Instalok - Aatrox ( Maroon 5 - Girls Like You PARODY )

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Lyrics: [verse1] So they ignored Aatrox, now his sword's looking brand new /swingin like new 'cause he was weak then now he's sleek and weak too finally saw daylight then got changed right after that [pre-chorus] got a low win rate high percent pick rate Let's play it, go [chorus] 'cause I still lose. win lane and can't carry my teamates I mash my Q Just trying to get to you yeah, yeah I still lose when my laner played like food/ I left lane 7/0/2 I'll team fight and mash my Q Just trying to get to you yeah, yeah [verse2] I spent the last fight got my ashe kite ooh I miss the day they were dying to my rageblade ooh he had the spotlight then git changed right after that [bridge] Maybe one day he will shine Maybe he's not mean to dive Maybe he splits while everyone team fights Maybe his Q isn't clunky Maybe this reworks not done At least now we can control when he revives

    Instrumental by Tony:

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  • Instalok
    Instalok 2 months ago

    Hey everyone! So they finally reworked Aatrox and now that he's been out for a little what do you think of him? Some people say he's good some people say he's bad. We're curious to know. Thanks for watching everyone and we'll see you next video!

  • A13
    A13 2 months ago (edited)

    Hey i actually listened today to the song "Till i collapse" by Eminem and imagined you would make a music parody to it, like "Till i forfeit/surrender" with the ~surrender at 20~ theme or something another Would be totally amazing, i think the song got much parody potential :3

  • Whitestell
    Whitestell 2 months ago

    >Pop Song >Aatrox You get it so wrong

  • Tony Kazoku
    Tony Kazoku 2 months ago

    I'll be honest, I didn't like this one I was expecting something matching Aatrox's new lore, appearance etc... And I just got some kind of joke song, mocking him instead of doing something like Irelia's rework song (Blades) and doing a catchy, cool song about what he can do... I'm very disappointed by that one. Also he's not weak, people just don't know how to play him. I LOVE the new Aatrox and he surely will become one of my mains.

  • hitman gamer 47
    hitman gamer 47 2 months ago

    Maybe a caytlyn vs jinh rap battle would be better :)

  • vesipi4a ``
    vesipi4a `` 2 months ago (edited)

    AARTOX WAS NEVER WEAK, HE WAS ALWAYS A BEAST BUT NOBODY PLAYED HIM! (expect me i had him on level 7 saw the update with leveling and aatrox rework and left league forever)

  • Flamin'FTW
    Flamin'FTW 2 months ago

    The previous Aatrox was way better

  • BrutalBjörn
    BrutalBjörn 2 months ago (edited)

    so sad that youre continually losing patrons, but i also kind of can relate to them (im also one) unfortunately its a never ending down spiral of you not being able to releasing content and patrons not finding it worth to spend on that :/ edit: maybe im also a lil bit overexaggerating, but it seems like im noticing a drop in video quality (totally understandable though) e.g. the visual clips or the creativity with the subtitles

  • i am atrix
    i am atrix 2 months ago (edited)

    Man, I expected this to be catchy and fun like your songs usually are, but instead it's just another video shittalking the rework because people can't play him right. A bit disappointed, tbh.

  • TeilzeitKevin
    TeilzeitKevin 2 months ago

    you did so many things wrong with this song in my opinion. first: the genre. it should be more fitting for the champions personality and not on how people cant play him rn. second: another video flaming about his rework. im getting sick of it and so on. please make another one about him as a champion in the future, not as a disappointment

  • randomguy26
    randomguy26 2 months ago

    I mean it's alright and i certainly cant do better but its still not like the golden days of "AD carry maokai"

  • Måns Östrand
    Måns Östrand 2 months ago

    How do you even Come up with all these lyrics?

  • Anthony Hadiwijono
    Anthony Hadiwijono 2 months ago

    Nah Aatrox is hard carry

    MASTER YI 2 months ago

    boom now he is the best toplaner lul

  • Dimitris Kalergis
    Dimitris Kalergis 2 months ago

    A forgettable Maroon 5 song for an Aatrox video ?? Appropriate !!

  • Lauk D0wn
    Lauk D0wn 2 months ago

    Im a simple man, I see Aatrox and i flex my lvl7 and 300k mastery pionts

  • Janus Madsen
    Janus Madsen 2 months ago

    nice song guys. Keep the good work up love ya!

  • Zed Trick
    Zed Trick 2 months ago (edited)

    I like aatrox, but this new one makes me lose lp ;-;