1932, A True History of the United States

  • Published on Jul 8, 2008
  • Please watch the entire film before you comment. Thanks. The film is narrated by Robert Beltran.


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    LaRouchePAC Presents: 1932 To Govern a Republic, One Must Know the Minds That Created It. "...while a nation goes speculation crazy the people neglect to think of fundamental principles." These were the words of Franklin Roosevelt in the months leading into the Democratic National Convention of 1932. Roosevelt knew that the fight for the United States Presidency was not simply a game of political machines and punditry, but that this coming fight demanded a leader who understood the historic enemy of the United States and the founding principles of the nation. Please subscribe to LaRouchePAC's regular channel:


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  • MrAnomilus
    MrAnomilus 3 years ago

    FDR literally stole America's gold in 1933, gave it all to the Federal Reserve banking cartel, and then he brought America into World War II, by allowing the Japanese to attack Pearl Harbor, when he knew well in advance it was coming, but did not warn the admirals and generals in charge there. 2,500 American sailors, soldiers, and civilians died in the attack. This, after painting the Japanese into a corner by imposing an illegal oil embargo and blockade on them, which itself was an act of war against Japan, which had no oil resources of its own. It was the American oil embargo and blockade against Japan that started the war with Japan, not the attack on Pearl Harbor, which was Japan's retaliation and an act of justified self-defense. Like George W. Bush allowing the 9-11 attacks, FDR allowed Pearl Harbor to be attacked, in order to outrage and terrify the American public into approving of actions and involvement in a war they strongly opposed and would not have approved of otherwise. The modern "war machine" is ALWAYS a "fascist" undertaking, with banks, corporations, industry, and government all essentially merging in the effort. This is the very definition of fascism. While FDR pretended to oppose fascism in Europe and Japan, he did more than any other president to create it in America. The proof of that is Dwight Eisenhower's famous farewell speech in which he warned of the fascist "military industrial complex" that had been created out of the war effort in World War II, and the great threat it posed to American liberty and prosperity, even 20 years after the war, and which he said would continue to exist and pose a great danger to the country, if it were not reigned back in and brought under strict control. It has dominated American life ever since, bankrupted our country with never ending series of needles wars, all based on lies, and not one of them has been won. Yet, they are always looking for the next war, even before the present ones are concluded. While this film is well-made and informative of a particular view of history, it is far from being the only one, and is not without its glaring flaws and omissions. Worth watching, but must be taken with a very large grain of salt.

  • historical review
    historical review 4 years ago

    What pigs are the English to force opium on the Chinese. i keep telling people how the British Empire was formed out of dishonorable, criminal enterprises and the domination of hapless non-White cultures. this is proof positive

  • David Ryan
    David Ryan 4 years ago

    What's this video tell us? Big-money Crony Capitalist rule the world and will continue if the people don't unite and work together with the one goal of severely limit their power. Here in the U.S. we have over 219 million eligible voters but only 35% vote consistently and out of them only 5% truly make educated choices at the polls. The Oligarchs love this because it makes it easier for them to manipulate those that do vote with their half-truths, misinformation and wedge issues. They know that the majority of voters don't research their rhetoric or have the time to do so. They also love those that believe their votes don't count. These people stay home. We can take their puppets out if people started to vote in higher numbers. It would take time because we would have to keep voting for the lesser of the two evils, especially those that are endorsed by the chamber of commerce. We have the numbers and the means to make this nation truly ours.

  • MrAnomilus
    MrAnomilus 3 years ago

    As we can see now , in hindsight, the British and European banking cartels were NOT defeated, but are more in control now than they ever have been. FDR, if he ever really was against the banker fascists, failed. Every world war has only further advanced their corporate fascist global agenda and consolidated their power, at the cost of hundreds of millions of lives.

  • 1920s
    1920s 4 years ago

    No mention of Lincoln raping the Constitution, mass murdering the Sioux, being in bed with Big Railroad, arresting elected officials, deporting elected officials, executing civilians, ordering various war crimes to be committed, forcing an illegal draft, forcing an illegal income tax or his plan to repay the slavers 400 million dollars and colonize Africa? Interesting.

