South Carolina Courts DEFEND Charlamagne Tha God With A JUST RELEASED Written Statement?!?!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018

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    South Carolina Ninth Circuit Solicitor Scarlett A. Wilson issued a statement on Thursday (July 12), noting that criminal charges against McKelvey were resolved in 2002 pursuant to a plead agreement between him and the state. The state allowed McKelvey to plea guilty to the lesser charge of contributing to the delinquency of a minor and agreed to dismiss the remaining charges against him. "The plea was negotiated because the alleged victim in the matter did not cooperate with the prosecutor," said Wilson in a statement. "The prosecutor made this agreement because of the victim's absence and the lack evidence available at the time. While the tools and technology of justice have evolved, in cases involving personal violence, the State must have the witness to prosecute. Too often, the key witness will not come forward in support of criminal prosecution. Trying a tough case is no problem; trying an impossible case is not ethical.McKelvey was accused of raping a minor at a party in 2001 when he was 22 years old. On Tuesday, the alleged victim, Jessica Reid, now 32, told The Blast she was seeking legal representation and wants to reopen a criminal case against McKelvey. Reid was only 15 when she first brought the claims against McKelvey -- allegations he has denied. Her mother, Joslyn, told The Blast that at the time, she was trying to protect her daughter from suffering and stopped the teenager from cooperating in the prosecution. Under McKelvey's plea deal, he was sentenced to three years of probation. While South Carolina -- where the incident took place -- has no statute of limitations on criminal prosecution, Wilson said the state will not reopen this case, since a plea deal was reached. "South Carolina law is clear that once a defendant enters plea negotiations and a plea agreement is accepted but he court, due process requires the State to honor the agreement," she said. We are duty bound to honor the agreement in this case. The State's prosecution has ended and the dismissed charge against Mr. McKelvey will not be resurrected. The law presumes that Mr. McKelvey is innocent of the dismissed allegation." GET YOUR BEAT HEADPHONES HERE!

  • Brown Beauty80
    Brown Beauty80 2 months ago

    Nobody believes the truth when the lie is more entertaining -Charlamagne The God

  • Perry Saunders
    Perry Saunders 2 months ago

    It is ashame that so many Black People was ready to Lynch this Man, even after all the facts had came out. 1.) No DNA of CTG was in her when the Police tested him and her. 2.) Why would a guilty man turn himself in, especially in South Carolina, unless he didn't do anything. 3.) Why didn't the lady or her family not decide to go on and not take this to court? Charmaine has talked about this in the past. if he was guilty why would the hell would he bring it back up. 4.) Every time a woman says a man done something, we already ready to get the Rope out the lynch the man. Does anybody know the story about Brian Banks, maybe some of you need to read up about that case. Emmett Till, end up getting killed off of false charges by a woman. The Central Park five, Etc!!!

  • Jerry Williams
    Jerry Williams 2 months ago

    The rape kit shows that he had no DNA in that woman. She just wanted to make some money off him.

  • Who Dey
    Who Dey 2 months ago

    Can't trust a woman hiding behind dark shades im just saying bruh

  • Marcus Joyner
    Marcus Joyner 2 months ago

    1. I'm glad that man not facing jail time. 2. I hope that there isn't but know there's a strong chance for her to file civil suit. 3. I know he's more mature the I am but I would tell all the people calling for my job, freedom, and maybe my money to kiss my @$$!

  • zero
    zero 2 months ago

    Ctg smart, mad sure he paid off the right people. Just like he paid off all media to not cover this story

  • james dean
    james dean 2 months ago

    Ahhh ha ha haters He never raped that lying maggot. She wanted a paycheck.

  • K Adams
    K Adams 2 months ago

    funny how she came out after the HBO deal 

  • GamerGee
    GamerGee 2 months ago

    Duh. I knew this wasn’t going to get opened

  • Rza is not My daddy
    Rza is not My daddy 2 months ago

    Always trying to mess with a brother

    XXXTOORAW 2 months ago (edited)

    Thank God South Carolina Actually Stood Up For Charlemagne & Not Reopening The case. Also that's Not My Job To Share Your Page.

  • muffin0214
    muffin0214 2 months ago

    The state of South Carolina has if the young lady would have did this when she was 18 it would be justified but she waited 17 yrs lately makes her look like she is money hungry or just wants clout

  • Rugged209
    Rugged209 2 months ago

    17 years ago he hosted a party he was the bigger name at the party at the time but he was not famous at the time nor did he have any money at all so all of a sudden now he's famous and on TV it's getting brought back up just cuz he hosted a party and the party he hosted she got touched at and he was the one hosting it so he's the bigger name there so guess who's going to get drug down the bigger name and he did a DNA test was proved he did not do it so I don't know what this girls trying to do besides obviously he's famous now get money which is bull shit

  • Nini Prom
    Nini Prom 2 months ago

    He is innocent of the dismissed allegations ~South Carolina

  • Laidback Boom
    Laidback Boom 2 months ago

    I know CTG wanna be petty and make her donkey of da day...

  • Mike Check
    Mike Check 2 months ago

    These broads are liars you cannot trust any of them shes a fraud.

  • Moon Child
    Moon Child 2 months ago

    She did not cooperate because she's a liar. Anybody who comes out in the media was some s*** like this saying they're doing it to let people know who he really is? Suspect...js

  • Above Beyond
    Above Beyond 2 months ago

    Huge issue with what the Mother stated, she was saying she’s protecting her daughter when she was 15 by not cooperating with the prosecutor.. so by protecting her daughter, she was willing to endanger other females by letting a alleged rapist roam free? Makes no sense.. Damn near 20 years later, in the pique of the MeToo movement & scandals getting some a nice pay day- she’s ready to try again where it’s impossible to even prove either side? Right after the HBO deal was announced; plus having Star attached to this scandal? Charlamagne is a household name, she could’ve sought out Wendy Williams, Hot97, or any bigger platform- but, she chose Stars? Hmmmm.. Star seeked this young lady out, and coached her along with a lawyer to reopen this case with false hopes of gaining something.. in return Star gets credit, benefits for shedding light with the interview, and destroying CdaGods deal, reputation, and life. Star is all over social media tagging MeToo movement, and ppl that are higher ups involved in that movement.. I highly doubt it’s a sincere move too. It almost worked too, but I guess even after everything is said & done? Charlamagne will be tainted, and harassed still.

  • B Amos85
    B Amos85 2 months ago

    Damn not racist ass South Carolina