• Published on Jul 28, 2018
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    Rapha Live:


    Rapha vs Cheater Quake Champions. This is Quake Champions cheating scandal where a user tries his best to beat one of the world best Quake players with an aimbot, a radar, HP / Armour status report and a wallhack. Rapha explains if he had used small % of a brain the cheater could have won him. Rapha also tells us his experience playing against cheaters in Quake Champions. You will be able to see two games of Rapha playing the same guy. This video has been requested by a few Quake fans to upload it on our youtube channel. Twitch: Source video:

  • iLikeCookiesQ
    iLikeCookiesQ 2 months ago (edited)

    21:24 1/0.055*7*2 = ~255 DPS from dual wielded LGs. (7 per tick, 1 tick per 55 ms). Clutch's shield is down for 0.7 seconds after firing. So that makes ~178 damage dealt in that window. He had 228 health, but must have taken self damage from the rocket? Does the rocket do >=50 self damage? In that case it would explain this kill. edit: It seems like something is wrong with the armor formula. It is supposed to absorb 2/3rd of the damage, but here it absorbs way less. As you can see he is 100/216 at the very start of the engagement. Which would result in 16 armor left at 0 health, but he has 70 armor left at 0 health. Something might be going wrong with damage rounding. edit: Ok I found something. I believe the armor calculation is heavily rounded. If you look closely at 21:23, and then 21:25 you can see that he lost 36 health and 49 armor before his shield activates. 36/(36+49) = ~42% damage done goes to his health, while it should be only 33.33%. If we look at the 7 damage from LG, and then take 2/3rds, we get 4.6667. If we round that down we get that armor blocks 4/7 of LG damage. Which means 3/7 of the damage goes to health. (36/(36+49))/(3/7) = 0.98823529411. This is so close to 1 that I presume my rounding theory is correct.

  • schway
    schway 2 months ago

    Shain "Raffer" Hendrisson is an icelandinc Quake Live Legend of Moldovan descent. In russian tradition, you become a true Quake Master only when you beat an aimbot in duel, such masters are called "Coollers".

  • Largo
    Largo 2 months ago (edited)

    Think how unstoppable this hacker would be if he could count to 30, but thankfully that horrific scenario will never come to pass.

  • doop00
    doop00 2 months ago

    Always fun to see a cheater being owned.

  • Themplow
    Themplow 2 months ago

    I’m completely confused. The quake community isn’t that big, so in theory, when you are playing, you should 100% know who the best players are… How does one play quake and not know who Rapha is lol

  • Who Cares?
    Who Cares? 2 months ago (edited)

    Rapha is just jealous the other guy is good because has a better gaming chair and Clara uses his PC also.

  • gamingSlasher
    gamingSlasher 2 months ago

    To be honest, those kind of cheaters are not a problem because they are so obvious. It is the people that are good but use cheats for an advantage only in critical situations that really are a cancer to any online game.

  • Rekkn_
    Rekkn_ 2 months ago

    Kinda sad for the cheater. Why would you cheat in a competitive mp game other then to compensate for the lack of accomplishments you made irl?

  • DafT
    DafT 2 months ago

    That moment when a player accuses one of the best in the world of cheating, when he himself is doing exactly that. And considering he doesn't even know of Rapha and is playing at a respectively high level in Quake Champions, that in itself just gives away the fact that he is cheating. Sigh.

  • Mad Paladin
    Mad Paladin 2 months ago

    This guy should feel extra ashamed. Cheating against such a legend and thinking he could get away with it and STILL losing,that's honestly the new low.

  • Moga Mihai-Cristian
    Moga Mihai-Cristian 2 months ago

    Q: Can you get lower then losing while cheating? A: Yes you can, by accusing the other guy of cheating ! :D

  • Nick Mur
    Nick Mur 2 months ago

    Fortunately skill can still overcome cheating. Power to you Rapha, you god.

  • delosombres
    delosombres 2 months ago

    I feel sorry for that stupid cheater. Btw, that's how you know Quake is the most skill based FPS out there. Wallhack+aimbot and he still lost hahaha. No way you could beat that cheater in any other game. Show this video to anybody who is claming that Quake is only about aim and reflexes. ;D

  • juanm128
    juanm128 2 months ago

    Also saw it live. Rapha is just to good. Even 100% aim isn't enough to deal with a player of his class

  • V E A C H
    V E A C H 2 months ago


  • John
    John 2 months ago

    All cheaters are trash.

  • campgrounds
    campgrounds 2 months ago

    Dude can't even spell "Lightning" correctly, lmao

  • KaiZerve
    KaiZerve 2 months ago

    Seeing a player with skills beat a cheater is ever so satisfying. Good job rapha, well done.

  • DEvineSz 〈3
    DEvineSz 〈3 2 months ago

    Saw it live too ^^ I fking love Rapha xD the way he reacted there

  • RelakSHUN
    RelakSHUN 2 months ago (edited)

    3:40 *say*: Just need to report somebody like that. *think*: but first, I need to clean up the floor with his dead body... :D 11:35 ... twice? :D 25:00 Twice! XD