Breaking News! South Carolina STANDS BY Charlamagne Tha God! Sexual Assault Case Will NOT RE OPEN!

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
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    South Carolina Courts Will not re open case against Charlamagne Tha God Stating the Woman in question did not cooperate with authorities on top of DNA and blood evidence proving Charlamagne the God To be innocent of the charges! Like Comment Subscribe!! Subscribe To The Uncensored Truth Podcast On Youtube NOW!!

    STONE TV 2 months ago

    You must be cool with CTG and don’t have any females in your family. I think you better do some research and watch the interview with Star and CTG interview with Ak because it sounds like he did something bad. You let me know when you can find anyone who has taken or was willing to take a rape case for anybody. There is no way in this particular situation where you could give CTG the benefit of the doubt. You couldn’t have seen the interviews I saw and talk like this. CTG even on his own podcast no less is talking about drugging a girl from his hometown and having sex with her. It’s clear from this video that you are down with CTG and it’s really sad.

  • Celinda Burns
    Celinda Burns 2 months ago

    You all don’t get it they want something from him for this HBO special the Elite behind this probably paying the female to bring this up Supasly75 said it a humiliation ritual like Fabulous he said you get nothing without giving up something that the price you have to pay to get paid 

  • Antoine
    Antoine 2 months ago

    doesnt mean hes innocent

  • John Hamilton
    John Hamilton 2 months ago

    My hats off to y'all brothers. Y'all had the most honest, objective content out there. Thank y'all for not following every little trend.

  • Luv yourgurl
    Luv yourgurl 2 months ago

    He did the right thing n still getting it.This is deliberate. I've been following it and see the haters have an agenda

  • Elton Kparkah
    Elton Kparkah 2 months ago

    I just hate for when people wait years than come now after 15 years than come now I hate that

  • God //
    God // 2 months ago

    They tried to run that Cosby sequel on CTG.

  • savbunny Frmthebay
    savbunny Frmthebay 2 months ago

    I’m glad they dismissed it and it’s closed‼️

    DROP ZONE MEDIA 2 months ago

    Sadly Ive been in this situation over a girl I have never even met. Investigator told me that he doesn’t care if Im not the person, he wanted to close the case. Very racist white guy. Turns out, some little “hot in the ass” girl used our residence as a place of being while going out to see some man. She told her mom that she was visiting my sister, but she used my sister just to get out of the house. Thank God i wasn’t arrested, and still til this day, i havent met the little girl who almost took away my freedom.

  • 78binks
    78binks 2 months ago

    The document i read said he pled guilty to having sexual intercourse with her. What am i missing?

  • Danger Mauz
    Danger Mauz 2 months ago

    Thank God! I honestly didn't believe it!

  • Sylvia Fisher
    Sylvia Fisher 2 months ago

    Charlamagne need to go sit his ass down every time he see someone under 21 he need to run away and take the word God out of your name

  • Max Payne
    Max Payne 2 months ago (edited)

    If he's a rappist I'm sure another female will come out think about it all the people who are being accused bill Rkelly Harvey Russell all have multiple victims a rappist not going to just rape 1 person

  • Crystal Mopkins
    Crystal Mopkins 2 months ago

    Shit is sad leave that man Alone

  • KAT
    KAT 2 months ago

    This is crazy shit, in today's generation...

  • ComedianAngel Croley
    ComedianAngel Croley 2 months ago

    Check again because I just listened to a clip of #Brilliant IDIOTS where he admitted to screwing the little girl

  • Ray Jepson
    Ray Jepson 2 months ago

    she was penetrated and he pleaded to it, enough said. Sexual contact with a minor...caping for a grown man...sad

  • Aboriginal Indigenous Nation
    Aboriginal Indigenous Nation 2 months ago (edited)

    Charlemagne The Predator.. Believe me, it's NOT over!"... Your day will come soon..