Galactics update with Kent Dunn May 17, 2018

  • Published on May 17, 2018

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  • Groundskeeper Willie
    Groundskeeper Willie 5 months ago (edited)

    cobra indirectly said Kent is a little bi0tch with too many reptilian friends. Probably, controlled opposition. Flat earth is a reptilian joke. :) As soon as you get Kent's Zeolite he has your information. Alliance just want to see how many comrades are not using intuition with crazy information and buying flat earth BS :) Pretty sure they want to know what steps to take or not to take with programmed population.

  • Louise Duhon
    Louise Duhon 5 months ago

    If you think about the name "Cobra", what is a cobra? It's a snake. What is a snake? A Reptile/reptilian. Makes sense. Steer clear of this Cobra. He's deadly.

  • pamela stefaniotis
    pamela stefaniotis 5 months ago

    Pari you are doing so very much to assist humanity that you look more beautiful and younger everyday

  • Lisa McCown Hartnett
    Lisa McCown Hartnett 5 months ago

    Pari, You are so adorable. I can see you have a beautiful heart as well as beauty outside.

  • Jennsy K
    Jennsy K 5 months ago

    Kent you're still not explaining yourself correctly. You've said in passed shows that you are a human/pleiadian from inner earth and you consider everybody on the surface your family. Today you said you weren't human, so which is it? Human or not? You've got to stop treating the rest of us like we're a bunch of little nothings that have no power. There are more of us than you can imagine that work our regular jobs during the day and work in the etheric at night, I'm one of those souls, and by the way I'm pleiadian. What doesn't make sense to me is the Africans who are killing whites in their country.. imagine if the whites in this country told the immigrants from Africa that are coming here today that they aren't allowed to be here and we're going to kill them. So it's ok for them to invade our space, but not ok for whites to invade their space? Tell it like it is, the African government is not working from their heart to be inclusive of everybody no matter what color they are.

  • Steve Chalker
    Steve Chalker 5 months ago

    Kent says the world is flat. He says "they" are moving the universe. He predicts stuff that doesn't happen. I don't trust him.

    JOANNE VINCENT 5 months ago

    wow sounds like you just told us who you are. you need to zip it and go away.

  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 5 months ago

    The name alone, Cobra, gave me the willies enough that I couldn’t get myself to even try to listen to what a snake is saying! Ewww glad I went with my gut on that one! Thanks, Kent! And thanks, Pari! Love the videos and you always look so awesome ! 

  • Transfurgroomers1
    Transfurgroomers1 5 months ago

    You guys are a lot like a therapy session. You just get into it and then, times up!

  • Cory Gober
    Cory Gober 5 months ago

    We create reality with our thoughts and emotions. In order to reach higher densities, more people have to think about it and shift their perspectives. Fear mongering won't get us anywhere but someone has to be brave enough to get folks out of their comfort zone. We ALL have a portion of reptillian DNA among many others as humanity was a conglomerate of many races. Separation is an illusion folks... touch things with your mind and your heart will tell you if it's right or not. That's all that needs to be done. Get outside of yourself and move through the Earth with your consciousness to share your unique energy with the quantum field.

  • Takiyah Iza
    Takiyah Iza 5 months ago

    I’m tired of this craziness! Always bad news but never any relief! 

  • Cindy Harris
    Cindy Harris 5 months ago

    Another load of Cr*p from Kent Dunn. The last time I listened to him he said the head of the reptialians (The Pindar) cut off the head of the Queen in an underground base. He has a wild imagination! What a nut job. Well this was a good laugh for me.

  • Docter Landy
    Docter Landy 5 months ago

    Pari you are the your passion and devotion to the subject.  Despite how painful it is for you to listen to the double speak at times......thanks you!

  • Hank Henry
    Hank Henry 5 months ago

    Kent when I are this monsters going to be cleared from this planet.

  • Larry
    Larry 5 months ago

    I never followed or trusted "COBRA" = snake... W/disguised voice

  • john wolinski
    john wolinski 5 months ago

    Pari, Please ask Kent if these new copper lined pans are safe for our use?

  • Mary Magdalen Mendoza
    Mary Magdalen Mendoza 5 months ago

    4 O'clock talking. Points!

  • Cornelia Louw
    Cornelia Louw 5 months ago

    I truly do not understand.  Kent said that the African elders decided that the land must go back to the people of colour..... but South Africa belonged to the Koi San and not the Africans.  The people from Netherland (not from Australia or New Zeeland) came to South Africa and negotiated with the Koi San for land.  The Africans came down from the top of African and just took the land from the Koi San.  The Koi San is the original native tribes.... and they have stated that they do not have a problem with the white people at all!  They however do have a problem with the Africans just claiming the land for themselves.   My question is:  "How can the African tribes decide that the land belongs to them?"

  • Gob Axe
    Gob Axe 5 months ago

    ♡111♡ we got this if y'all need more stimulating info check out evan lefavors YouTube channel♡

  • Duane Zellner
    Duane Zellner 5 months ago

    I'm confused; Zorra and his son Zaraya stated on the May 8 Jared Rand Call that Agarta is recruiting humans to Inner earth to learn and help the human race during the ascension, which sounds like the same thing Cobra was saying. Zorra and Zaraya are hollow earth dewellers that are helping humans to, and I think trusted. Are they talking about the same thing? How are these different?