How to make 100% free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings | home invention.

  • Published on Oct 1, 2017
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    Title : how to make free energy generator without battery with the help of bearings Hi friends this project is based on inertia when the bearing is rotated by a small motor the inertia of bearing help to rotate it few seconds more after disconnecting the battery hens it will rotate the dynamo and dynamo will produce electricity that electricity can be used to rotate the small motor . this cannot produce high power because it is already using a power to run a small motor... If you like the like the video then give a thumbs up and subscribe to my channel..... Product links :

    JMGRICH 1 year ago

    I just get free energy from my neighbors.

  • Georges MILLION
    Georges MILLION 7 months ago

    100000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000000℅ Fake

  • spiritperfect
    spiritperfect 2 months ago

    Не стыдно маленьких наёбывать?

  • Nuclear_ Nube
    Nuclear_ Nube 6 months ago

    Came to dislike

  • Hacker 007
    Hacker 007 5 months ago

    it is cool that people are still watching this "Free Energy" videos for fun :-)

  • valveman12
    valveman12 11 months ago

    Only naive and or stupid people would believe this is possible without a hidden power source/

  • Qwerty Online
    Qwerty Online 3 months ago

    Ролики такого рода это загадки где надо угадать где находятся батарейки :)

  • Дмитрий Удалов
    Дмитрий Удалов 6 months ago

    Опять для малограмотных дебилов, не знающих что такое маховик.

  • Belief , Illusion and Reality
    Belief , Illusion and Reality 5 months ago

    This is not real because firstly cell produce power which get changed by motor combination And then he show when cell is connected with motor for very few time current produced on other motor due to induction but when cell is removed motors speed get slow so current induction also stop And no motor generator can produce more power than given power to it. I see two wires are out from camera , so there will be other battery Which is giving power

  • Mick Houtveen
    Mick Houtveen 11 months ago

    This isn't fake, and there are no hidden batteries. This however isn't free energy. There's a motor that acts as a motor, and there's a motor that acts as a generator. The energy is then stored as kinetic energy in the flywheel. The ratio from the motor to the flywheel makes sense too, small wheel to a big wheel means that it has torque enough to store the kinetic energy into the flywheel (via rotation). Then that energy is transferred using a big wheel to a small wheel tot the motor that acts as a generator. The electricity is fed back to the motor that's keeping the flywheel alive and the flywheel in turn keeps the generator going. This works, and nothing is fake nor are there hidden batteries, I used to build this stuff for fun when I was 15. And again this isn't free energy, just a fun little device. This thing will most certainly not continue to move for years and that is because of energy loss. I learned this at engineering school, the device loses it's energy in multiple places. First there is electrical loss because of electrical resistance in the wires, then there is mechanical loss, the rubber bands, the shaft of the flywheel and gravity even make the flywheel lose momentum overtime. There is also slight electromagnetic loss in the motor that acts as a generator when the generator has an extra load like a lamp. When powering a lamp with this there is even loss of energy in the form of heat. In conclusion, yes, this thing works, but isn't free energy by a long shot, it's a fun device that, when implemented correctly, can make the battery to kickstart this thing more efficient. Oh and such a shame that there are such a boatload of people just screaming fake without any real explanation of why this isn't a free energy device, you don't really make yourself look intelligent.

  • Anthony Verloop
    Anthony Verloop 6 months ago

    He must be laughing his butts off with 10 million views. Why is YouTube banning all sorts of videos and let this one pass?

  • Paul
    Paul 7 months ago

    You could make a fortune selling those machines. To flat earthers and creationists lol

  • Aurum
    Aurum 1 year ago

    Only flat-earthers believe this is true

  • Канал Развлечений
    Канал Развлечений 3 months ago

    С маховиком отличная идея!!! Но любой моторчик которы выступает в роле генератора выдаёт переменный ток, а не постоянный! Так что видео 99.9% Пиздёшь!!!

  • Lone Surviver
    Lone Surviver 6 months ago

    Only way to get free energy is too steal it

  • Rick and Rygel
    Rick and Rygel 3 months ago

    Do you take pleasure from comments from people saying they built it and it didn't work? fyi I noticed the split screen while you measured voltage or whatever.