  • mtman2
    mtman2 2 years ago (edited)

    Started out fairly well then LaRouche skipped over much from the civil war on to the 20th century here. As well as who financed the Bolsheviks and why. FDR called Stalin "His friend" and "A man he could trust" while he was owned by the IMF to give Stalin everthing he needed and 1/2 the free world too at Yalta, as well as the U.N. via orders at the Bretton Woods Agreement(on "WE the Peoples" credit via SocSec Ponsi scheme debt slaves). The Chinese thank him for MAO(70+million slaughtered)- and for mankind a divided world since by "reaching across the aisle" and stabilizing the USSR(30+million slaughtered) who did nothing to help us with OUR attackers in the Pacific. Yet WE had to pay in blood and treasure to rescue France+Britain from the mess they made and consequences of what they did to Germany because of the Treaty of Versaille, raping Germany for 12yrs(thank WoodyWilson+D's for that too as well as shoving the FED+IRS on us). Hitler didn't invade us- Japan did. Whatever FDR said prior to being POTUS is irrelevant as to what he did once in office= he was a socialist/statist and a faux 4 term dictator before he croaked. Japan was not about to surrender, tho the Soviets were coming now that Japan was on her knees and Truman had to nuk'em or there'd be a N+S Japan as well as N+S Korea, as well as millions more casualties. Thanks Britain for setting Japan up. Had the almighty socialist "Friend of Stalin" only given him enough to fight themselves and the Nazis to a standstill on the Eastern Front most of OUR men+boys could have survived WWII in the European Theatre on the Western Front(no D-Day but up thru the south). No he gav'em enough on OUR dime to take 1/2 the free world that they pillaged and raped with an Iron Fist for 45yrs til Reagan came along. Gen Patton was killed to stop the "Beat the Reds while WE can movement" then Gen MacArthur was inpeached to insure MAO keep China and the Soviets hold N. Korea and spread communism in Asia. To then arm and invade S.Korea as soon as possible. Democrat leadership has backed out of and left a mess of every conflict the U.S. has ever been in = seems they like the bad guys to have a second chance with both communist's and Jihadist's now too. Just like BHO+HRC leaving Iraq and give defeated Al Qaida a chance to metastasize into ISIS and arm them too, via Libya. All this is right on schedule for the Globalist NewWorld Order scheme by disrupting all Western nations into disarray and divisionary anarchial confusion- ripe for marshall law and...............

    WILLIE DANIELS 3 years ago

    I wonder were is ISIS getting it's funding from George Soros Henry Kissinger BUSH Family Dynasty Saudi Arabia Oligarchy

  • xmanxtremeable
    xmanxtremeable 4 years ago

    1. The British were never friends to no one. They looked after their own interests. 2. They are part of the Cabal ruled by the Elite to take control of the World (NWO). It would be naive to think Britain was the only Power that created this havoc. The finances and armament for war was supplied from friend and foe. War is about profit. 3. The World rulers are invisible and are in all parts and countries in the World. This is a "Master Plan." We are their cattle.  3. All the empires and Monarchies (The Old World Order) that got involved in WW I were ruled by family members through Queen Victoria. 4. 250 years before the American Revolution the British were already the biggest Imperialists specially after the Spanish Armada was destroyed and Spain fell to a second or third rate power. 5. What the Western Civilization has done is rob and destroy other cultures that were older and wiser than ours by intimidation (firepower), bribery, occupation of foreign sovereign countries with cheap excuses to steal their resources. Take the Middle East and the Oil for example. Even Religion has been used by corrupting, intimidating and as a last resort assassinate other decent men to advance their aims. 1 One Currency 2. One Religion (even though it will have nothing to do with God) 3. One Government 4. Big Brother watching as it's already doing 5. One Constitution (their interpretation of what a constitution is) 6. One Worldwide Police State (Gestapo) 7. The elimination of the undesirables (most of us) 8. Absolute allegiance to the state or face the consequences Now to go back to the video, my last comment is we, The Western World has oppressed the poor countries. The World Bank and the IMF own countries (Third World) that they exploit because when the loans were made to them, they knew they would not be able to pay. You and me are slaves of the system. The Banks own us, the US Dollar (paper money) has been planned to crash so they can have more control than they already have. Now America since after WW II inherited the position of the British Empire and we have become "Imperialists" and slave holders of the system. What the fuck are we doing in the Middle East?; The Oil. Forget America the land of the free. Wishful thinking for gullible people. We are the slaes of the Elite and will continue to serve them unless we wake up!  

