Bill O'Reilly on the Media Presuming Kavanaugh's Guilt

  • Published on Sep 20, 2018

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    Bill O'Reilly discusses how the media is assuming that Kavanaugh is guilty without proof and how that is dangerous for society. Watch Newsmax TV on DirecTV 349, Dish 216, U-verse 1220, FiOS 615, or more info:

  • Deplorable in Scotland
    Deplorable in Scotland 3 weeks ago

    The media know full well what they are doing. Trump was right. They are literally the enemy of the people

  • Jennifer Arigo
    Jennifer Arigo 3 weeks ago

    I miss Bill on Fox News.

  • xMrsmileyfacex
    xMrsmileyfacex 3 weeks ago

    The leftwing media is the weaponized arm of the Democrat party.

  • Marie Kazazian
    Marie Kazazian 3 weeks ago

    Bill, you should have your own NETWORK. So glad there exists a platform where we can see you.

  • savior02
    savior02 3 weeks ago


  • Princessa Lucia
    Princessa Lucia 3 weeks ago

    My son is 27 and single. Any woman can make false accusations against him and then what...

  • tamimerkaz
    tamimerkaz 3 weeks ago

    O'Reilly is absolutely right. The me-too concept of an accusing woman automatically believed, without due process, without trial, without evidence will backlash and backlash big time.

  • eslinc
    eslinc 3 weeks ago

    Bill O’Reilly fights the sea of leftist mayhem with reason and facts. Thanks!

  • joliettraveler
    joliettraveler 3 weeks ago

    Bill, well put.  You need more exposure.  Maybe you should advertise to get more viewership.  Your voice is sorely needed.

  • Luntau Sintan
    Luntau Sintan 3 weeks ago

    This woman Prof Christine Ford is a Liberal Leftist DEMonicRAT has had her name etched as a hot young gal Stormy Daneils type, a part time Stormy perhaps, she should NOT be teaching the Younger Generations.. Or WE would be ALL in Big Trouble.

  • jfitz0716
    jfitz0716 3 weeks ago

    I really hope you’re right Bill. I am in my 30s and cannot think about where the future of this country could be headed if the Democratic Party leads the way. I don’t think anyone realizes how fortunate we truly are to not have Hillary running this country.

  • duchess eagle
    duchess eagle 3 weeks ago

    this move from the democrats is so shameful that as a democrat or a long time democrat i have no choice to vote republican i do not want to be associated with this dirty democrat shameful party.....i have a son i have a father and i have a brother... I BELIEVE IN INNOCENT UNTIL PROVEN GUILTY ... NOT THE OTHER WAY AROUND ..... THESE PEOPLE ARE NOT ..... ARE NOT .... ON THE WOMEN SIDE... THESE DEMOCRATS ARE SHAMEFUL AND ARE AGAINST ALL WOMEN....

  • Hulahoney 70
    Hulahoney 70 3 weeks ago

    If Dr. Ford did not want it public, then why did she send her info to the Washington Post? Why did she pick her particular attorney? Let's be fair... 1) Innocent until proven guilty 2) Was a crime committed and is there evidence? 3) Statutes of limitations 4) This is NOT a Federal Crime 5) Why is protocol not being followed? The law allows both sides to be heard. Why does she continue to refuse to attend hearings?

  • Bryan Coyne
    Bryan Coyne 3 weeks ago

    Good to see your back Bill

  • joe quinlan
    joe quinlan 3 weeks ago

    Bill, telling it like it is, simply, and honestly. Thanks Bill and Newsmax.

  • Meteorologist Mike
    Meteorologist Mike 3 weeks ago (edited)

    Bill O Reilly and Kavanaugh are innocent!! Smeared with lies and methodically taken down!!! These are dangerous times and our country is literally balancing on the tip of a needle!

  • Jack Cameron
    Jack Cameron 3 weeks ago

    There is no rule of law in America anymore. This is the legacy of and thanks to Obama, Clinton and Gorge Soros.

  • JAY Montgomery
    JAY Montgomery 3 weeks ago

    Thanks Bill, your spot on!

  • poodle  dog
    poodle dog 3 weeks ago

    Lets pray he does get confirmed and nothing stands in the way I don't trust Chuck-E-Cheese and Diane the Fink

  • Larry DeBoer
    Larry DeBoer 3 weeks ago

    If this lady is a liar I wish Kavanaugh would hit her with a slander suit,make her so poor she’ll be living on the street dumpster diving for the rest of her life. I just have the feeling that Democrats are doing this in hopes they will have control of the House and Senate and then they can vote him out hard to believe she comes forward 37 years later just my opinion