D'Angel DISS beenie man woman says she gonna take her baby father

  • Published on Jun 30, 2018
  • on instagram D'angel the first lady posted a photo throwing shades at her husband beenie man's present woman krystal Tomlinson, under the photo angel wrote the caption this is how the first lady takes selfie while waiting on your baby father.

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  • Kyeash Wilson
    Kyeash Wilson 3 months ago

    crystal is a iron lady that's y she don't see shade intelligence and coy at a whole new level the world need more like crystal

  • Juleen Forbes
    Juleen Forbes 3 months ago

    Now we know why Beenie never dance with her. She’s acting very vindictive. People like that will ruin your life with lies and rumors making things look a way when it’s the complete opposite. Krystal know her man nah go there so no need to answer. For all we know Krystal was probably with him the whole time.

  • Roma Sheryl
    Roma Sheryl 3 months ago

    All the pose yuh a pose kristal still pregnant , Girl , you acting hurt

  • D'Angela Marx
    D'Angela Marx 3 months ago

    Crystal dont have to answer. The fans did it for her. Real Queen dont answer mess with mess.

  • Isolyn MCcalla
    Isolyn MCcalla 3 months ago

    When you go low I go high.Big up Crystal.

  • Aldith Petrie
    Aldith Petrie 3 months ago

    Angel is looking attention

  • Marlene Smith
    Marlene Smith 3 months ago

    Go file Fi divorce and get a life dangel!!

  • Antonette Miller
    Antonette Miller 3 months ago

    This is what you call mixup

  • sharon Banton
    sharon Banton 3 months ago

    Angel had get chances. Beenieman is a cheeter. Notice how much children him have No one cares who breed for Beenieman

  • Lilly mc hope
    Lilly mc hope 3 months ago

    D ' Angel need fi guh look ah life and leave Krystal alone ,she was married to him she had her chance stop acting so desperate and guh focus on a career and find ah man fi yuh self .

  • Tashana Douglas
    Tashana Douglas 3 months ago (edited)

    Angel is too nuff.You never wah di man until he's taken.Angel publicly came out and say she didn't want Moses anymore she need to go in a naughty corner.Crystal is a Queen she has no time for animal planet .

  • Cleveland Williams
    Cleveland Williams 3 months ago

    Remember what yu did to bounty yu diss respect di general karma god naah sleep body caan su good n yu a fight fi attention save yy self n devorce bennie n move on

  • avrill james
    avrill james 3 months ago

    D'angel is so hurt over the fact that she is not in beenie man spotlight anymore. D'angel could act up all she wants krystal is still gonna be pregnant. Have some pride and go sit down. You're acting very hurt right now

  • jay prynse
    jay prynse 3 months ago

    Angel batty flat like pancake 

  • pretty barbie
    pretty barbie 3 months ago (edited)

    Dr love & d'devil/D'angel on a clout chasing, while krystal hold up her head and don't stoop low for them idiots!!!! That's what you called #unbothered

  • Diva Type
    Diva Type 3 months ago (edited)

    Krystal is a very very Rich woman. And I don’t mean with money. The intelligent people will understand. D’Angel is mad as hell, end of story. The way she is carrying on anybody can see that. Showing her emotions like a 5 year old.

  • Babs B
    Babs B 3 months ago

    So pluckin wha she need fi buil....go find a man now n leff di girl move on wid har life. Wife or no wife gi di man him divorce n mek him gwaan.

  • Marlene Smith
    Marlene Smith 3 months ago

    D angel need to leave beenie man and him life

  • Ever Blessed Empress
    Ever Blessed Empress 3 months ago

    Krestal stay respectful don't lower your standard. Keep your composer as a woman