• Streamed live on Jul 12, 2018
  • Cesar Humphrey
    Cesar Humphrey 1 week ago

    This Guy is Beautiful inside & out!!!✌

  • TDF Custom Building
    TDF Custom Building 1 week ago

    Jordan, its okay to like Trump. I do, and do not care what anyone else thinks. So far no one has proved the things they complain about him. Its like James Gilliland says: The right left paradigm are simply wings of the same bird. And as long as Trump wants to clean this freaking swamp... I'm okay with that.

  • Willow Way
    Willow Way 1 week ago

    Still here friend. On all three channels 

  • Blue Spiral
    Blue Spiral 1 week ago

    Haha, I bought my first MAGA hat today, a black one.

  • Auntie Social
    Auntie Social 1 week ago

    you can adjust the hat w/ the metal lever, cheers!

  • Nancy Volker
    Nancy Volker 1 week ago

    You have an ajustment strap on the back of that hat??? Don't you???

  • Shawn Rickman
    Shawn Rickman 1 week ago


  • Nunu and Fazha
    Nunu and Fazha 1 week ago

    How bout 'Pro-America"

  • Another Day
    Another Day 1 week ago

    President Trump is doing a great job.

  • Sara K
    Sara K 1 week ago

    Your hairs on your head look nice long

  • inzaratha
    inzaratha 1 week ago (edited)

    Im a Republican vegetarian woman and mom who drinks macha likes art and writing and yoga and is pro trump. We dont fall into the neat peg holes they want to put us. We can have a blend of ideas and be complex beings but be united in certain brliefs.

  • gay awake
    gay awake 1 week ago

    I like Trump for standing up to the deep state and fighting for the constitution returning America to the people. So God bless him.

  • Colonel Flom
    Colonel Flom 1 week ago

    Jordan, hope to hear your thoughts on the news about the newly declassified Ghost particle found in Antarctica.

  • MrWild200x
    MrWild200x 1 week ago

    the hat looks like it can be adjusted! I have 2 but they have different adjustments.

  • RC in KY
    RC in KY 1 week ago

    Please dont get backed down by Satanic Luciferian GaiaTV. I support all three; Wilcock, Goode, & Smith. Incredible sacrifices and brought us truth for which I'm so grateful. But you can't deny the Luciferian slant to the network. I believe in Freedom of Religion. Mostly. As long as your religion doesn't abuse, sell, or murder my child? We're fine. But it seems that GaiaTV is one of many heads on the hydra. It must be conquered. #BoycottGaiaTV Thanks for all your hard work, dedication, positivity, hope, and truths Jordan. You are very appreciated.

  • mvd 007
    mvd 007 1 week ago

    Yes you are a Liberal who became a Conservative awesome follow your strength!

  • Tenacious 4 Truth
    Tenacious 4 Truth 1 week ago (edited)

    .... Because wanting America to thrive and be great is a bad thing??. Still in bad times, can't express ourselves without ridicule. you had my full attention @ CRYSTALS ... omg, I'm fanatic. I use mine to heal, meditation and raise my vibration.

  • Mb Santos-B
    Mb Santos-B 1 week ago

    The hat looks great on you !

  • jaswant khalsa
    jaswant khalsa 1 week ago

    Trump is so much like Kennedy and so much not like him. It’s a different time and as much as Kennedy had great ideas he didn’t get them done. So maybe it takes a Trump. I was a lifelong Dem. No more.

  • Tracy Smith
    Tracy Smith 1 week ago

    What a great break from the same crap different day , I didnt want to watch that crap today either for what to hear them lie more , not today ! Much love from Texas