Actors You Didn't Know Were Hiding In Your Favorite Movies

  • Published on Dec 23, 2017
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    Everyone loves a surprise cameo; they make every movie that much more fun. But there are some cameos so well hidden—because they're a special favor to a star or director, or some kind of elaborate inside joke—that they're easy to miss. Here are some times that big stars showed up in secret uncredited roles…and hardly anyone noticed... Glenn Close, Hook | 0:18 Peter Jackson, Hot Fuzz | 0:43 Cate Blanchett, Hot Fuzz | 1:18 Danny Glover, Maverick | 1:46 Stephen Spielberg, The Blues Brothers | 2:09 Dan Akroyd, Indiana Jones and the Temple of Doom | 2:33 Bill Murray, Dumb and Dumber To | 3:04 Jimmy Buffett, Jurassic World | 3:34 Stephen Colbert, The Hobbit: The Desolation of Smaug | 3:55 Owen Wilson, Rushmore | 4:24 Basically everyone in Star Wars: The Force Awakens | 5:00 Read more here →

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  • Looper
    Looper 9 months ago (edited)

    What other hidden cameos do you think should've made the list?

  • Freddy Fazbear
    Freddy Fazbear 9 months ago

    How would you know these are my favourite movies?

  • Daniel Lewis
    Daniel Lewis 9 months ago

    Danny Glover wasn't hiding in Maverick. Bret Maverick wanted to see the robbers face and pulled down the bandana to reveal that's it's Danny Glover. They both character got a sense of deja vu because both actors were in the Lethal Weapon movies. This was a joke.

  • E Koe
    E Koe 9 months ago

    sarah jessica parker in seabiscuit

  • Anth Sous
    Anth Sous 9 months ago

    You forgot Matt Damon in Thor Ragnarok!

  • Michael Adams
    Michael Adams 9 months ago

    ARE YOU EFFIN' KIDDING ME?! The Danny Glover cameo in "Maverick" was used as a joke to poke fun at the Glover/Gibson collaboration in the "Lethal Weapon" movies, and the moment even shares a music cue with those films when the two are interacting. It's not "hidden" in any way, shape, or form -- it is just a surprise cameo. Time to find new writers, Looper.

  • Daniel McNamee
    Daniel McNamee 6 months ago

    Gene Hackman as the blind hermit in Young Frankenstein

  • NamelessFool
    NamelessFool 9 months ago (edited)

    I didnt know Peter Jackson and Steven Speilberg are actors.

  • Scottlp2
    Scottlp2 8 months ago

    Robin Williams did the voice of the moon in The Adventures of Baron Munchausen a fun but not well known movie.

  • ronen
    ronen 9 months ago

    no stormtrooper tom hardy?

  • Adam Czinege
    Adam Czinege 7 months ago

    I really don't want to be "that guy", but in Maverick the bandana acutally slips off of Danny Glovers face, and he and Gibson stare at eachother confused for about 5 seconds while a very recognizable melody from Lethal Weapon plays in the background. After that, while escaping the scene of the crime, Glover can be heard saying "i'm too old for this shit". So all in all, that's hardly a well hidden cameo.

  • Bob Ditka
    Bob Ditka 4 months ago

    for the love of GOD , show what your talking about, let us hear the scene after you introduce it. i cant watch your videos anymore , as they make me have to pause your video, open a new tab research the scene watch it and come back to this shit . i want to like these videos but they make me work. i am a fatass and i don't wanna work or twerk and you don't want that either!!! do you? DO YOU?

  • twomindz79
    twomindz79 9 months ago

    james corden as x wing pilot in the last jedi

  • glenn sarconi
    glenn sarconi 9 months ago

    dont know or care what Stephen Colbert did as soon as I heard his name I stopped watching ..WAY TOI GO !!!!!

  • Pedantic Pete
    Pedantic Pete 9 months ago

    Always wondered why the guy grabbed the margaritas. It pissed people off.

  • Razter
    Razter 9 months ago

    You do know that they remove Glover's mask right? He's hardly hidden. It's also a completely intentional (fun) poke at Lethal Weapon. Maybe you should watch more than 3 seconds of a film?

  • EmereyB
    EmereyB 9 months ago

    Huge actors just love to appear in Star Wars movies as stormtroopers. Daniel Craig and Tom Hardy both appeared as stormtroopers in Star Wars.

  • Jack Carter
    Jack Carter 9 months ago

    Cameo roles are not speaking roles. Oooops.

  • brandon castro
    brandon castro 9 months ago

    you could look at this from a malicious perspective and say actors need $ but are degraded to small roles :P