• Published on Jul 12, 2018
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    During a sixth-grade choir class, an assistant principal allegedly ordered a mass, suspicionless strip search of the underwear of twenty-two preteen girls. $50 went missing during a sixth-grade choir class at Houston’s public Lanier Middle School. When no money turned up, the school police officer “suggested that girls like to hide things in their bras and panties.” All twenty-two girls in the choir class were then strip searched. No parents were notified, despite the girls’ requests. No money was found. Let's discuss this egregious violation of constitutional rights. *************************** * COMMUNITY! * *************************** Join our live discussions on Discord:

  • Michael Berthelsen
    Michael Berthelsen 2 months ago (edited)

    Christ Almighty...! Who, WHO hired and trained this idiot?! EVERYTHING in this case is the EXACT EXAMPLE of what NOT to do...!!!

  • djizomdjinn
    djizomdjinn 2 months ago

    "All agree the search violated the girls constitutional rights..." "Even so, the district court dismissed the girls' lawsuit against the school district for failure to state a claim." It's not often that I headdesk twenty seconds into your videos, but this certainly deserves it.

  • Dominic Cornett
    Dominic Cornett 2 months ago (edited)

    I understand that this boils down to a "failure to train" case, however, I'm greatly troubled by the fact that not just a teacher but a Vice Principal, not to mention a school police officer, couldn't comprehend based on nothing more than common sense that these searches were not reasonable. I suppose that highlights the importance of training, but still. If you're looking for one item and your solution is to order the strip-search of 22 children you know that at least 21 of those searches are going to be fruitless. The fact that one of them might be fruitful doesn't justify the other 21. In this case, all 22 were fruitless, but regardless, since it was known that 21 of the searches would be fruitless they were clearly not reasonable. I know they weren't trained but this was an experienced, college-educated adult. Again, I suppose it highlights the importance of training but it concerns me that someone who couldn't reach a common sense conclusion about the reasonableness of mass strip-searches is in a position of authority over children. Or a position of authority over anyone for that matter. For some reason, despite decades of experience, I continue to be surprised by the stupidity of the average person.

  • Alpha Dash
    Alpha Dash 2 months ago

    How in the hell did the first court find that this was ok???

  • Ikiry0
    Ikiry0 2 months ago

    'Tactical Bra' seems particularly appropriate a person to have there right now.

  • Joatmon
    Joatmon 2 months ago

    It's entirely possible there is no missing $50. It was all a mistake. They left it on their night stand at home.

  • Skyven Razgriz
    Skyven Razgriz 2 months ago

    Even if they found 50 dollars, say in a purse, how do you prove it is the stolen dollar note ?

  • Byron LeBlanc
    Byron LeBlanc 2 months ago

    Is $50 that important?

  • Ogre1977
    Ogre1977 2 months ago

    The thing I take away from this is that even with the 4th amendment & ALL the case law the court repeatedly dismissed the case against the school...

  • Arexion5293
    Arexion5293 2 months ago

    ... Someone's getting fired for this. Many are getting fired for this. Someone might go to jail too.

  • Kaj Raske
    Kaj Raske 2 months ago

    Well that's certainly a title.

  • Hit Monkey
    Hit Monkey 2 months ago

    There's some snarky comment I can make. I may make it later. BUT WHAT THE ACTUAL HELL!?!

  • ShePudding
    ShePudding 2 months ago

    Yeesh... This reminds me of that time my teacher taped our mouths shut. We little 2nd graders were too loud and rude, and apparently deserved to get our mouths taped shut. One by one, the teacher went about sealing kids’ lips until the room was dead silent, all staring at her. You could not ask why this was happening. You could not let out a nervous giggle. You couldn’t shift in your chair. You’d get taped. She was very much calm and in control. By the time she was satisfied, there was no time for the actual lesson. But I do remember a kid breathing out and in as hard as he could, to loosen the tape around his nose so he could breath... Teacher got annoyed at that. Ripped the tape off and put a new strip on. Apparently, noone dared say a thing about it until I talked to my mom a day later. Parents called each-other, cops got some statements... I never saw her again. I felt personally guilty about t at for some time. I got an adult fired... that just shows how immature our thinking was, though. We were only 6. I dunno. Hope she got some proper therapy after that. Not sure what was going on in her life to make her feel like she needed to play dominatrix over us. I wonder if the same thing was going on here, and the adults felt like they needed to up the ante until they were victorious over the kids. I hope the school district takes this seriously, ‘cuz there is no way this is gunna fly a second time. They got their warning. Poor girls... hope they have an adult in their life who can talk this through with them. The way kids internalize things is unpredictable

  • NoiseTheSilent
    NoiseTheSilent 2 months ago

    Looks to me like the first courts to look at this case might also be suffering from "failure to train".

  • Vaylon Kenadell
    Vaylon Kenadell 2 months ago

    It's like they've never even heard of a warrant.

  • ShyGuy23751
    ShyGuy23751 2 months ago (edited)

    For $50 strip search everyone... thanks school not make it look like a prison

  • Falney
    Falney 2 months ago

    How old is 6th grade? I'm from the UK. To me the 6th grade is age 10-11. Which to me makes it even worse. At least he got the nurse to do it rather than himself. (I assume that the nurse was a woman)

  • Dead isatisfy
    Dead isatisfy 2 months ago

    Strip searching for 50$, isn't that the definition of excessive ?

  • JJ2078
    JJ2078 2 months ago

    The 4th person on discord there has a very appropriate name for the subject.