• Published on Jul 18, 2017
  • sinbad

  • ezekielthemack
    ezekielthemack 6 months ago

    Sinbad is quite simply one of the most underrated comedians of all time. Give this man a Netflix special - he deserves it!

  • Zulema Esperanza
    Zulema Esperanza 4 months ago

    O% vulgarity. 100% laughter = Sinbad

  • Paradise 1219
    Paradise 1219 8 months ago

    I am LOl'ing in the middle of the night here. Never realized how funny Sinbad truly was.

  • Teasha Stewart
    Teasha Stewart 6 months ago

    He's so RIGHT about the laundry, I've learned this long time ago, just leave it. #married12yrs.

  • Chez Bellah
    Chez Bellah 8 months ago

    Great to see clean comedy that's actually funny, not demeaning to anyone, no profanity, just clean and funny. Good to see Sinbad again.

  • rob andone
    rob andone 8 months ago

    Sinbad is better than Kevin Hart will ever be.

  • Molly Sanders
    Molly Sanders 6 months ago

    That 20 year old is not with that 55 year old for nothing but his house. She wants you to die!! So true. Men better listen..

  • Skybox Systems
    Skybox Systems 9 months ago

    Funny as anyone else and no profanity.....That's classy.

  • Vegan Vocalist
    Vegan Vocalist 8 months ago

    This is when the internet is great ....discovering material like this

  • William R.
    William R. 6 months ago

    Is it me?? I heard not one cuss word and l never laughed so hard in over 10 years. Thanks for your video post.

    PACERGIRL68 6 months ago

    The first time I saw Sinbad was on a HBO special and I got scared because I could not breath I was laughing so hard. You don’t have to use profanity to be funny. If you are funny it will come out as you perform.

  • Pedro Justice
    Pedro Justice 9 months ago

    Sinbad is a King of Comedy! He can do improv, tell jokes, tell stories, interact with the crowd, pount out the truths in life, and make you laugh until your sides hurt.

  • Anna Ferrara
    Anna Ferrara 9 months ago

    I couldn’t eat and watch this at the same time—laughing too hard.

  • 416 rem
    416 rem 5 months ago (edited)

    Been married 27 years. Wife asked if she passed would I get married again. I said hell no I would get another Labrador. I am too old to start over with a new wife. Can't match the one I lost.

  • bug wilson
    bug wilson 9 months ago

    He should be one of the Kings of Comedy! Taking questions on the fly like that takes natural talent.

  • Jason W Hoyt
    Jason W Hoyt 6 months ago

    Oh my goodness. The snoring!!! “You sucked the life out of’em!!” Hahahaha!! 

  • Kyra Dudley
    Kyra Dudley 9 months ago

    Omg Since i was a kid loved this guy

  • Diana Cassinelli
    Diana Cassinelli 7 months ago

    He is one of the best....if not the best...no need vulgarity...to make us laugh...thanks Sinbad...I will always love you

  • Jerry Turner
    Jerry Turner 7 months ago

    Made a mistake of watching this while at work. It is way too hard to watch this and not laugh out loud. I tried to hold it down to just snickering. Nearly blew a gasket, I was holding too much in. I'll have to watch it again tonight alongside my wife.

  • PillznarRy
    PillznarRy 9 months ago

    Sinbad was crushing that place!!!