Old Parish House Demolition Time Lapse

  • Published on Jun 21, 2012
  • The Old Parish House, Senior Center, and historic home sitting on Richhill St. in Waynesburg, PA was recently taken down and the property was grated. The house was in disrepair and First Presbyterian Church of Waynesburg opted to remove the building from the property. This video captures the demo team (Glenn Mowry Contracting) from beginning to end. Music: Coldplay (Viva La Viva) Counting Crows (Big Yellow Taxi) Video produced and edited by Josh Sumpter. Over 10 hours of footage into a 5 minute time lapse Video I do not own the copyright for the background songs. This video is not for commercial use and was to document the demo.

  • Maddie Farkas
    Maddie Farkas 2 years ago

    I feel bad for that old house

  • Amy Gould
    Amy Gould 3 years ago

    Sad to see an old house like that be demolished:(

  • mistaT
    mistaT 1 month ago

    oh, nice, replaced with a carpark.

  • RobloxMinecraftFan 2018
    RobloxMinecraftFan 2018 2 years ago

    Timeline of Presbyterian Church: Unknown date: Construction begins of the Old Parish House. Unknown date: Construction was completed and opened to the unknown family. Unknown date: An unknown family moved in and enjoyed there. Early 1950's: An unknown family moved out and was remained abandoned. May 2012: Demolition begins of the Old Parish House. June 20, 2012: Demolition was completed. May 2013: Construction of the Presbyterian Church parking lot began. June 2013: Construction completed and opened to the public.

  • Chris Kepple
    Chris Kepple 2 years ago

    bury the concrete drive...?  That's not going to come back to haunt later... the voids that will sink, or just attempting to rebuild on top of the concrete and digging through it... They will be swearing at who ever did it later!

  • Michael Hasselbring
    Michael Hasselbring 6 years ago

    Great video Josh, I like the guy who rides on the rocks from 2:30-2:56. Incredibly safe...