'We're trying to show solidarity' – former Sex Pistol on Korean demilitarized zone festival (GU)

  • Published on Jul 21, 2018
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    Original Sex Pistol Glen Matlock tells RT's Going Underground about the trade union roots that inspired his music & playing for peace in the Korean Demilitarized Zone. Check out

  • TheSovietComrade
    TheSovietComrade 3 weeks ago

    No need to put solidarity on DMZ. Korean War is over and both Koreas are trying to make friends with each other instead of fighting for 68 years.

  • IronicallyVague
    IronicallyVague 3 weeks ago

    Should have smashed some furniture after the interview Glen.

  • Time  Keeper
    Time Keeper 3 weeks ago (edited)

    RT sure scraps the bottom of the barrel for guest ? They must have a old communist hippie boss lol

    UK MEDIA 3 weeks ago

    a brit trying to sing like a yank = fail.

  • Katrina S
    Katrina S 4 weeks ago

    Glen is such a lovely guy and stand up.

  • TheAxisOne
    TheAxisOne 3 weeks ago

    So he's an anarchistic and communistic POS...colour me surprised

    UK MEDIA 3 weeks ago

    a brit trying to sing like a yank = fail.

  • JR Christlove
    JR Christlove 3 weeks ago

    Ungodly music is evil. Praise the Lord!

  • mrzazzaable
    mrzazzaable 3 weeks ago

    This guy looks great from the side but not front on lol

  • TubeTheWorld
    TubeTheWorld 3 weeks ago (edited)

    A slurring and clearly alcoholic overrated musician. Surprise surprise he’s a Corbynite. Made a fortune from capitalism but hates capitalism. Go figure.

  • TXeNEbTnD
    TXeNEbTnD 3 weeks ago

    FBI NSA and CIA are cowards they always use people who don't what they saying or doing on behalf of these cowards. How you use innocent kids to shout DOJ? Only takes hours sometimes even minutes. Why not use one of your own or people who knows?

  • Adam Green
    Adam Green 3 weeks ago

    cat chases laser pointer ... 10M views and 1M likes insight into politics ... 4,000 views ... 80 likes the formula for an oppressed working class

  • nunchaku101
    nunchaku101 3 weeks ago

    Take out freemasons and destroy freemasonry..........

  • HadesXY
    HadesXY 3 weeks ago

    I like a man with principles. And nice song

  • Darkstar
    Darkstar 3 weeks ago (edited)

    North Korea- Simply a sad statement of the USSR's legacy. Imagine if those Koreans weren't compelled to attack the free South Koreans and start a war? By now the Koreans would be unified and all of them would be living under the prosperity that the South enjoys. Instead they live under a cult-like hermit kingdom and endure Stalinist privations. Never trust any country that has to hang up 30 foot tall posters of the leaders portrait on every street corner. That's rule number 1.

  • 2nguyen2
    2nguyen2 3 weeks ago

    Merkel is trying to destroy Germany and she's going to succeed.

  • Dj Peyna2frizzzaHH66
    Dj Peyna2frizzzaHH66 3 weeks ago

    what???? cuidau hpss que les van caer los rayos con las eres encima ...y cuando sus espiritus se levanten en el ultimo suspiro ...les vamos a poner las cosas mas claras que el agua ...para q se den cuenta donde estaban mh mh que? what? hummmm respondeme macho con tus 40 cerebros ya mismo ... que te estoy dando una ultima oportunidad para q expliques tus moviditass con tus moneditas tus prendas ...jaja tioss esas prendas con esos jacuzzi y esas navesss para ir a donde?? cuidado con esos agujeros y esos desconocidosss...que para mh el king no ay tiempo ... de retrasooo ... esto se acelera ya mismo hacia atras les quitamos la pintura de encima..y vemos como continuamos pero yaa mismo... okeyy borregos papi ademas de ya estar con la comodidad de comfort...se dan el lujito de acerse a los burros...esos perezososss

  • Uncertain boy
    Uncertain boy 3 weeks ago

    This guy looks like Cardi B

  • ones twos
    ones twos 3 weeks ago (edited)

    If you read "Weird Scenes Inside the Canyon" by David McGowan, you'll understand that almost ALL popular musicians have spy agency connections. This goes for the British spy agencies as well. Indeed, British spies created the CIA for the bankers. There is a british author who also exposes the British situation named Mark Devlin. You can watch video interviews with both of these guys. A good channel is thkelly67 and I think Logos Media (formerly Gnostic Media) also interviewed one or both of them. You'll learn that these traitors against the American and British people have been destroying the West for decades.