Underground Churches in China...Rare Video Clip (Subtitle @CC)

  • Published on May 15, 2016
  • NOTE : Some information of this video is given as "Subtitles". click "CC" button. After watching this video in You tube, it touched my heart. Just , i found that my spiritual life falls much lower " than these great Christian believers.These Christians worship in truth and spirit, even though they don't have Bible and also against of all odds. Seems , God's Love & Joy , overflowing all over the Chinese towns, villages, paddy fields , farms & Cities in a powerful way. Look at their glowing faces , how beautiful is that proves their great conviction. Please pray for the Freedom of worship & salvation of China. Thank you- God Bless You

  • Maddy G.
    Maddy G. 3 months ago (edited)

    Beautiful! Praise our Heavenly Father for waking many of us and showing us that He's real. It's not too late to accept Yahushua (the Messiah) as our Savior for no one can go to the Father if not through His Son whom shed His innocent blood for us, to give us a chance at salvation, at everlasting life :) Thank you for sharing!

  • Kaff231
    Kaff231 1 year ago

    Wow what a truly humbling video! This is what's church service is all about. This is what's missing in many American churches. It's not about health wealth and financial its about connection with God and finding ultimate JOY in his presents! Amen to that!!!

  • Rubbain Saiman
    Rubbain Saiman 10 months ago

    Pray for china jesus save chinese people Amen

  • Meyriana King
    Meyriana King 3 months ago

    They are my Christ Family. I love them as well as Christ loves them.

  • Steve Baer
    Steve Baer 1 month ago

    Praise the Lord for his grace and mercy on the Cross. These are my beloved brothers and sisters in Christ Jesus. It is motivating to me to see them, they are worshipping the Lord in unity. God knows what is in the heart of man if it's good or evil. I pray for my Chinese Christian family members in the Lord and Savior Jesus Christ. I seen similar videos but I never get tired of watching them. I don't know the language but I do know the meaning of worshipping with them? American Christians are praying for them, the Roman empire tried to stop Christianity but couldn't. Now the Chinese Communist tried to do the same thing and yet they can't do it as well.

  • Michelle
    Michelle 9 months ago

    Anyone else get chills from watching?? How great is our God this is truly BEAUTIFUL!

  • Danielle Smith
    Danielle Smith 1 year ago

    America needs WHAT THEY HAVE!!!! Under so much persecution and self sacrifice of even their own lives to worship Jesus Christ. You can see the Holy Spirit with them all! What a blessing it is to see this raw authentic love of Our Father Yahweh!!!

  • Joe Mitri
    Joe Mitri 4 months ago (edited)

    That's pure clean Christianity in action. My heart broke when I watched this video, but I loved every bit of it. Look how they're rejoicing, their zeal is soooooo beautiful, we can never imagine that in our comfortable life ! May Jesus bless them and give us some of the old love that we had when we knew him !

  • Nathan Hendricks
    Nathan Hendricks 3 months ago

    My Christian Chinese friends, I will pray for you. Im sooo touched.

  • John Berning
    John Berning 9 months ago

    I wept at seeing these precious people singing praises to our God. They have nothing but yet have everything.

  • Maryline Lai
    Maryline Lai 3 months ago

    I watched JESUS in CHINA documentary ! Wow, it's all about Jesus, despite the constant persecutions, imprisonment, torture, hardships, the children of God are more passionately in love with CHRIST ! That's so touching . .

  • Your songs ❤
    Your songs ❤ 9 months ago

    Some say China has 30 % Christians. China has 1.5 billion people. 30% of that is a huge number. Thank you Jesus for guiding us to Peace. Wish you Merry Xmas.

  • Doug Stern
    Doug Stern 6 months ago

    The government in China is Atheist and feel very threatened by Christians,  and that is why there's no Sunday schools for kids.  It is illegal to teach children the gospel in China.  I brought Bibles into China and they were so grateful.

  • Kyllian Millard
    Kyllian Millard 8 months ago

    Dear Brothers and Sisters from China, your devotion and commitment to God is absolutely touching. Despite persecution and authorities cracking down on you, you keep praising and worshiping the Lord with such a fervor and joy ! I am ashamed that here in France we are not as devoted to God as you are ! However we're not as persecuted as you, we don't need to gather in the underground and we have freedom to talk about Jesus ; BUT WE ARE SPIRITUALLY ASLEEP ! We need to take a lesson from you ! The Lord will bless you beyond everything you can ever imagine !

  • Wong Li
    Wong Li 5 months ago

    Praise the lord Jesus Christ blessing China . I am Han Chinese Christian

  • Victor Larson
    Victor Larson 4 months ago (edited)

    O God save me.. I couldn't stop crying after watching this. I've lived in Jakarta, Indonesia for over 7 years as a tentmaker missionary and I've never seen anything like this. In Jakarta 99% of Christians live in fear of Muslims. Thank God for one house church I found a few years ago, The Ark, they are sincere.

  • Fatma Angel
    Fatma Angel 9 months ago

    God is surely alive living in us

  • Anni Miller
    Anni Miller 9 months ago (edited)

    Underground churches are not underground, the term simply means unregistered churches. There are many Christian churches in China, especially the cities. It takes alot to have them officially registered by the government so ppl simply meet to worship together without government papers. That's an underground church. Christianity is not some secret in China, as ppl make it seem. The passion these ppl have comes from their culture and their past religions rooted in budism. I have worshipped with Chinese ppl in China and they are absolutely penitent and show obedience. I admire them and when I returned to my home in the West, was saddened by how my church members dragged themselves to church and just sat there until it was time to go. 

  • pher8487
    pher8487 10 months ago

    We come to church and sit on our comfortable chair with air conditioning and complain that a hour sermon is too long and than we think we are going to heaven while people are risking their lives to serve the Lord. We are not worthy

  • Nivi creations
    Nivi creations 2 years ago

    god actually they are praying for u with love and sincererity. here them bless them. god bless them all