Parody #22 with Kent Dunn

  • Published on May 7, 2018

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  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 3 months ago

    Always a thumbs up for Pari’s great videos! Keep up the good work, girl! 

  • Oahu Pc
    Oahu Pc 3 months ago

    QUESTION : where can I find any information at all about the 1of3 2of3 3of3. Or can you tell us a lot more about them please! Thank you.

  • Ruth Golden
    Ruth Golden 3 months ago

    I love your show, but Kent always have gloomy reports. Ask if he can bring good news, I know good things are happening it would help to keep put vibrations up. Thank you for all you do.

  • Tracy Neal
    Tracy Neal 3 months ago

    Thanks Pari and Kent

  • Silly Crow
    Silly Crow 3 months ago (edited)

    Great video full of important info! And I’ve seen that super soldier video before but no explanation was given at the time. Dang! Scary! Hope those gmo creatures leave us all alone. Yikes! Thanks, Pari! Cute haircut and nice outfit! 

  • Askew Compass
    Askew Compass 3 months ago

    I can't find the gmo footage as described by Kent. Has anyone tips on how to find it?

  • cynthia taylor
    cynthia taylor 3 months ago

    I meditate with Jared Rand daily at noon for one half hour. There are 35,000 of us globally. We are aiming for 1,000,000. Look up Jared Rand daily meditations. Be a part of the change.

  • Jonathan Skeens
    Jonathan Skeens 3 months ago

    Regarding the AI computer's lack of capacity to run ALL creatures in an awakened state all at once - requiring half to be asleep, what was the reason when the world's population was half what it is now? There hasn't always been 7 billion people on Earth. I want to trust Kent, but Simple Logic must prevail at some point.

  • Gammy Pat
    Gammy Pat 3 months ago

    Great to hear you both!

  • Solena Allen
    Solena Allen 3 months ago

    Good video. Thanks.

  • warmsunny today
    warmsunny today 3 months ago

    Thanks Pari and Kent for the report.

  • kenneth dungan
    kenneth dungan 3 months ago


  • Linka Crosby
    Linka Crosby 3 months ago

    Thankyou Pari and Kent another great update Victory of the Light

  • Billie Briddle
    Billie Briddle 3 months ago

    I saw this video months ago on you tube, why is Kent only hearing about it??? Very odd

  • Global Marketing Communications Network, Inc. (GLOBAL MCN)
    Global Marketing Communications Network, Inc. (GLOBAL MCN) 3 months ago

    Thanks for the updates Kent. I really feel the TIME going fast and slow the last few days for sure. With gratitude, light and love! Cheers, Vivian

  • Michael Gaddis
    Michael Gaddis 3 months ago

    Thank you Kent for your sincere efforts to bring knowledge to the world. With each interview video, I work to accommodate new ideas and realities into my perspective, and in my life, to put into practice what I learn. Also, I take on the obligation to share with others, as much as I dare.

  • Michael Gaddis
    Michael Gaddis 3 months ago

    Hello Pari, Thank you for your videos, I watch them all now when I can. I see your beautiful silver elephants! Good luck for all your ventures!

  • Angel H
    Angel H 3 months ago

    Hi Peri, thank you again for your great show. It makes me think, lol. I have a couple of questions that maybe Kent can bring clarity to. You have given us some clues to figure out who may be a hybrid, but how do we know who is an original human? Are hybrids here to help the original humans? Are hybrids victims of genetic manipulation? For ascension, does it matter if you are a hybrid or an original human? How does the soul come in to play for humans vs hybrids? Also, if we are all in a video game then all possible endings are already written into the game. What does one ending mean more than any other? Its just a game, right? Thank you so much! Let's make it a great day!