDarkside, it's your fault and your fault alone) and he felt like he could do more with his life...

  • Antonio Aiello
    Antonio Aiello 1 month ago

    You know, I think I know what MHW is missing. The one thing that could make these insane endgame fights bearable. It needs a Portable Dragonator Trap.

  • Enan T
    Enan T 1 month ago

    I have done almost every fight and survived. Only fight I skipped till now was tjho for lack of rewards that I want/need. Behemoth ex, I'd take the layered armor but I spent way too much time failing the normal version till I finally got a win my health can't take more behemoth.

  • Great Mama Jagras
    Great Mama Jagras 1 month ago

    Inb4 Capcom releases Extreme Arch-Tempered Hyper Apex Savage G-rank Behemoth. You don't even get to fight him; the instant you accept the quest, you just immediately cart

  • some19872003
    some19872003 1 month ago (edited)

    spent sevral hours trying to fight him and the best we got was he dropped 2 ecliptic meteors in the last zone but he ended up killing 2 people right after and we failed. that was on our 2nd run and since then we havent been able to get anywhere near that point again.

  • Дима Кварков
    Дима Кварков 1 month ago (edited)

    Yeah... not touching that - this particular layered armor doesn't worth it. UPD. Now imagin thesame shit, but every Charibdis and monster himself has insanely large range of wind pressure that staggers you to the end of the world. Yes. You got it right. AT Kushala is coming.

  • Ragnarok 1218
    Ragnarok 1218 1 month ago

    I now see that Behemoth was only a Lord of THICC alongside Deviljho, EXTREMOTH is the God of THICCCC!

  • Vorfy Emberpants
    Vorfy Emberpants 1 month ago

    I know it's probably just from years of muscle memory, but why don't you use the radial menu rather than going through all your items? I feel like you wasted so much time/healing from doing that.

  • Brandon Chaires
    Brandon Chaires 1 month ago

    Capcom: so we have regular behemoth and people are piss of how difficult he is so.... let's piss them even more off

  • Subaru Konoe
    Subaru Konoe 1 month ago (edited)

    The MMO experience in Extreme Behemoth is gone since it does not even give people time to run to the side of the map to put charybdis away.

  • Mr. M.A S
    Mr. M.A S 1 month ago

    Enjoy your death my fellow hunters XD . I already beat him. U only need too defeat him once too get dragoon layer armor. Good luck everyone.

  • SharkShocker
    SharkShocker 1 month ago

    Monster Hunter Fans: "Pfft. World is too easy" Monster Hunter World Developers: "We can fix that :)"

  • All for Sloth
    All for Sloth 1 month ago

    Fuk...this...quest, throughout my over 10 years of playing monster hunter I’ve never suffered so much.

  • Dragon Magic
    Dragon Magic 1 month ago

    You know that old palico only build you made a while ago? Maybe try that on him so you can focus on just surviving and let ur cat deal with that whole damage thing.

  • A Python In A Top Hat
    A Python In A Top Hat 1 month ago

    Remember, you always have to say it EXTREME Behemoth, if you say ‘Tempered’ or just ‘extreme’ yo- your just wrong!