Funny And Lucky Moments - Hearthstone - Ep. 382

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018


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  • Trolden
    Trolden 1 week ago

    Thanks for watching! Follow me here: Twitter: Facebook: VK:

  • Maier Alexandru
    Maier Alexandru 1 week ago

    Whenever ThijsNL says " I have a plaaan", you know something is coming xD .

  • MaiTeN
    MaiTeN 1 week ago

    8:56 he could have used the buff on 0 7 instead of 0 3 and win ...

  • IMLR.
    IMLR. 1 week ago

    8:59 Lethal if opponent put King on the Wurm

  • xTheParanormalHD
    xTheParanormalHD 1 week ago

    DAMN SON the last clip was amazing. Just the fact that he was able to make him draw up to 10 cards + putting his minion which replaces another minion when it dies is soo unbelivable :D nice episode Trolden !

  • Qrainex Aranoxia
    Qrainex Aranoxia 1 week ago

    no you face jaraxxus song? i'm disappointed

  • andrejoss475
    andrejoss475 1 week ago

    8:26 it's funny because both of them missplayed so much that they could have thrown the game (well one of them did) -he used the spell to give enemy minions -2 attack only 4 times even though he could have used it 5 times (he still had 2 mana left that he didn't use for no reason at all) so the enemy minions were -8 attack meaning that the 7/7 was actually -1/7 but hearthstone translated that to 0/7 -the paladin could have won if he used blessing of kings on the former 7/7 and it would become a 3/7 giving him enough damage with his weapon to win, BUT he wouldn't have that chance if the guy used that spell for the -2 attack FIVE times because then even with Blessing of kings the former 7/7 would only be 1/7 and he STILL wouldn't have the 4 damage needed to kill him so basically both of them missplayed terribly and neither one of them deserved to win that lol

  • Gherrapowa
    Gherrapowa 1 week ago

    lol gianandrea xd

  • Gabriele Rubini
    Gabriele Rubini 1 week ago

    Came for Giananyeah. Not disappointed.

  • Evan Wolfla
    Evan Wolfla 1 week ago (edited)

    8:30 2 misplays here. Kelundar shouldve played the Curse 5 times. The effect stacks through buffs, so effectively the MC tech was at -5 attack but only showed 0, but he wasnt punished because the opponent played it on the MC tech instead of wurm. If he had played it on the wurm, it wouldve been lethal. 7-8+4=3 attack plus 2 from weapon. Though i guess if you've never seen that interaction it could be confusing.

  • Gustavo Ar
    Gustavo Ar 1 week ago

    Soneca: "Gostoso né"

  • Alex 111
    Alex 111 1 week ago

    3:00 should have played healing rain (why not)

  • Zant
    Zant 1 week ago

    Classic Thijs

  • Havndrup
    Havndrup 1 week ago

    Never knew sapping a minion triggers it's Deathrattle

  • sonecarox
    sonecarox 1 week ago

    SoneHa.. ó nóis ai jogando mediocremente

  • Albert Fish
    Albert Fish 1 week ago

    Welcome to Hearthstone where the winner is the one who misplays a little bit less

  • matheus augusto
    matheus augusto 1 week ago

    Olha o Soneca representando os BR porra!

  • Moroeserino Kripperino
    Moroeserino Kripperino 1 week ago

    What is wrong with purple and his hair ?

  • Julien Herr
    Julien Herr 1 week ago

    9:05 if he had buffed the wyrm he would have had lethal