5 Times When Roy Jones Looked Like a God In The Ring

  • Published on Nov 8, 2017
  • This video is about one of the best boxers in history Roy Jones Jr who have skill, speed and technique. I present to your attention "5 Times When Roy Jones Looked Like a God In The Ring

  • Pete Rosario
    Pete Rosario 11 months ago (edited)

    Roy was a beast my opinion is Roy Jones should have retired after he won the heavyweight championship from John Ruiz he would have been more of a legend than he is now sportmix thank you you're the bomb

  • paul1x1
    paul1x1 9 months ago

    Roy’s only problem was an inability to understand nothing lasts forever

  • J Stumpy
    J Stumpy 10 months ago

    Pound for pound the best EVER!!!!

  • Snailbarf
    Snailbarf 10 months ago

    the commentary makes me want to play a sports game from 2002.

  • lo lo
    lo lo 10 months ago

    This man in his prime no one better PERIOD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  • GAboy3030
    GAboy3030 9 months ago

    Roy Jones was without a doubt the best boxer during his prime. He specialized in thoroughly beating the shit out his opponents!! He beat humbleness into their asses. Lol

  • okolekahuna
    okolekahuna 10 months ago

    in his prime, there was no one better...

  • Jarod Luba
    Jarod Luba 10 months ago

    the worst commentary I've ever heard I had to mute it.

  • Christopher Eshleman
    Christopher Eshleman 11 months ago

    This commentary makes the video almost unwatchable.

  • AnubisX
    AnubisX 10 months ago

    And so many people think Floyd is the best

  • icon200
    icon200 10 months ago

    The sound effects are funny as f**k

  • Alcibiades
    Alcibiades 7 months ago

    With utmost respect to Muhammad Ali, many things made RJJr the perfect boxer, quick lateral movements, unorthodox style, threw punches from every angle with both hands with devastating power, blinding speed, foot work, gladiator body, explosives leeping hooks with both hands, great chin and a personality and charisma to match, hard workout ethics, most people who have met him outside the ring have stated that in real life he is nice, polite and humble, I truly admire this amazing athlete.

  • arthur Haddon
    arthur Haddon 10 months ago

    Roy Jones Donated the Gate Money to charity ! A classy guy in every respect !

  • takeitindballs
    takeitindballs 10 months ago

    Truly one of the very best.  He is far above what we have nowadays.  Only boxers like Robinson, Hagler and the rest of the cream come to mind.  It doesn't matter that he later decayed and lost some fights.  Everybody decays.  But when he was peak he was invincible.

  • Tyrone Jackson
    Tyrone Jackson 11 months ago

    Roy jones was one of the greatest of all time

  • Sitruc
    Sitruc 10 months ago

    Love Roy Jones. One of the great boxers of all time!

  • Dizzi R1
    Dizzi R1 10 months ago


  • re Montgomery
    re Montgomery 10 months ago (edited)

    roy wasnt a typical boxer,hands down,jumping in and doing things that most could never get away with.hes a natural

  • Señor Snipey
    Señor Snipey 1 month ago

    God watching Roy Jones is so much more exciting than Mayweather lol

  • Juan Fernandez
    Juan Fernandez 10 months ago

    Good sportsmanship by Roy Jones at 5:30....he looked at the judge and told him i don't wanna hurt em no more. God bless him