  • Rick Adam
    Rick Adam 4 years ago

    One of the best videos to better begin to understand the role of America and the struggle through the ages to escape the clutches of the various empires throughout the ages in their attempts to enslave all to their own advantage.

  • Wham Odyne
    Wham Odyne 3 years ago (edited)

    History is nothing more than a person's perception of events at a certain time and place. No mention of the 1913 FEDERAL RESERVE ACT?  SUSPICIOUS? One extra large grain of salt should be taken when watching these "documentaries"

  • trubadore64
    trubadore64 4 years ago

    Another documentary well worth looking at giving a different view of history and giving us information that we not placed in our history books.

  • Kevin Holland
    Kevin Holland 4 years ago

    Question.  Why is it this "revealing" piece fails to discuss the federal reserve bank?  Did you forget?

  • Daiviet Nguyen
    Daiviet Nguyen 3 years ago

    The so called "terrorist attack on 9/11" was indeed a false flag operation, it was also  known as one of the biggest lie, yet, of the 21st century. The so called "war on terrorism" became a perfect excuse/slogan/punch line for Uncle Scam to carries out his PNAC doctrine (aka Project for a New and a few American elites Century) in this brand new 21st century. But how long more could he goes on the killing spree before his very own demise ??? Inform and educate yourself because knowledge is power !!!

  • runner6500
    runner6500 3 years ago

    I wonder why they failed to point out the fact that the Rothchilds controlled the whole shebang, including J.P. Morgan whom they lay the blame on a lot of these events. The Rothchilds are the ring leaders. They even control the British monarchy. BTW, the Bush family are Tories (British agents). George Bush received the Royal Order of the Garter, for his "service and obedience to the crown".

  • bustabloodklaaart
    bustabloodklaaart 4 years ago

    Hilariously selective. I'm so glad the Americans have never attempted imperialism, or Gunboat diplomacy. It must be the reason the rest of the world likes them so much.

  • Durwin Pocha
    Durwin Pocha 4 years ago

    A system of "protective laws" is the foundation of any Nation! Free trade sounds good at first, until you realize your nation will have no foundation with out it's system of protective laws, which is what it means to be a nation; according to the dictionary. Laugh with the people when they promote free trade but do not repeat their words. When you think about it, to be truly free is also to be totally abandon and abandon don't sound good like being free! I don't think anyone would go to war to be totally abandon, then again maybe they would. HAVE A GOOD NEW YEAR EVERYBODY!

  • Mal Fabian
    Mal Fabian 2 years ago

    Please watch the entire film before you comment. Thanks. .... WELL THANKS YOU , INDEED TO ALL THE GENEROUS PEOPLE WHO HELPED MAKE THIS BEAUTIFUL VIDEO , I am most impressed , not just the historic content but the skills of those who did the research , presentation and production , I intend to re watch this video , its deep topics have left me almost speechless , I need to watch it again before I attempt to comment on its important message ,but again I wish to thank all those who created this most important contribution to the public political debate

  • Tas Mikigal
    Tas Mikigal 2 years ago

    Actually, I say countries. In fact, the United States is not a country, but a Corporation, as revealed by a stream of documents which have been published in many works and studies. No doubt that we will find that the situation is the same in other countries too.

  • Ross Hare
    Ross Hare 3 years ago

    quack history.. I havent even started watching yet when the narrator starts talking about Burr assassinating . Burr didn't assassinate anyone--he shot the man in a duel. IN A DUEL. Assassination implies treachery and secrecy.. A duel is neither. If the video is so clearly both wrong and manipulative in intent with such a minor and unimportant detail how are we supposed to see any of the rest of it as credible? Sensationalist journalism. I might as well be watching Geraldo or the View or Jerry Springer here....

  • SUPER-Brain-Sponge
    SUPER-Brain-Sponge 1 year ago

    is the Narrator a Star trek Actor.