Let’s draw the X-Men! Live.

  • Streamed live on Jun 14, 2018
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  • kegorogers
    kegorogers 4 days ago

    Just got a notification an hour after the live chat ended. Come on YouTube.

  • Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?
    Hey, isn't that Devon Graham? 4 days ago

    I love this Wolverine so much. I need to buy one from you one day.

  • anth1984 tre
    anth1984 tre 4 days ago

    Damn I didn't get notified again. Uncle E sorry I was drunk on the live stream last night lol..

  • Armando Batista
    Armando Batista 4 days ago

    I miss the 90's :(

  • Porphyrogenitus
    Porphyrogenitus 4 days ago

    Whatever happened to the term "Den"? Instead of the more degrading modern phrasing? It's an unfortunate sign of social decay.

  • Sad Squirrel
    Sad Squirrel 4 days ago (edited)

    Alex Becker’s channel in YouTube mentioned you and how you are could get more views if you avoid making some mistakes....

  • Lord Cognus
    Lord Cognus 4 days ago

    Uncle Ethan, you're a great guy and you DESERVE everything positive that happens to you. We libertarians and conservatives are strangers in a strange land, and it's good to see that some of us are able to rise above it all. Much love from Louisiana, my friend.

  • War Of Ghosts Archive - 2005-2015
    War Of Ghosts Archive - 2005-2015 4 days ago

    How that Alex dude got any subs while being that aggressive and obnoxious...I'll never know.

  • Watchman4u
    Watchman4u 4 days ago (edited)

    Did you know you can schedule your live streams months in advanced? That would help ppl keep up when yer on & you guys could do that on all the High Council Streams as well. Love that you teach drawing techniques my brother taught me to draw w/pencil. I wanted to go to art collage to do commercial art logos….I do hand painted signs from time to time. The pen & ink is another ball game love to watch & learn pen & ink. You make me want to draw again I made decent money drawing Metal Album covers in high school & sell them for $15 to $20.

  • Peter Morris
    Peter Morris 4 days ago

    Alex Becker is a loudmouth. I’ve tried watching him but he’s too annoying and there’s a strong BS smell coming off him. He sounds like one of those people that made their money in MLM or something and now they want to sell me their “secret to success.”

  • Maximum Caffeine
    Maximum Caffeine 4 days ago

    I drive for my job and I like your content, there's no way I could listen to that amped up cokehead Alex

  • Porphyrogenitus
    Porphyrogenitus 4 days ago

    > Slave Ethan Slaving away for "The Man"

  • Jerret Zwicker
    Jerret Zwicker 4 days ago

    Taking care of Kyle Ridder like that speaks to your character. Wish there was more loyalty like yours out their. At 42, I've yet to find it.

  • Levi Woody
    Levi Woody 4 days ago

    I hope you notice cyberfrog jumps up in backers every time to do a cyberfrog video!!! 

  • Tad Karpis
    Tad Karpis 4 days ago

    And now I'm getting ads for that Alex dude.

  • Erwin Mark Mata
    Erwin Mark Mata 4 days ago

    61K. Soon it will be 100K. I have a good feeling about this! :-)

  • victoria pagac
    victoria pagac 4 days ago

    can you do more drawing chats

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie Hernandez 4 days ago

    Alex Becker did a video regarding your channel

  • Heather C
    Heather C 4 days ago

    That Alex video was giving me palpitations. My god. If Uncle Ethan EVER did a video like that, it would be unwatchable. He sounded like a used car salesman.

  • Robert Jacques
    Robert Jacques 4 days ago

    Beautiful work Ethan!