• Published on Jan 13, 2018
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    I answered like, over 50 questions I hope tHis is eNOUGH If you don't agree with some things I say, let's agree to disagree. You won't get anywhere in life if you spit on the people who don't agree with you buddy pal. IDUBBBZ video:

  • billy baek cyrus is my exo bias
    billy baek cyrus is my exo bias 6 months ago

    I agree 100% with your comments about reaction videos I get kinda annoyed seeing them everywhere

  • oovoo javer
    oovoo javer 6 months ago


  • exosexo
    exosexo 6 months ago

    I just realised in my top/bottom speech the word "MEOW" popped up I'm so sorry I edited this at 4am

  • oovoo javer
    oovoo javer 6 months ago

    ian is one of my favourite people tbh

  • V Blue
    V Blue 6 months ago (edited)

    I need SM to hire you!! Your vids would make better teasers than the ones they put out for comebacks! Your edits are gold !!

  • ahhh WAE
    ahhh WAE 6 months ago

    6:20 me when I see antis

  • just another multifan
    just another multifan 6 months ago

    The only type of reaction vids I like are when kpop fans react to kpop because I have no friends to share an MV with and it's nice sometimes to see ppl go crazy and be passionate about things I like and am passionate and excited about. As well as to see their own comments or veiws on said thing and anything that I might have missed. Long comment sorry 

  • ahhh WAE
    ahhh WAE 6 months ago

    The zoom-ins have me dying every time lmao

  • JiMinSeok {Cinnamin}
    JiMinSeok {Cinnamin} 6 months ago

    I don’t get why people always think bbh bottoms. Honestly to me, he gives off that natural leader personality even though he isn’t the leader of exo. You can see in vlives and things he kinda takes initiative, especially when Junmyeon isn’t there. I get that he’s a soft little kid that needs all the protection in the world but he’s also a natural leader and that just makes me think that he would top

  • frankleykately
    frankleykately 6 months ago

    Shippers be wildin

  • Park Jimin
    Park Jimin 6 months ago

    I finished watching twitter I’m ready mean!

  • kjdnjm921
    kjdnjm921 6 months ago

    YOU HEAR THAT @ SM WE WANT CHANYEOL'S MUSIC RELEASED Hands, Go and Do it Together studio ver when

  • Junnie Panda
    Junnie Panda 6 months ago

    Happxyeol and exosexo post video in the same day. I'm dead...

  • 美玲
    美玲 6 months ago

    "How dare you misgender Baekhyun!" had a Baekhee poster on her wall

  • jemmo _o
    jemmo _o 6 months ago

    i too am sick of most reaction channels i feel like most people see it as an easy way to get views on youtube. the only reaction channels i really love are reacttothek form of therapy etc bc they have actual interesting things to say regarding the music and video and are also not afraid to say they don’t like something and justify that opinion. idk i just feel like reactors actually need to have more interesting things to say beyond squealing also thank you for acknowledging love me right damn that era was everything and they need to do more soft pink aesthetic mvs with funky music