#LionelNationImmersive Live Stream: We Will Emerge Victorious and Stronger Than Ever

  • Streamed live on Oct 11, 2018
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    This I know.

  • Terry Moore
    Terry Moore 5 days ago

    Have you all missed the Trump rally's...? 20,30,40 thousands showing up standing in line for 24 hours...no folks, the country is awake..while the two biggest criminals and murderers are on tour in America... Unbelievable ! Clinton's must be arrested.

  • Ted Conrad
    Ted Conrad 5 days ago

    Lionel ~ we used to think you knew ~ LATELY we wonder ~ the other TEAM needs to be put to death ~ we do not think you GET IT ? What happened to you ? At one point you seemed to understand ~ what happened ? HRC & co needs to be executed by military tribunal ASAP ~ hopefully before mid terms along with all her TREASOUNOUS buds ~ Hang a few ~ word will spread ~ you make it sound ~ as though a little TREASON is ok ? There is a reason traitors receive the punishment they do ~ it is a tad harsh ~ but worth it in the end ~ Ask Benedict Arnold (get my point)

  • Vova Chammonet
    Vova Chammonet 5 days ago

    Lionel u r wrong - DOD has a dedicated shop just preparing the tribunals - KAV will be dividing rod as to who has committed sedition as per the Law of Armed Conflict ---- Tribunals are very real and HRC will be tried

  • ImperialistControlFreak
    ImperialistControlFreak 5 days ago

    Happy to be one of your youngest anons. I’ve been sharing your videos with some of my Gen Z peers. Much love from Los Angeles, CA.

  • Greg Miller
    Greg Miller 5 days ago

    There has to be consequences for all the corruption or future democrats will think no punishment will happen

  • Daisy Cocoa
    Daisy Cocoa 5 days ago (edited)

    Trump is forced to leave it up to the people to vote. Nothing will happen until the people have their say. Vote, Vote, Vote. Its the only way

  • Nancy Nelson
    Nancy Nelson 5 days ago

    You're a meanie today. You don't know the half of what's going on. None of us do. Accept it and be nice. Bye.

  • billville111
    billville111 5 days ago

    Would Lionel appreciate some hack journalist commentary on an extremely complicated case he was working on? Stop playing checkers Lionel. You are out of your league on this one. Love you brother but stop it

  • Red/White/Blue/Navy Veteran/Christian
    Red/White/Blue/Navy Veteran/Christian 5 days ago

    Lionel!! You are a total Leftist Hack!!! You are a never Trumpet who now tries to act like a Trump supporter.... You are wrong 99% of the time!!!!

  • Candace Schuh
    Candace Schuh 5 days ago (edited)

    the shallow brook babbles the loudest,

  • Claire Casey
    Claire Casey 5 days ago

    Making fun of kanye, he is awake and they are still in a deepstate sleep

  • Whistler Wind
    Whistler Wind 5 days ago

    Rosenstein has to resign so that his replacement is not temporary.

  • Kevin O
    Kevin O 5 days ago

    This is a retransformation, a counter revolution against perhaps 70 plus years of decimation. So, I beg to differ. The majority of We The People will support military tribunals. We are also the majority vote. Harsh, but needed to save the Republic

  • S. Labouisse
    S. Labouisse 5 days ago (edited)

    Lionel, stop being so almighty sure of yourself with your , "NO ! NO !"s and your "Listen to me""s. It's not everyone who likes to be lectured to as if they were delinquent teenagers. It may be that facing 'Killary' Clinton with a military tribunal would be "politically insane", that the "optics" would be bad, etc., etc., but that's only because most people have 'insane over respect' for the office of the presidency and for the function of 'first ladies' and former secretaries of state. 'Killary' Clinton deserves to go to prison, or worse, for the rest of her life. Military tribunals are only spoken of because she could probably never be convicted in a civilian court, and because those who do so despise her so much and wish to see her dispatched to an island, or worse, by the very sternest authority on earth. Me, I'm sentencing her to years just for the support she has given to the Sandy Hook 'school shooting' lies which you yourself have been so reluctant to address. Go figure what the totality of her various crimes could get her. We might be talking an eternity...somewhere.

  • big hoss
    big hoss 5 days ago

    Evening Lionel and Mrs.L, from Scotland UK.

  • Ada Johnson
    Ada Johnson 5 days ago

    My husband is 87 I am 70 " If you want the people to pay att. They haft to be shocked i mean this Lionel " Shock were their minds can't skim over it

  • James clark
    James clark 5 days ago

    Nunes does his live interviews from an AGRICULTURAL MUSEUM in CALIFONRNIA .BECAUSE Nunes is FROM a Farming family and his district IS the San Juaqin valley. Unlike DOUCHE BAGS like Jon Testor from Montana, NUNES actually still LIVES in his district!

  • Russell Sutton
    Russell Sutton 5 days ago

    Everyone from Obama's time have be secretly pardoned. Thats why nothing makes sence. Trump is going to use the fisa stuff to help when mid terms. They want trump to go after them for the optics. Better to shine the light and let them melt.

  • Richard Maier
    Richard Maier 5 days ago

    the thought of a Pelosi as speaker again makes me sick.Cannot lose the house.

  • Gregory Alan Elliott
    Gregory Alan Elliott 5 days ago

    ...always a-warring and a-tugging, one agin t'other. Now watch 'em! Old brother left hand, left hand he's a fighting, and it looks like love's a goner. But wait a minute! Hot dog, love's a winning!... ( Night of the Hunter )