Underground Churches in China...Rare Video Clip (Subtitle @CC)

  • Published on May 15, 2016
  • NOTE : Some information of this video is given as "Subtitles". click "CC" button. After watching this video in You tube, it touched my heart. Just , i found that my spiritual life falls much lower " than these great Christian believers.These Christians worship in truth and spirit, even though they don't have Bible and also against of all odds. Seems , God's Love & Joy , overflowing all over the Chinese towns, villages, paddy fields , farms & Cities in a powerful way. Look at their glowing faces , how beautiful is that proves their great conviction. Please pray for the Freedom of worship & salvation of China. Thank you- God Bless You

  • Wong Li
    Wong Li 3 months ago

    Praise the lord Jesus Christ blessing China . I am Han Chinese Christian

  • Kaff231
    Kaff231 1 year ago

    Wow what a truly humbling video! This is what's church service is all about. This is what's missing in many American churches. It's not about health wealth and financial its about connection with God and finding ultimate JOY in his presents! Amen to that!!!

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 10 months ago

    America needs WHAT THEY HAVE!!!! Under so much persecution and self sacrifice of even their own lives to worship Jesus Christ. You can see the Holy Spirit with them all! What a blessing it is to see this raw authentic love of Our Father Yahweh!!!

  • Rubbain Saiman
    Rubbain Saiman 8 months ago

    Pray for china jesus save chinese people Amen

  • Chris Meyer
    Chris Meyer 10 months ago

    That is so beautiful! Glory to God! Thank You Jesus! ❤ God bless them, true believers in Christ ❤ oh my!

  • apryl aka kadance
    apryl aka kadance 9 months ago

    What a precious video..... "LORD! Why am I so happy so filled with joy? I have no money. I have no home no family. Surely this joy COMES FROM HEAVEN " BLESS GOD HALLELUJAH THANK YOU LORD JESUS.

  • BeNita
    BeNita 10 months ago

    We have to keep our brothers and sisters in china in prayer God Bless them all

  • Enlightened By Christ
    Enlightened By Christ 9 months ago

    Makes most churches in the United States look lukewarm... This is why I like Pentecostal chruches, and others who are not afraid to worship their almighty God.. And no it's not trying to get attention, it's praising God and his delivering power!!

  • lorettalynn Davis
    lorettalynn Davis 10 months ago

    Please Father add a double dose of the Holy Spirit to my Chinese brothers and Sister's worship, and make them strong and resilient to their adversaries who may come at them for whatever reason. Continue to protect them as you have already done Father, and give each and every one of them a glimpse of the hope and the exciting future that comes with being a true child of God! In your precious son's Jesus Christ name, protect them each and everyday. Amen.

  • Sandy Sandy
    Sandy Sandy 4 months ago

    If Evangelists could have committed an Inquisition in China, they would have. Equating Lord Jesus Christ with Catholism is ignorance at it's best.

  • Renee Young
    Renee Young 9 months ago (edited)

    Their singing is beautiful. Pure worship to God, not like the "worship" services in American churches. It's shameful how full of deception the churches here are. These are true Christians and I am so proud to be their sister in Christ. Praying for their safety. Come quickly, Lord Jesus.

  • Meliza Casipit
    Meliza Casipit 9 months ago

    This bring me in tears... I was reminded to never take for granted worshiping and hearing God's word with freedom here in my country. Will be interceding for them. Love from Philippines 

  • Barbi - Jesusdiedforyou
    Barbi - Jesusdiedforyou 10 months ago

    AWESOME!! Now that is TRUE worship !! We are so spoiled in the USA.. how wonderful the sweet praise of these people have Gods ear!! God bless these people of China. I pray for all my dear brothers & sisters in Christ all over the world ... ✝️

  • Michelle
    Michelle 7 months ago

    Anyone else get chills from watching?? How great is our God this is truly BEAUTIFUL!

  • Deborah Swart
    Deborah Swart 9 months ago

    Wonderful to witness the power of Jesus.

  • Thomas Newcomb
    Thomas Newcomb 9 months ago

    This is powerful and inditing to all who watch. We are so spoiled here in the U.S. Some people do not think it is biblical to have a house church like I have, yet the Bible speaks of Christians serving God and breaking bread from house to house and many authentic signs and wonders being done by God's people in these gatherings. Religion stinks to the core. True Christianity, or what the Bible calls pure religion and undefiled before God is actually describing what amounts to a true personal relationship with God that causes you to repent of your sins and be compassionate towards the needs of the less fortunate. Those who are running money-hungry businesses at the expense of the poor and needy and calling them churches will have to give an account to a Holy God who knows the hearts of everyone. We must all learn from the example shown in this video and preach the true gospel of the kingdom of God that leads to holiness and righteousness, not fame and fortune. Be blessed!

  • Kyllian Millard
    Kyllian Millard 6 months ago

    Dear Brothers and Sisters from China, your devotion and commitment to God is absolutely touching. Despite persecution and authorities cracking down on you, you keep praising and worshiping the Lord with such a fervor and joy ! I am ashamed that here in France we are not as devoted to God as you are ! However we're not as persecuted as you, we don't need to gather in the underground and we have freedom to talk about Jesus ; BUT WE ARE SPIRITUALLY ASLEEP ! We need to take a lesson from you ! The Lord will bless you beyond everything you can ever imagine !

  • Trel Brown
    Trel Brown 1 year ago

    Please, let us stop comparing ourselves with one another. We are all one in Christ Jesus. Yes, the Church in China has much passion for the Lord and his righteousness and we rejoice with them. We are inspired and encouraged. All in Christ Jesus have the same capacity to see such moves of God's Spirit upon His people. We in America are able to pray and seek God with the same intensity as our brothers and sisters in China. We must be will to set EVERYTHING aside for the zeal of the Lord and seek His face. And yes, there are many churches and pastors, preachers and teachers in America that seek the Lord which such intensity. If you do not see this type of passion in the area where you live then join me in seeking God's face with all your heart, soul, mind and strength. " But you, when you pray, go into your room, and when you have shut your door, pray to your Father who is in the secret place; and your Father who sees in secret will reward you openly" (Matthew 6:6). Remember brothers and sisters the church is not a building nor is it a place. As the body of Christ, we are the Church. and we are all one in Christ Jesus.

  • Tito Diaz
    Tito Diaz 10 months ago

    These people have more faith than anyone I know.

  • K D'ija King
    K D'ija King 10 months ago

    My spirit wants to join them very bad. Lord Jesus have mercy on my soul . My God!