Iyo Aye Mi (Zest) Latest Yoruba Movie 2018 Drama Starring Ronke Odusanya | Mustapha Sholagbade

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
  • Nothing could come between the love of a beautiful single mother and her only son but a certain awkward incident changed their destiny forever. Find out more.

  • Remy Saint
    Remy Saint 1 week ago

    Let's give it up for Ronke and of course Mustapha let's give a like to both .. if you with me hit me with like

  • Adewunmi Bolanle
    Adewunmi Bolanle 1 week ago (edited)

    Whaoo intrest movie with great lesson that's y i love momma ronke odusanya soo much and mustapha soo great too both of them deserve accolades if you agree with me oya hit me like 

  • Annah Odutemowo
    Annah Odutemowo 1 week ago

    In my own opinion...Yasmir needs to relocate after the birth and be checking once awhile. He needs new life because he'll only see her as mom, not really house wife

  • doro dara
    doro dara 1 week ago (edited)

    Wow.... what a lovely beautiful story. Mustapha Sholagbade, this is a great one from you and thumb up for you. I love every part of this movie till the end, inu ile eni latin je ekute onidodo. There's a lot of hidden secret in alot of people family and this is little compare to some, what is destiny will surely come to past. But I wish it doesn't end that way but who are we to question God and they are rich and can always relocate and if not people will only talk for few weeks and keep shut, the important thing is that they are happy. Thanks so much for all the cast and crews, I love you all. And Mustapha Sholagbade, expecting more from you and God will grant you more knowledge and wisdom 

  • Unique bae
    Unique bae 1 week ago (edited)

    Awww so pathetic and emotional story, that's the best thing to do for yamir to relocate and move on with his life and ronke can just keep the secret to take good care of her child‍♀️‍♀️‍♀️interesting movie kudos to you all ✊

  • oludimehin odunayo
    oludimehin odunayo 1 week ago

    No matter what, he is still your son, he doesn’t have to be with her, going somewhere else wouldn’t change the disaster, she could just have that child and move on, people saying the story is nice . We need to change our mentality, that ending is ridiculous. He needs to heal without her, so pathetic they had to make them end up together. Some broken things don’t need to be fixed.

  • Esther MJO
    Esther MJO 1 week ago

    This story is indeed terrific, a great lesson with beautiful ending ✌️ We're only pencil in the hand of our creator. Great job to all. 

  • 24/6 L&A
    24/6 L&A 1 week ago

    I came here straight from instagram. Thank you very much for uploading these movies. May God continue to bless you all.

  • Adigun Sekinat
    Adigun Sekinat 1 week ago

    Here watching were una day Saudi bae

  • Afolabi Zaynab Dasola
    Afolabi Zaynab Dasola 3 days ago

    Wow I give it to this film 120/100 

  • Mathew Olorode
    Mathew Olorode 1 week ago

    Great Job! This is a terrific story. Mustaopha Sholagbade has always wish to have something with Ronke Odunsanya in previous movies...lol so this movie is an opportunity for him being the writer. One thing that is powerful in life is destiny, nothing can change destiny in life as long as God is for us. It is not an incident that Yamir girlfriend put something in his drink, it has been predestined by God to happen that way. However, don’t tell me Ronke Odusanya doesn’t have strength to push a drunken man away from her, perhaps she wanted it more as well. I also believe she could have told Yamir right from time that she’s not the biological mother, this could have lessen the shame in a situation like this so people would know that they are not related in any way. Thanks for uploading Apata TV!

  • Paula Ify
    Paula Ify 1 week ago

    Hmmmmmmmm.......na wa for this kind story o.

  • badmus tobi
    badmus tobi 2 days ago

    Walahi Mustapha you didn’t disappoint me at all my love for you has increased 

  • Adesuyi Abimbola Abimbola
    Adesuyi Abimbola Abimbola 1 week ago

    Kudos to ronke odusanya and mustapha gbolagade.... God bless you bro...... Cairo babies where una dey let's take selfie 

  • WavyXclusive TV
    WavyXclusive TV 1 week ago

    Ekaro gbogbo ile oo EKO gbona wa n bi oooo

  • jummyola
    jummyola 3 days ago

    That was a difficult situation but nothing new under the sun.Life continues.Thanks for uploading. Well done crew and cast.

  • unique Cute Bea.
    unique Cute Bea. 5 days ago (edited)

    Wow...Luvly movie kudos to Ronke odunsayan and Mustaphah Much love guys....Cairo people are u here???

  • pretty blessing
    pretty blessing 1 week ago

    Ninu ègbin lola n gbethis movie made my dayso nice an interesting i believe some actors still have amazing storylineGod bless the producer of this great moviethe castscrewsand marketerYou all are amazing I enjoyed it

  • Olabisi Owolabi
    Olabisi Owolabi 1 week ago

    Waooo....... I love this movie........ So emotional

  • Bilqees Olaide
    Bilqees Olaide 5 days ago

    Oh my Creator,I beg of you with all the beautiful names you bear.Please don't let me and my children experience/ witness what we don't pray/bargain for.Its a very dicey situation, someone you addressed as mum now turned to wife hmmmmm its not that easy to be overcome by Yamir most especially in our Society.Though there is nothing new under the Sun but its not encouraging at all A very pathetic educating,entertaining,emotional with suspense.You both act so perfectly well,Yamir(Lolade Mustapha Sholagbade)and Flakky(Ronke Odusanya).And all the casts&crews you delivered diligently. Kudos to you all