Mount Tiki Boomerang! Coaster Spotlight 487 | Contest Entry #PlanetCoaster

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • #PlanetCoaster

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    Mount Tiki Giant Inverted Boomerang, a Channel5 Gaming PlanCo coaster contest submission. Created by Segs Link to download this coaster:

  • PirateBlood13
    PirateBlood13 1 week ago

    Hi Jonny and the gang, I'm glad you enjoyed the coaster for the most part. I'm afraid my comments about terraforming may have been taken too literally here. When I decided to place a coaster station underground this was done without knowledge that pathing could not clip below the terrain (some "expert builder" right) By the time I realised my mistake I had done too much work and there wasn't enough time to fix it before the contest ending. To place any paths from the station, terraforming would be needed, however as stated in the rules, you were not going to place paths so I hoped I could continue with the submission. I always intended some of the clipping moments to be left uncovered as you may see that when travelling forward from below the ground and then returning backwards there is no visible clip from the ground, however I do take the advice for the opposite effect when the ground can be seen as you travel towards it. I did cover most of the holes with lava panels but if the blueprint is placed just slightly off then they can get lost, I wish there was a better way to advise on level placement in game. Anyhoo, I just wanted to explain that I never intended for users to have to terraform the entire coaster, and tbh I never intended for this blueprint to be usable once I realised my mistake, but the project was already too far gone. I still wanted to submit it for the experience alone, which you all seemed to enjoy and that made me very happy, so thank you. Will use this as a learning experience as usual, and take on board all advice. I may decide to remove from the workshop if confusion continues, it was designed for the contest after all and I have no intention of frustrating other players with a difficult blueprint. Thanks for the helpful feedback as always ;)

  • julius smith
    julius smith 1 week ago


  • Chris Preda
    Chris Preda 1 week ago

    Wow I really love this!!!

  • Chad Hello
    Chad Hello 1 week ago

    Little strange with the terrain work but very cool

  • tybertpsymon
    tybertpsymon 1 week ago

    "hi I'm channel5, I'm too lazy to do basic terrain work to optimise a coaster, don't do subterranean coaster, cause I'm a lazy piece of human"

  • Kaytanna
    Kaytanna 1 week ago

    TERRIFIC use of the boomerang. Really made the coaster's 2nd half stand out, and feel totally unique from the 1st half.

  • Brandon Lange
    Brandon Lange 1 week ago


  • David Rivera
    David Rivera 1 week ago

    Wait you said she is not he?

  • Insane Coasters
    Insane Coasters 1 week ago

    IMO Blueprints shouldn’t require you to do terrain work as the point of a blueprint is pretty much just to plop it down in a park

  • Ms.RedNebula
    Ms.RedNebula 1 week ago

    Great effects, and a fun coaster! I think it might've worked better with a non-inverted boomerang. The fireworks outside looked great, but the track ended up in the way! As for the blackout panels, the new re-colorable panels would even work better. They give you a truer black than basic shapes, and they're less shiny too!

  • Stuntman707
    Stuntman707 1 week ago

    Its a good coaster but it really requires terraforming which was prohibited in the rules.

  • wsiegel
    wsiegel 1 week ago

    I wonder if taking a screen shot and adding it to a screen panel showing the tunnel might have worked. But I guess you would have to include the media file also. Great effects, had me in awe. Nice job.

  • jimmy jonez
    jimmy jonez 1 week ago

    This is a brilliant build. 

  • syncros
    syncros 1 week ago

    My entry made a sneak peak in this one ;) lava effects were great and it was a awesome ride!

  • Kombat-Wombat
    Kombat-Wombat 1 week ago

    Awesome coaster segs

  • Anthony Ellis
    Anthony Ellis 1 week ago

    Its a shame that you visibly crash into the ground, otherwise it would be a great coaster.

  • JayJay Golden
    JayJay Golden 5 days ago

    Really disagree other solutions would be better. Id rather do the terraforming than have to trick people into thinking theres a hole there or whatever. Sounds like itd be a really jarring transition that way.

  • Tim Harjo
    Tim Harjo 1 week ago (edited)

    I'm downloading this and using the black panel trick. I really like this coaster! I like how you have the option to terraform or just use a black panel to hide the clipping.

  • Reeco Peete
    Reeco Peete 1 week ago

    I have one question. I tried to download Planet Coaster but it didn't work;(

  • Reeco Peete
    Reeco Peete 1 week ago

    P.S. I love your channel