Parody #10 with Kent Dunn

  • Published on Feb 5, 2018

    This video is for entertainment purposes only. Please use your discernment. Update with Kent Dunn !!!!! What is happening after the Judgement day and much more....... For those who want to listen in Thai language (ภาษาไทย ) please click :

  • Gunther Hasse
    Gunther Hasse 8 months ago

    Someone like Kent Dunn, who claims the earth is flat and states this as a fact, is someone I basically do not believe! Period!

  • GaryGaryGary810
    GaryGaryGary810 8 months ago

    SPRING SOLSTICE March equinox 2018 will be at 9:15 AM on Tuesday, March 20 All times are in Pacific Time.

  • Jennsy K
    Jennsy K 8 months ago

    Kent I love you but I'm calling you out, you obviously didn't listen to your co-host on the other radio show your on. We are not considered barbaric, only those that are satanic are barbaric. The rest of us are highly respected by many many civilizations in the universe. When you say things like that it disempowers people and makes them feel small.

  • Lisa Tully
    Lisa Tully 8 months ago

    Hey Kent, Mankind is not originally violent period!!! Man is KIND!!! Thats why they are called Mankind and they come from the Heavenly realms!!! if this realm earth is considered violent it is because the Draco/Reptilian and neg Annuknaki who invaded this realm who poisoned Mankind, disconnected their DNA, poisoned their air, water and food, electronics and scaler weapons, energy weapons besides the moon weapon being used against them since the War in Heaven thats coming to a close!!! Be careful what you say Kent.. The One Prime Creator is here with the Allies of Mankind soon to remedy this invasion and the parasites will be held accountable for what they did to Mankind... No one stays in this Matrix, all will be moved and soon, besides most of the parasites getting the Pit you so fondly speak of.. Any one who now intentionally misleads Mankind in any way will have more than hell to pay.. 2018 is the year of the Great Equalizer of karma... Make sure Kent you are on the right hand path and stop blaming Mankind for the BS done by the soon to be ex parasite deep state cabal and their ET minions!!!...

  • Solena Allen
    Solena Allen 8 months ago

    Perry you look so pretty today. You should wear that color more often. Good show.

  • James Sousa
    James Sousa 8 months ago (edited)

    Captain Kent Dunn, supreme leader of the galactic bull shit command. Feeding the masses there weekly dose of horse compost, peace.

  • cheryl hager
    cheryl hager 8 months ago

    Thanks Perry and Kent!


    lmao.. Dunt isn't with anybody but himself.. Your not going to find a bigot eye for an eye hillbilly in any galactic alliance.. Dunce is merely playing a role in the name of the true light workers

  • Mark Preece
    Mark Preece 8 months ago

    Perry, these updates are much to short. Don't get me wrong because I do enjoy these but maybe that's my problem I enjoy them too much and that's why I want more. So thanks for all the great work you do. The both of you.

  • Mason Wallace
    Mason Wallace 8 months ago

    Perry you are so cute.....

  • sue hughes-parry
    sue hughes-parry 8 months ago

    Do clones,humanoids and holograms know that they are not do we know if we are one?

  • Sharele johnson
    Sharele johnson 8 months ago alot of people are a wake, and on top of things and are making things happen, and so things can happen like a quadrodicillion times yesterday..and in the moments good is here building like you never seen...hahahahaha...we are not the most barbaric...we are the highest beings on the planets. and you clones are faulty machines and live off sugar, and t.v. hahahahaha

  • Daniel Parrish
    Daniel Parrish 8 months ago

    Perry Very Good To See You !!! Thanks For The Information That You Share With Us !!! I Enjoy Your Videos Very Much. Look Forward To Watching Them. Thanks Again For All The Hard Work You Do !!! Hope You Have A Lovely Day !!!

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 8 months ago

    Thank you both! Always good to hear from you.

    ANTOINETTE CONNAL 8 months ago

    Hi folks! Did you know that JP Morgan(BANKERS), acquired 25 newspaper companies in 1915. Love...:-)

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 8 months ago

    Use YOUR heart energy to detect a clone. Your heart is your true guide in all things

  • Cindy Nelson
    Cindy Nelson 8 months ago

    why is the "inner earth counsel" holding it back? ( nesara/gesara) ??? makes no sense to me?? I always see it as the End of the cabal? can we help? Thanks Pari !

  • t rex
    t rex 8 months ago

    total rubbish from kent dunnt know much.trump is the Sanhedrin (Israel) h Clinton is q. crypto will replace money because all countries are bankrupt, get ready for your micro chip

  • Rex M
    Rex M 8 months ago

    Hello again Perri. Please ask Mr Dunn one question. Is Valiant Thor, Zeus and Enlil...all the same being or spirit? Thank you so much - One Love - Rx

  • Dave024
    Dave024 8 months ago

    What about America becoming sovereign on January 27, 2018