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  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • [nyvia] I'm this particular case you're correct aye [james000-] That link is a video where a new narrative is created from existing content [nyvia] That could technically count as transformative but idk if that'd pass in court [james000-] Also top sass [nyvia] The doctor is about 80% sass [james000-] Hay guys, I know what I can use for the video description.. this [rymate1234] yes [nyvia] That moment when you realise you've gone from listening to Stephen fry reading Harry potter to him presenting QI [nyvia] To watching him presenting QI* [rymate1234] nice [rymate1234] so on the modern design the timestamp is displayed on the site as how long ago the message was [rymate1234] this kinda falters though as it doesn't update unless new messages come in [james000-] What is this, angle brackets aren't allowed in YouTube desc [rymate1234] yeah it's html [james000-] Yeah but, url encoding [rymate1234] maybe google has really shitty code [james000-] I can only think this is to stop some idiot being told to paste the content of the desc into their browser console

    [rymate1234] lol [nyvia] The most Yorkshire part of the episode [james000-] Heh [james000-] Right, is this gets contnet ID'd the systems much worse than we though [james000-] That clip is so short it can be justified as nothing BUT fair use [rymate1234] it comes under fair use for shitposting [nyvia] Technically it does not fall under fair use at all [nyvia] It's just a raw clip [james000-] Yeah it does, under 30 seconds means fair use [rymate1234] quick james000- [rymate1234] add some commentary to the description about how yorkshire it is [james000-] Heh [nyvia] That's a total myth about the 30 seconds thing [james000-] Meh it's fine [james000-] I argue that by shortening the video and taking it out of the context in which it originally existed, it takes on new form [james000-] And thus is a transformative work [james000-] Protected under something or other [rymate1234] international unwritten shitposting convention [nyvia] That would not hold up in court [nyvia] By that logic you could defend literally any form of plagiarism that isn't a straight full copy [james000-] Mah, this is memmish [james000-] It's funny in its own right when it wasn't before [james000-] nyvia, Are you the EU courts? [rymate1234] are you? [james000-] Have you cope to take my memes away? [nyvia] Temptation to bust your second incorrect interpretation of law rising [rymate1234] lets be realistic here neither of you are actually trained in EU copyright law [james000-] Yeah but the existence of this clip does not detract from people watching the orig episode [james000-] Take this for instance,

    [james000-] To my amazement, no one has done this yet [rymate1234] oh [rymate1234] lmao [james000-] I dunno what to actually put in the video though [james000-] I'm thinking a tow second random clip from the episode [rymate1234] james000-: it's halloween soon, maybe you'll be able to find a pidgeon mask and put it on pavel [james000-] LOL [rymate1234] *pigeon [rymate1234] james000-: for added hilarity make it about signal irc somehow [james000-] I could always just do this [james000-]

    [james000-] Imma upload a video to YouTube called "Secret Pigeon | Blogging secrets Unbeatable Guide to Success" [rymate1234] why tho [james000-] Because this