• Streamed live on Jul 12, 2018
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  • PandaIsPowerful
    PandaIsPowerful 2 months ago

    OMG I don’t know if I’m going crazy or does the chair with the dybbuk doll on it move at around 8:50

  • Thunder Snyder
    Thunder Snyder 2 months ago

    Jody, That was BAD. You have to get rid of that demon,weather it is on Morty or what have you. I hope you are ok and that you are back to yourself. The end was NOT you! For the folks that were rude and said "It's Fake" Obviously are lucky enough not have ever been possessed. It is real,it is NOT fun and it can cause someone permanent or temporary damage to their soul,their mind and their heart. It is not a game, It is not something to take likely and think it is a huge joke. That face at the end was NOT Jody,it was crude,it was twisted and the foul thing about all of you people picking shit is that you don't wonder if he is ok or anything because you to busy whining how it is fake. Fake don't look like that folks. Be mindful of what you say. Possession is REAL,And it is painful for those that go through it.

  • DeathBbyBri
    DeathBbyBri 2 months ago


  • dengyldnesvane . Hop
    dengyldnesvane . Hop 2 months ago (edited)

    Jody I was at your livestream, and I'm afraid that the demon possessed others in the chat room. It was VERY strong. I felt it and I got lightheaded. I had to protect myself with my anointed oil and prayers. I sure hope you are okay again. I'm a born again believer, and have seen my hubby got possessed before. It's not for fun, and I really hope you know what you're doing. I pray that all the viwers are protected. A weak soul between your audience, can get badly hurt. Please do it safe. I do like your channel. Ghost are not the worst, it's demons.. Take care

  • The Phenomena gunsandtattoos
    The Phenomena gunsandtattoos 2 months ago

    yoh bro, you really got some serious balls out there with provoking and commanding them..... thumbs up from South Africa.

  • Reus 11
    Reus 11 2 months ago

    25:44 he threw the Water bottle on the doll's/demon face .

  • Reus 11
    Reus 11 2 months ago

    At 18:03 the rods crossed after he asked if Jahseh Onfroy is there with him, Holy .

  • Tina France #HTD4LIFE
    Tina France #HTD4LIFE 2 months ago

    If you guys think this is scary..just wait til his conjur room is finished..shit really gets turned up a notch..Jody knows what he is doing, otherwise he wouldnt do it. I def felt a strong entity there..I was feeling the side effects from it when you started to get possessed..I got dizzy, nauseous, had a hard time breathing. But I'm glad ur ok bro!! Had alot of things happening. Great stream! #HTD4LIFE

  • Nereida Lucena
    Nereida Lucena 2 months ago

    This Live Was amazing Jody slots of Activity keep up the Good Work Love Ya Your Friend Nelly From The Bronx 

  • 3sides2everystory
    3sides2everystory 2 months ago

    scariest live stream ever def possesed at end bruh

  • Veronica M'Vemba
    Veronica M'Vemba 2 months ago

    Sorry i was late... im a new sub... definitely enjoy YOUR Channel! I look forward to your videos. Love and light my friend!

  • Stail Shells420 gaming
    Stail Shells420 gaming 2 weeks ago

    love this channel so much glad i stumbled on you Mr haunting the dead

  • Elizabeth Lamm
    Elizabeth Lamm 2 months ago

    I'm watching now. Missed it last night.

  • Paris Crete
    Paris Crete 1 month ago

    Hey try one man hind n seek.. xx

  • Sparky C
    Sparky C 2 months ago

    This is my first time to your channel, and love this type of content. Thank you for a great video. I will be watching more of your videos. I also want to thank you for keeping it real. I like it so much, that I actually subscribed and smashed that like button. I also set my notifications. Take care, and once again, thank you.

  • SaraSyn
    SaraSyn 2 months ago

    I am shaking watching this nooooooooooo be safe 

  • Karen #HTD4LIFE
    Karen #HTD4LIFE 2 months ago

    That was a CRAZY scary stream!!!! So much activity!!!!

  • Sally Chaluisan
    Sally Chaluisan 2 months ago

    Jody, you should make a video at night at xxx grave. Let him find happiness,and the light in the spirit world.

  • Chris McNeal
    Chris McNeal 2 months ago

    Last night was my first live stream dude def not disappointed...so much went on so fast was crazy lol...hope you're ok though man and will be tuning in from now on...also the doll that was to your left moved further back and light was off couldnt see it but now watching back you can see her perfectly on other video...maybe there was a shadow blocking her in the livestream there was so much activity on that side of room