I Am Rapaport Stereo Podcast Episode 359 - CHARLAMAGNE THA GOD (HOST OF THE BREAKFAST CLUB)

  • Published on Dec 15, 2017
  • It's a tremendous honor to have Charlamagne Tha God (3:36) aka Professional Game Spitter, Heavy Hitter Shit Talker & Host of The Breakfast Club (Syndicated Radio & REVOLT TV) with Michael Rapaport on the I AM RAPAPORT: STEREO PODCAST to discuss: Hardest interviews & how he interviews (4:10), Interviewing Birdman aka "Put Some Respekk On My Name" (9:07), interviewing Kanye West (12:07), Eminem's Music (17:20) his wildest interviews & blowback (19:48), interviewing Hillary Clinton (25:26), his wackiest interviews (31:54), Hip hop palette (34:43, a meeting with Tomi Lauren (41:32), The White House (52:12), predicting Cardi B's rise to fame (56:45), having it out with co-worker DJ Envy (59:28), The Change for Change Project & Colin Kaepernick (1:01:17), his Top 5 MCs (1:05:27), his Future Aspirations (1:10:29) & a whole lotta mo'!

  • T.M. Dubb
    T.M. Dubb 10 months ago

    Two of my favorite people to listen to in the same room!!!!!!! That's love

  • MsOMG
    MsOMG 10 months ago

    What I love about Michael Rapaport and Charlemagne together is that their conversation flows so naturally that it doesn't feel like an interview. There's no awkward momemts, dead air space or boring answers. They're both refreshingly honest as well so you know you're getting real thoughts and feelings. This episode was so good, in my opinion, that time flew by while listening to it. I was surprised that so much time had gone by and it was over.

  • Marvin the Martian
    Marvin the Martian 10 months ago

    Before even watching I know this is going to be gold

  • Thurston Howell lll
    Thurston Howell lll 10 months ago

    Michael Rapaport is so honest

  • MsOMG
    MsOMG 10 months ago (edited)

    I watched the Jake Paul interview just out of curiosity and it was terrible. I can't say I like Jake Paul or understand his popularity and that interview on the Breakfast Club did nothing to change my mind. However, if Charlemagne had done proper research and watched Jake's videos, read stories on him and listened to others who actually know about him, it would have been a way better interview. Jake Paul provides so much content for someone like Charlemagne that it's a disappointment that he missed that opportunity to show Jake for who he really is and get some honesty about Jake out there. In the words of Joe Budden, that interview was trash.

  • Richard Epps, Jr.
    Richard Epps, Jr. 10 months ago

    Great podcast with Charlamagne The God. Insightful. Far reaching and informative. Thanks Rap.

  • Mobstyle Calvin
    Mobstyle Calvin 10 months ago

    Dam this is powerful combination

  • skiproma2
    skiproma2 10 months ago

    Damn... This was no where near long enough! Imma need an extra hour next time! Sooooooooo good!!

  • bobo johnny
    bobo johnny 8 months ago

    I just subscribe..... showing LOVE from the Bahamas. 

  • RoomFour3Seven
    RoomFour3Seven 9 months ago

    Rapaport needs to get with the times and have his podcasts videotaped.

  • skiproma2
    skiproma2 10 months ago

    Charla sent you a new sub 

  • godofthisshit
    godofthisshit 10 months ago

    Why NY get all the blame for being anti south when everywhere but hometown southern markets didn't want to listen to southern rap(not music)? Charlamagne said he remember when nobody showed up to Jeezy and that was in South Carolina.

  • OhighO Lebeau
    OhighO Lebeau 10 months ago

    Naw Kanye ain't rap Rushmore

  • Jerry Lewis
    Jerry Lewis 10 months ago

    super dope interview. CTG is 

  • F Pon
    F Pon 1 month ago

    Simply organic, that's what I love. No fakeness

  • Wyatt Russell
    Wyatt Russell 7 months ago

    Racism is the only thing that you're Fantastic Four, because that's how he gets his rocks off and he's orange Is better then anything Lenord has ever written and in the comic books, the thing is orange. He's just a shiny troll.

  • Scott S
    Scott S 7 months ago

    Good interview. Dude charlamge is sharp