How Exo Really Sound Live - An SM Conspiracy

  • Published on Apr 23, 2018
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    This will be a very difficult video for a lot of you, but I assure you, it's all true. Trust me I have a friend who's cousin's uncle's sister works at SM it's all REAL!! Anyway do enjoy this and remember not to take things seriously c: - - - - - - - - - My Patreon:

  • Prescilla Sabalbarino
    Prescilla Sabalbarino 2 months ago

    Another spreading bad news about EXO... I hope these people get hit with thunder...this isn't a joke at all, exols ride on to whoever make this video, I can say others can be easily fooled with whoever make this video....Satan really like a roaring lion who waiting to devour someone....people are getting worse...those who claim a loyal fans of EXO finally get manipulated by the maker of this video pretending to know all about EXO and SM....what stupid people easy to believe a slander and bad wondering is this....why in the world a narrow minded so called exols believed this u really think EXO's voice are like those animals? Geez will u use ur head or brain? Didn't occur to u that this video is a made up one? Are u a children that easily believed this stupid video? WOW! Didn't know ur this narrow minded believing a one video and never think that this is another fake video?

  • okay mari
    okay mari 2 months ago

    Kyungsoo is the vocalist of the generation

  • exosexo
    exosexo 2 months ago

    I want to pin all the comments of people that genuinely believe I actually think EXO make these sounds but sadly I can only pin one comment.

  • yoongihigh ;
    yoongihigh ; 2 months ago (edited)

    "let's see another video of chanyeol singing live" *loud bass* ah yes i have gotten used to this

  • ponyo
    ponyo 2 months ago

    wow.. i'm speechless and disgusted. I can't believe i let a corporation with capitalistic intentions manipulate me into thinking that their artists sing like that. Kyungsoo's natural voice is so beautiful and unique. It has a tone that no other artists hold and it's so upsetting that sm have been holding this back from us all.

  • jaehyuns milk
    jaehyuns milk 2 months ago

    i lost it at the hentai sound

  • apoorva
    apoorva 2 months ago

    rethinking my entire life,, what have u done

  • Chogiwa
    Chogiwa 2 months ago

    baekhyun's real voice is my new religon

  • Strong woMAN Do Kyungsoo
    Strong woMAN Do Kyungsoo 2 months ago

    Suhoe is my fave hentai

  • lovely mingi
    lovely mingi 2 months ago



    Chanyeols real voice murdered my ears

  • apoorva
    apoorva 2 months ago

    sm hire her challenge

  • AJTM_yeah
    AJTM_yeah 2 months ago (edited)

    Damn right. SM has been fooling us all this time. They do no justice to exo's vocals. Their vocals are otherworldly that ordinary humans cannot analyze their superior voices.

  • Auryn
    Auryn 2 months ago

    13:36 - 13:46 a bOP WHY DIDN'T THEY RELEASE IT?!

  • BTS Trash
    BTS Trash 2 months ago

    I love you so much, I ended up falling from the bed


    I think xiumins one is very accurate

  • billy baek cyrus is my exo bias
    billy baek cyrus is my exo bias 2 months ago

    Every new exo-l needs to see this video to be aware of the truth thank you for making it

  • Cowboy Tanaka
    Cowboy Tanaka 2 months ago

    omfg when 4:34 hit, i legit PEED MYSELF. idk why i wasnt expecting that even when u said hes legit bass 

  • Evangelist Villa
    Evangelist Villa 2 months ago

    But can we appreciate Suho’s heavenly high note in the Eve 5:26

  • ZoeyOV
    ZoeyOV 2 months ago

    My computer speakers broke