90 Day Fiance: Happily Ever After Season 3 Episodes 7 & 8 Review & After Show

  • Streamed live on Jul 11, 2018
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    This week host’s Keith Andre and Stacey Olivas are back to unpack the two latest explosive episodes as all the drama continues to unfold. The couple breakdown is never enough for this panel, so Keith has so many questions for the What do YOU think special segment, while Stacey led the way with the latest dirt on our couples with news and gossip. Linda Antwi and Alex Bowers round out this panel and are back next week for even more drama. The 90 Day Fiancé After Show: Meeting and marrying in less than three months might sound unreal, but we’re here to tell you the truth on the 90 DAY FIANCE AFTER SHOW. We’ll follow along with all the couples as they embark on the speed dating session of a lifetime. Tune in here for tea sipping, reviews, recaps and in-depth discussions of the latest episodes, as well as a comedic take on opinions of what’s happening on the show! Get your yes/no/maybe signs ready, because everyone has a different opinion on this one! ABOUT 90 DAY FIANCE: Long-distance relationships have challenges that are sometimes difficult to overcome but consider if the distance traveled was halfway around the world and a couple had just 90 days to decide whether the courtship should conclude with marriage. That's the situation facing the men and women profiled in this series, which shares the complexities of international romances. Using a visa that allows foreign fiancees of American citizens to travel to the U.S., the men and women experience life in the States with their prospective mates for the first time. Culture and language barriers must be overcome -- not to mention the stigma of being thought of as mail-order spouses -- but here's the elephant in the room: The couples must marry before the visas expire in 90 days, or else the visitors have to immediately return to their countries. With the clock ticking, these couples discover if their "happily ever after" is meant to be. Subscribe to our NEW YouTube Channels: Drama - 

  • Abi W
    Abi W 2 months ago

    Let me preface this by saying that I do feel that Nicole (Pedro's sister) is very immature and mean girlish towards Chantel but one thing I will give her over family Chantel and even Chantel herself is she knows how to carry herself in somebody else's home. Now to the fight, family Chantel were already spoiling for a fight and did everything they could that night to provoke one first and foremost when they first came in the house Nicole went to give Mother Chantel a kiss on the cheek and she stiff-armed her which is extremely rude. Once they started dinner Nicole made a lot of comments about how the food was good and she was happy to eat with them and thank them for the dinner and mother Chantel and Winters response was to gang up on her and start questioning her about the events going on in the apartment which let Pedro know that Chantel had been going to her family and telling them every detail of what was going on in the house which is when he started to get mad. Then Chantel joins in and starts waving her hand in Nicole's face and now all three of them are attacking Nicole in English which she doesn't speak very well. In an effort to protect his sister Pedro ask Chantel to switch seats with him because it look like the conversation was getting more and more heated and he wanted to protect his little sister who at this point is getting verbally attacked by three grown women then mother Chantel tells Pedro that no Chantal would not be moving and that's when he points at her basically to say stay out of my conversation and that's when River says who the f u talkin to n-word? And that's when Pedro stood up and asked him what did you say and River repeatedly told him to shut up and then smacked the lamp into his face and that's when the fight started. I get that people have this belief that Nicole isn't really Pedro sister but I think they forget that she's only about Rivers age or maybe 20 21 and if you as an older brother brought your little sister to a dinner where she doesn't speak the language and she starts getting attacked buy three grown women would you just sit by and not say anything? Chantel keeps saying she wants Pedro to take her side over his family but in that particular circumstance even she should have known that wasn't going to happen. especially since Pedro has felt ganged up on by her family on numerous occasions he's not going to let that happen to his little sister and yes I do believe that is his sister

  • Steph Zohn
    Steph Zohn 2 months ago

    Ya I absolutely don't agree with you. Chantel's family is to blame for all of this. Pedron jus doesn't want Chantel to run to her family and talk trash because of this!! She started this by lying to her family about Pedro from the getgo and ever since they don't trust him. Her family started this and is straight up trash. Pedro has no one here. He doesn't wanna control Chantel. He just wants the family out of their business. The way her family disrespected his in the DR is beyond me, it's disgusting. At least Nicole, his sister, knows how to act in their home. And she did not start anything. Chantel's family wanted the fight. They're trash

  • Dona Clark
    Dona Clark 2 months ago

    I am not from the US. Our family back home are extremely dependent on the ones here. And when you make it to the US you feel the need to take care of back home at all cost. Pedro may be over the top with it. But who would not go to defense mode when being attact? David need to let Annie be. No words on Nicole's situation.

  • sirenaisthename
    sirenaisthename 2 months ago

    Pedro and Chantel should leave their family out of their marriage. Their family's opinions are clearly ruining their relationship. It's not healthy. Chantel gotta have some friends to vent to.

  • Mina M
    Mina M 2 months ago

    Y'all got it wrong with Pedro and Chantel. Chantel's family were fixin for a fight. Pedro's sister is definitely his sister and he wouldn't have had to protect her if Chantel's entire family didn't verbally attack her. He asked to switch seats because Chantel was screaming in her face. Chantel is always the victim but girl you started it.

  • Anthony Braxton
    Anthony Braxton 2 months ago

    Ya'll need to have someone to co-host or interview who has been through the 90 day process legit for a different view. I volunteer. As for Annie - come on girl? You got reason to be defensive because you have some of the markers... lady for Esan in Thailand "working" in the city. What was your job if you weren't a "working" in the city of Angels? And Annie.. did you marry David or the idea of David? He is who he is.... and playing victim in a situation you created is not healthy. David may be an unmotivated schlub living off of friends and family, but Annie married him. I think there are a unique set of pressures (opportunities) that put Annie in a position to try and take what she can.

  • christinalsmith76
    christinalsmith76 2 months ago

    How is Pedro and Chantel his least favorite couple....seriously?? Their story is the best! My least fave is Jorge and Anfisa...I'm over them and i usually gast forward their scenes.

  • Clemens Clemo Roos
    Clemens Clemo Roos 1 month ago

    I ask myself when Chantel's eyes will open because she looks kind of insane for accepting all the bullshit, the disrespect and rude behavior of that punk she's married to. That his mother is a lawyer is clearly impossible because the woman is uneducated in her wording, views and manners. If she is something than she is more like a mining engineer and like I stated before, she is mining gold out of the goldmine named Chantel. But in the end Chantel gets what she deserves because which sane woman with sound and well functioning brains will be with an asshole like that pedro? No one! Respect to her parents for being nice to such a piece of garbage shit like that pedro.

  • Anthony Braxton
    Anthony Braxton 2 months ago

    P.S. What's up with Pedro's mother's profile? She says here education level is Vocational College but Pedro (?) says his mother is a lawyer? And does a layer in the DR make so little money she can't but her own damn 4K TV?