Neil Armstrong Sings A Song (First Man Parody)

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • + Snapchat - fraser-nash + PS4 - DonFraserNash Here's the lyrics - I look up Is this too much The world is on the cusp We fight but for one night we might just make the world unite A love of flight, excites, though when the ground ignites I'm Sat upright so the final checklist I recite Though this aint Gemini, pressure now intensified some would call this suicide but all these fears I brush aside Liquid fuel is oxidised blasting off the Saturn five Now we are free, with thrust we're thrown back with G The darkness slowly I see, escape velocity we, approaching mach 33 minus 100 degrees in orbit over the sea we fly as one we're a team Enjoy no gravity, Buzz and Mike work next to me, Mind as one in unity embrace the opportunity, We serve or world community, suspended in it's purity With human ingenuity We're heading for the Lunar sea we aid Apollo's legacy The three of us exclusively to travel in obscurity Beyond van Allen belts we risk our lives together willingly We're aiming for tranquillity I'm a space man buckled up heading straight for the moon And I'm thinking about you, About you I'm on the darker side watch the rise all of life fills my eyes And I'm thinking about you About you We lower down to the dust In Eagle both of us trust Adjust the thrust just enough to manoeuvre down from above We miss our landing site, never mind I'll land this right Houston can you hear me right, Buzz I hope your holding tight Powder flies the LEM's arrived both of us are still alive Houston better to breath or you'll turn blue and need to be revived Lunar landscape fills my eyes on this ladder memorised A billion watching hypnotised sat around I'm televised Every second analysed must succeed no compromise any error magnified in my suit im pressurised stepping down my boot is primed I do it mankind I'm a space man all alone standing here on the moon And I'm thinking about you, About you My footprints symbolise all of life raise the flag we've arrived And I'm thinking about you About you About you

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    KingHenryTheEtch loves space so he thought he would write a song he's passionate about. Thank you to Mohanned hsis for the instrumental of Space Bound -