• Published on Jun 6, 2018
  • The most trending kenyan artist and business woman, a mother of 5 AKOTHEE was the talk on social media after this amazing fire perfomance at her first ever big international platform. i recorded this and many more videos of the ONE AFRICA MUSIC FESTIVAL live from my vvip position directly opposite the stage.

  • nyakwar Ageng'o sirkal yore
    nyakwar Ageng'o sirkal yore 1 month ago

    I love the energy from the girls dancing for her

  • Wycliffe Otwane
    Wycliffe Otwane 1 month ago

    Thighs so black and dark.. Pooooo

  • Africa makikia
    Africa makikia 1 month ago

    Madam boss ❤❤ kula raha maisha ni yako

  • maggy kalunde
    maggy kalunde 1 month ago

    I love your courageous madam but don't expose your body this way not good

  • Ann Kabbz
    Ann Kabbz 1 month ago

    Akothee... 1.Perfoming is an Art,you need poise and Grace as a Lady. 2.We get it Your is body is fine fine but I’m not sure who inspired those dance moves from hell..get a good dance instructor 3.Any international brand has standards which basically mean a level of Quality,As a brand marketing yourself,you failed on this one.There was no quality whatsoever... 4.As Africans our values are deeply rooted in our culture,we don’t learn any of these values at school,we mimic or copy them from our elders,I don’t remember anyone from Africa showing the most private of her anatomy like this..which is taboo 5.Your attire is depressing to say the least.You don’t need to show us everything for us to appreciate your music,Your wonderful voice and energy are enough. I appreciate you because of the confidence you have,you don’t bleach your skin or add fake ass and boobs for attention,That makes you a good role model for our young girls...However as a mother of girls,would you be proud watching your daughters perform like these???

  • WINFRIDAH Afancy
    WINFRIDAH Afancy 1 month ago

    People forget Africans used to walk naked Akothee you just ok

  • Salome Waceke
    Salome Waceke 1 month ago

    Just love this lady bure do your thing Akothee

  • Nanano Nananon
    Nanano Nananon 1 month ago

    Hate Akothee yangu yote, a mother of 6,no respect to herself, may you rot in hell

  • Kevin Omondi
    Kevin Omondi 1 month ago

    hiyo nguo inataka watu Kama venesa mdee si akodhee

  • Joy Mui
    Joy Mui 1 month ago

    I love the fact that she is herself,...doesn't pretend to be anyone else..and proud of her chocolate skin

  • Saida Sarika
    Saida Sarika 1 month ago

    honestly she's a poor performer. she's out here trying to be like Beyonce but Beyonce can actually sing and dance at the same time. 90% is just background music. no dance routine, this was just poorly done.

  • Mercy Namusia
    Mercy Namusia 1 month ago

    Madam boss full of energy 

  • Sherry shazala
    Sherry shazala 1 month ago

    Nice performance ..wenye wivu itawacost buree ❤

  • Otieno Irene
    Otieno Irene 1 month ago

    Hate her love her take her nowhere,, anjibamba after all na doo zake

  • Asalix2
    Asalix2 1 month ago

    Mental slavery emancipation in action! Glowing skin, no bleach required. Love, love, love!

  • Kelvin Ihuthia
    Kelvin Ihuthia 1 month ago

    akothee is no singer just a dancer

  • Belito
    Belito 1 month ago

    disgrace to mother of 10

  • Mwana Nchi
    Mwana Nchi 1 month ago

    She looks and sounds amazing. She can dress how she wants, it's 2018.

  • wambui kariuki
    wambui kariuki 1 month ago

    But covering up is authentically African...otherwise perfomance is Africa_ish

  • Ferdie Odoyo
    Ferdie Odoyo 1 month ago

    Ate keep on keeping up Akothe full of energy... real entertainer