• Published on Dec 27, 2017

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    Top 30 most hilarious responses to wrong number texts that will make you laugh all day. A good sense of humor can save even the most hopeless of conversations! Subscribe to Bright Side :

  • D Hoosier
    D Hoosier 9 months ago

    I didn't find any of those funny.

  • B. Hagedash
    B. Hagedash 3 months ago

    Remarkable how 60 odd random people all text with with perfect spelling, grammar and punctuation all write in exactly the same style and voice.

  • Druxinor
    Druxinor 1 month ago

    Here is a real one that happened to me. (Unknown Number) Hey, this still your number? (Me) I'm not Ivan. (Unknown Number) LOL, How did you know I was looking for an Ivan? (Me) Because I've gotten a phone call for him every 3-4 months for the last five years.

  • Smol Peridot
    Smol Peridot 2 weeks ago

    I texted a wrong number today about math homework. They said they haven’t taken Algebra in 6 years and then wished me luck on the homework. I don’t know how to react.

  • Puppy Pups
    Puppy Pups 4 months ago

    At 2:19 that picture was not a cat it was a chihuahua

  • That Youtube Channel
    That Youtube Channel 9 months ago

    wow so fun*cough* *cough*not

  • namjoons_expensive gurl
    namjoons_expensive gurl 3 months ago

    it was so funny, I forgot to laugh.

  • tzzrctlly _
    tzzrctlly _ 9 months ago (edited)

    Gods, dad's the best! -_- Ok, I liked the Harry part. Liiittttt!

  • Judyp77
    Judyp77 1 month ago

    These are so funny! Loved them! A lady texted me by mistake once. For some reason I decided to act like I knew her. She was in Ohio and I'm in GA. I told her I was so excited and relieved to hear from her...finally. I said the job was done and I needed her to help me get rid of the body. She kept texting saying she texted me by mistake and who was I . I am in my 70s and realized I was scaring her. I felt bad then and gave her my real name and told her she could find me on Facebook. I apologized for scaring her. The neat thing was she actually found me on FB and we became good internet friends. That was a few years back and we laugh about how we 'met'. I'd even like to meet her someday. 

  • Ecl1psed276
    Ecl1psed276 8 months ago

    Dad, you're dastardly! I will remember that line forever...

  • Continual Improvement
    Continual Improvement 9 months ago

    When you text your mum but were meant to be texting your girlfriend...

  • GravellerGear
    GravellerGear 3 months ago (edited)

    Have you picked up the idiots?

  • Kricket
    Kricket 4 months ago

    I hate how fake most of these are.

  • Grace Wilbourn
    Grace Wilbourn 4 months ago

    0:48 I want that standard cat!! (Unfortunately, I currently have a standard beagle, who would likely treat the standard cat like a standard meal.)

  • ginny weasley
    ginny weasley 4 months ago

    I knew when i saw "harry" it was gonna be somethin about hp lol

  • Sarah Cawley
    Sarah Cawley 9 months ago

    Absolutely completely not fake.

  • Dáithí Ó
    Dáithí Ó 3 months ago

    I can't believe you cheated, O sorry dad. Baby weres my shot gun . GOOD FATHER.

  • Kawaii Poop
    Kawaii Poop 4 months ago

    Mom:Amy????? Man:-sends picture of him confused- Do I look like an Amy to you????

  • SL Bellue
    SL Bellue 3 months ago

    Even if some or all of these are fake, at least they're fun. It beats the fake news our media puts out there getting people riled up & keeping them focused on race issues.

  • kenpin basar
    kenpin basar 4 months ago

    Have seen my shotgun ...hahahahahha