• Published on Jun 19, 2018
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    Thanks for watching! Make sure to LIKE, COMMENT, & SUBSCRIBE! SKULL TROOPER IS COMING BACK! From what we know it's almost certain we will get the skull trooper skin, along with ghoul trooper, merry maurder, etc. NEXT HOLIDAY SEASON! Along with NEW Holiday skins! It's time somebody catches onto this games algorithm and understand the concepts that parallel the world we live in today. Money is everything and man oh man, skull trooper IS where the moneys at. Gameplay by: 4DRSTORM *NEW* How To Unlock ANY Old Fortnite Skin! - Skull Trooper, Merry Marauder, etc. -

  • Muzzy
    Muzzy 3 months ago

    your voice pisses me off xd

  • HZVlhvX HD
    HZVlhvX HD 3 months ago

    Tell me y this kid sounds solo much like xxx tantasion

  • DukeOfPuke
    DukeOfPuke 2 months ago

    There was no season 1 battle pass

  • Ninetieboar5
    Ninetieboar5 2 months ago

    Do u know the solution to wanting an OG skin such as skull trooper or renegade raider? just let it go, there nothing u can do to bring it back, u all only like it because it rare, imagine if skull trooper or renegade raider was a new skin that only came in June 2018 who tf would buy it? Skull trooper is literally an outfit with skeleton painting and renegade raider is literally a girl with a helmet take this as advice coming from a player who played since the very day fortnite released. Pick skins u actually like and make it be the next skull trooper. At this point it doesn't matter if a skin is rare pick a skin u actually like because I'm so tired of people wanting skull trooper even though if they got it they would get tired of it, so please understand its about wat u want not rarity, that y gingerbread man my first ever skin and the only one I use, I'm the true gingerbread man I'm not tired of it and never will be.

  • lit Ninja 777
    lit Ninja 777 2 months ago

    Guys it's coming back In halleweon

  • allee
    allee 3 months ago

    Miss your old content :) unsubscribed

  • Those Gamers
    Those Gamers 2 months ago

    It’s never coming back don’t be retarded and if the slight possibly it does the smart people won’t buy it because it will be the new default skin because everyone would buy it. I played back when fortnite just came out and I didn’t have the money to buy it if I could go back in time then I would buy it comes back out I would never buy it since it would take the hype away ... PS. Skull Trooper = Over Hyped

  • WrathfulSee
    WrathfulSee 3 months ago

    I saw the skull trooper in the store but I wasn’t into the game yet and didn’t want to wast my money and now I feel like I need it so much I just got $25 so I’m saving my v-bucks to get it and I’m so tempted to use them now.

  • PersonYouNeverKnow
    PersonYouNeverKnow 2 months ago

    Renegade raider will never come back, it was a s1 exclusive that you had to level up to be able to buy

  • YFG T O x I c
    YFG T O x I c 3 months ago (edited)

    I played this game when it came out and I regret my life I was too poor to get skull trooper I still play today add me toxic_fire70 psn name

  • Melando
    Melando 3 months ago

    Came here to dislike

  • some funny commenter
    some funny commenter 3 months ago

    You kinda sound like X

  • Archie Macmillan
    Archie Macmillan 2 months ago

    Man, Puberty hit you like a truck

  • Buccaneers _FTW
    Buccaneers _FTW 2 months ago

    Oh my god your voice is god damn terrible. Use a voice changer like damn your voice is raspy. You sound like the women who has been smoking for 10 years

  • Soulja
    Soulja 3 months ago


  • Skull Trooper
    Skull Trooper 2 months ago

    im happy they didnt bring me back im still rare

  • Gloria Baltazar
    Gloria Baltazar 2 months ago (edited)

    Hey genuis its friday the 13 theres skins but not skull trooper

  • Spirit Eagl3
    Spirit Eagl3 3 months ago

    This is one of the dumbest things ever, do people even know what will happen. They are blinded by the rarity of these skins. The point is, will these be rare when they “come out again” no, they will be more common than default and it will ruin the game. If it does come out though, well I’m deleting forthcoming on the spot, but before that I’m going to enjoy my final days getting whacked by everyone because I’m a ghoul trooper

  • FloppY
    FloppY 3 months ago (edited)

    Epic games is gonna make so Many players that had them already mad if they bring the haloween skins back