Galactics update with Kent Dunn May 10, 2018

  • Published on May 10, 2018

    Liquid Zeolite (Category Page):

    Pure Body Extra Strength:

    ********************************************************************* Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength both use purified zeolite, but they are sized differently so they work together to target toxins throughout the whole body. Taking both Pure Body and Pure Body Extra Strength provides a complete detox throughout all the pathways of the body. Pure Body:

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  • Rex M
    Rex M 5 months ago (edited)

    Prime Creator is 'Creator'? And...'Creator' has 12 brothers (all 'Over Creators) and our 'Creator' (of this Universe) is...RAH. - 13 males from one mother??? YES...pray-tell...please do...tell us more. Did this wonderful MOTHER of 13 sons have any daughters...if so...who are they? I'm guessing that TWELVE is the key here...since 12 is a very strong Anunnaki number...used first to describe the ORIGINAL 12 TRIBES to colonize here on this planet. Number one was apparently the Anunnaki (aka) The Tribe of Judah who pray to...ZEUS. Then at some later time the Pleiadians (aka) The Tribe of Dan who pray to...King Plachacha (at present it is now King Plachacha #4). So...Dear Pari...last week Kent said..."IT WOULD TAKE HOURS TO EXPLAIN ALL THIS HISTORY"! PLEASE GO AHEAD AND SET THIS UP. I KNOW THOUSANDS OF US ARE ALL EARS & can't wait to hear about the other 10 ORIGINAL TRIBES and who they 'PRAY TO'. ALSO VERY IMPORTANT...lost in the shuffle of the last several updates is...the race/color of Jesus - NOT THAT IT MATTERS TO ME..but to some...IT DOES! Kent said that Jesus was NOT Pleiadian or Nordic. Later he ALSO said that of the ORIGINAL 12 TRIBES...these two TRIBES were the only WHITES. Without actually saying the words...Kent is inferring that Jesus is from a 'Race of Color'. Lets 'clear-the-air' on this subject once & for all. With much LOVE - THANK YOU - Rx

  • Lars Deliér
    Lars Deliér 5 months ago

    After one week with Zeolite I got rid of my pollen allergy! Many thanks.

  • Nan Sherrill Smith
    Nan Sherrill Smith 5 months ago

    Energies are getting very exciting. What a great time to be human. I seem to be adjusting, which surprises me. I have had to let a lot of matters go. Now I feel that some things have slowed down, and some have sped up. Is the speed of time causing all the agitation?

  • kenny Dungan
    kenny Dungan 5 months ago

    ok im done with this show ... Peace

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 5 months ago

    The Creator has a great sense of humor listen to Kent speak

  • Rose
    Rose 5 months ago

    Thanks Pari   and Kent     for your message

  • Toms Romans
    Toms Romans 5 months ago (edited)

    Good stuff. I am getting orgonite then.

  • debbie ihrig
    debbie ihrig 5 months ago

    For those that are interested in limiting aluminum from the body you can use a crystal deodorant made of minerals. Much safer.

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 5 months ago (edited)

    I burn Nag Champa incense all day long to keep negativity out of my house. I also burn frankincense. It’s like a NICE SMELLING smudge. 

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 5 months ago

    Woo! Whooo! Am I first?

  • Fae Ry
    Fae Ry 5 months ago

    Thank You and Blessings To ALL.....VICTORY OF THE LIGHT....

  • Duane Zellner
    Duane Zellner 5 months ago

    Pari, Kent keeps covering the same things over and over based on the simple questions. Can't you ask him about things that have not been covered before? When will GESARA be announced?

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 5 months ago

    Someone answered zeolite to a ? I deleted. I found the organite on Amazon and wrote down email Kent spelled for us. Thank you for your help.. I am taking zeolite but wanted the crystal for meditations

  • Julie Mulzer
    Julie Mulzer 5 months ago

    Love you Peri! Love you Kenn. Love to all my fellow listeners

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 5 months ago

    Who sells the Sumerian Bible in English?

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 5 months ago (edited)

    Thank you, Pari and Kent!

  • Ruth Golden
    Ruth Golden 5 months ago

    Thanks for a more positive message, Kent. Thanks for the show Pari.

  • Jerry Kerestes
    Jerry Kerestes 5 months ago

    Saying a prayer for your friend and for you too, God's Blessings.

  • Douglas Tunnell
    Douglas Tunnell 5 months ago

    Orgone wards off negative or demonic extraterestials Aliens.