• Streamed live on Jun 14, 2018
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  • Armando Batista
    Armando Batista 4 months ago

    I miss the 90's :(

  • kegorogers
    kegorogers 4 months ago

    Just got a notification an hour after the live chat ended. Come on YouTube.

  • Hey, isn't that Devon Graham?
    Hey, isn't that Devon Graham? 4 months ago

    I love this Wolverine so much. I need to buy one from you one day.

  • anth1984 tre
    anth1984 tre 4 months ago

    Damn I didn't get notified again. Uncle E sorry I was drunk on the live stream last night lol..

  • Watchman4u
    Watchman4u 4 months ago (edited)

    Did you know you can schedule your live streams months in advanced? That would help ppl keep up when yer on & you guys could do that on all the High Council Streams as well. Love that you teach drawing techniques my brother taught me to draw w/pencil. I wanted to go to art collage to do commercial art logos….I do hand painted signs from time to time. The pen & ink is another ball game love to watch & learn pen & ink. You make me want to draw again I made decent money drawing Metal Album covers in high school & sell them for $15 to $20.

  • Sad Squirrel
    Sad Squirrel 4 months ago (edited)

    Alex Becker’s channel in YouTube mentioned you and how you are could get more views if you avoid making some mistakes....

  • Porphyrogenitus
    Porphyrogenitus 4 months ago

    Whatever happened to the term "Den"? Instead of the more degrading modern phrasing? It's an unfortunate sign of social decay.

  • Ro-Man
    Ro-Man 4 months ago

    love seeing you draw . this was a great hangout thanks for everything :)

  • Musky Elon
    Musky Elon 4 months ago (edited)

    Ethan, could you help out Diversity & Comics by designing a shirt he can sell? He needs some merchandise and your shirts are the absolute best.

  • Erwin Mark Mata
    Erwin Mark Mata 4 months ago

    61K. Soon it will be 100K. I have a good feeling about this! :-)

  • Lord Cognus
    Lord Cognus 4 months ago

    Uncle Ethan, you're a great guy and you DESERVE everything positive that happens to you. We libertarians and conservatives are strangers in a strange land, and it's good to see that some of us are able to rise above it all. Much love from Louisiana, my friend.

  • Alex Corral
    Alex Corral 4 months ago

    the difference between ethan and the sjw's who hate him is that Ethan has a healthy relationship with his parents

  • J Green
    J Green 4 months ago (edited)

    Hi Ethan Alex Becker did a vid and mentioned your channel and how to improve it I sent you a mail hope it help dig your work!

  • Porphyrogenitus
    Porphyrogenitus 4 months ago

    > Slave Ethan Slaving away for "The Man"

  • John Piner
    John Piner 4 months ago

    Dude that salamandroid and cyberfrog picture colored is freaking awesome. I want that as a poster signed uncle Ethan

  • Jim R
    Jim R 4 months ago

    Hi Ethan my toe thumb/thumb toe friend!!! I love the passion you have for Cyberfrog that is why I backed the comic make me as passionate!!!! I can't wait to read it!!!

  • Faust Scalpel
    Faust Scalpel 4 months ago

    If you and D&C would do a Cyberfrog & Jawbreakers crossover you could use both covers to depict who each of you think would win in a fight, then you guys would just have to decide who gets the front and who gets the back.

  • Christopher Smith
    Christopher Smith 4 months ago

    I love watching professional artists. And just like when I watch Bob Ross, I'm always saying, "No, don't do that, you've ruined it!". And then I'm amazed how it comes together.

  • Eddie Hernandez
    Eddie Hernandez 4 months ago

    Alex Becker did a video regarding your channel

  • Musky Elon
    Musky Elon 4 months ago

    Becker is looking at you from his frame of reference. You have a different channel, very different vibe, different kind of show and different audience. I only know Becker because he had a few Star Wars videos. He doesn't do your kind of entertainment or have any products like you can produce.