Prime Time With Ravish Kumar | French Website's Fresh Revelations on Rafale Deal

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018

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    On Prime Time a review of the latest on the Rafale controversy. While the French website Mediapart in a fresh article has said that it has documents that prove that the deal with Anil Ambani's company was mandatory for French company Dassault to get the Rafale deal. Dassault however in its statement has said that it was under 'no pressure' to make Reliance Defence as an offset partner in the Rafale deal. (Audio in Hindi) NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and abroad. NDTV delivers reliable information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile. Subscribe for more videos:

  • amrit bansal
    amrit bansal 3 days ago

    chowkidaar hi chor hai bhaiyo aur behno

  • Yami Nido Yami Nido
    Yami Nido Yami Nido 3 days ago

    Everything is written clearly on the wall that Mr Modi has favoured anil ambani and co. Under the garb of development, Mr Modi is promoting corruption.

  • Priya Prayog
    Priya Prayog 3 days ago

    BJP doesn't suits our country & people, their only intention is to make corruption in official legal way, unfortunately they are not successful & people are not deaf & blind.

  • NABEEL Nabeel Dzr
    NABEEL Nabeel Dzr 3 days ago

    Gali gali me shore hey choukidar chore hai Faku Modi thief

  • divine truth
    divine truth 3 days ago

    Sambit sorry Gobar Patra see bada wafadaar kutta BJP ko nahi milega. Jhootha Patra

  • Krishna kumar
    Krishna kumar 3 days ago

    Ab bhakt bolenge , ye reporter deshdrohi hai

  • dillip swain
    dillip swain 3 days ago

    Abhi bimari patra Pagal ho gaye. Kuchh medicine ley lo bimari ji

  • Raghavendra Bhadoria
    Raghavendra Bhadoria 3 days ago

    Gali gali mai shor hai BJP chor hai...last time vote diya baar na doonga aur na family ke kisi member ko dene doonga..

  • vaibhav ojha
    vaibhav ojha 3 days ago

    Pimp of corporates

  • Zuber Sayed
    Zuber Sayed 2 days ago

    Chawkidaar nai PM bhagidaar hai

  • varsha Diwan
    varsha Diwan 3 days ago

    Itne saboot milne k baad bhi amish devgan jaise reporter bjp ko question karne k bajay unka bachav karte hai debet show me

  • Anik Sarma
    Anik Sarma 2 days ago

    Sach chopanasa nahi chopti bhakto

  • ankit tuli
    ankit tuli 3 days ago

    Great work Ravish sir continue.

  • gulzar ahmad
    gulzar ahmad 2 days ago

    2014 mukesh ambani 20 billion usd and in 2018 41 billion usd !!!!!! modi pyada hai asli desh ko ambani he chala ra

  • Zakir Hussain mashaallah bohut khub .
    Zakir Hussain mashaallah bohut khub . 3 days ago

    But why ignore HAL engineers .?

  • v s bhatia
    v s bhatia 3 days ago

    Why pm is not speaking why jutha patra is covering pm. Isko kala paani ki saza Joni chayhe tabi is ka dimaag thikane large ga

  • mohiuddin khan
    mohiuddin khan 2 days ago

    Jo France ke Ex President ne kaha ki unhe Relaince ke alawa koi option nahi diya BJP us statement ka khandan kyun nahi kar rahi hai....har nakami ka thikra congress aur Rahul gandhi ke sir pe to tum log satta mein baith ke kya kar rahe ho.....gadhon.

    VIJAYAN KURUP 2 days ago

    People of India should listen to Intellectuals/ scientists/ NSA/ Air force Chief/ Commercial team/ Members of CCS/ and even defense experts. Believing Biased media barrons who feels they are the God of information, or - believing egoistic in experienced illiterate politicians who has nothing to loose - Those bad mouths and those promoting bad mouth anchors are trying to make fool to nation. They forgot their channel and anchorship is zero infront of todays social media. There is court and law exists in India. Biased egoistic media channel anchor who has anti Modi RSS BJP ego should not need to judge as exploiting freedom of speach. These anchors are " shraap" for media ethics.

    SANDEEP KACHHAP 2 days ago

    इसीलिए मोदी सरकार राफेल डील के बारे जानकारी दे से बच रही है, और इस मुददे को छिपाने के लिए देश की सुरक्षा का बहाना बना रही हैं ?...

  • Sujoy Dutta
    Sujoy Dutta 3 days ago

    That media company of France is another false propaganda media channel like you Ravish. Please stop your non-sense journalism atleast for the country in which you are.