Was Dassault-Anil Ambani Deal A Quid Pro Quo?

  • Published on Oct 11, 2018
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    New documents obtained by the French media says there was trade-off for Dassault to partner with Anil Ambani's Reliance for the Rafale deal. As Rahul Gandhi steps up the attack on the PM, was there really a quid pro quo? NDTV is one of the leaders in the production and broadcasting of un-biased and comprehensive news and entertainment programmes in India and abroad. NDTV delivers reliable information across all platforms: TV, Internet and Mobile. Subscribe for more videos:

  • Kiran K
    Kiran K 3 days ago

    Arrogant nirmala says she is a buyer as though she is spending her personal money she is not even an elected representative

  • R M
    R M 3 days ago

    I appreciate your level of intelligence which is going on the right track of tearing up the other 'godi' channels disguised as 'Desh Bhakt' Rest of my comments regarding the content will follow after I watch your presentation.

  • prafulkumar udani
    prafulkumar udani 3 days ago

    Crony capitalism is route to make party balance sheet healthy.

  • Purushotham James
    Purushotham James 3 days ago

    Nirmal sitaraman is the most venomous and vengeful minister in BJP followed Sampit Patra, Jaitly Prasad.

  • urbano pereira
    urbano pereira 3 days ago

    Rafale deal is d biggest defense scam of d century. Why was d 126 aircraft deal scrapped suddenly without anybodies knowledge? The defense procedures were completely bypassed.

  • Anil Nair
    Anil Nair 3 days ago (edited)

    Sambit Part who made you BJP Spokesperson. We don't want you to talk rubbish about the past. In the Rafale deal it is well known that Mr Anil Ambani is the middleman...

  • hobgoblin1216
    hobgoblin1216 3 days ago

    300% hike after removing the major component of transfer of technology itself is the biggest proof that something is very wrong with this deal. When the government is unable to answer this huge price escalation, particularly after severely watering down the earlier deal in every way, is the biggest piece of evidence. Next, journalists like you Nidhi should ask, how can someone making 10% profit from a deal invest 50% of the deal in the customers business? This, only happens in Catch-22 and in Alice in Wonderland! 300% price escalation is merely tip of the iceberg. Major scam is in repairs, maintenance, spares and servicing of Rafale for next 30 to 40 years by 72 companies vast majority of whom are merely shell companies of Dassault who will charge 1000 rupees for 2 rupees screw and help siphon off the money to crony capitalists, international arms dealers, generals, netas and other powers that be for next 30 to 40 years! Reliance itself has quoted that it alone stands to gain a whopping 100,000 crores only through offsets for next three to four decades. This government under the ruse of creating an ecosystem for defence manufacturing has created an ecosystem whereby Crony capitalists, arms dealers, netas and generals will continue to rob the nation as source of arms imports are being squeezed out.

  • Shahnawaz Nadkar
    Shahnawaz Nadkar 3 days ago

    Company even not registered that time when contract given.... Shameful... What more evidence we need....

  • narendra dhore
    narendra dhore 3 days ago

    ...coz PM directly asked them to choose reliance if they want contract. (Obviously by his mum on the issue.)..

  • haranatha babu Allam
    haranatha babu Allam 3 days ago

    This is like a stealthy cat that drinks milk with eyes closed and feeling that it is the wisest cat in the world and nobody has seen it stealing the milk. Wake up fekubaba & chaalis chor!

  • Shahnawaz Nadkar
    Shahnawaz Nadkar 3 days ago

    Media hiding truth of this scam but people of India know the truth

  • narendra dhore
    narendra dhore 3 days ago

    Not answering why reliance is chosen for the deal. . No experience in fighter jet mfg no money & merely a new co. No expertise. . That's the bjp way of hiding things & doing corruption. Mr. Rahul Gandhi has rightly said that PM is corrupt...

  • Shahnawaz Nadkar
    Shahnawaz Nadkar 3 days ago

    Anil Ambani ia in great dept and bankruptcy facing... Atill HAL removed ans got contract???

  • Kishan Dhagal
    Kishan Dhagal 3 days ago (edited)

    Very right modi ko thodi pata tha ki anil ambani ki company ko contract milega , bilkul sahi baat hai , modi ko kese pata lagega bhai ye . anil ambani ne 2014 se modi ko fund kiya hai sab elections me , lekin ye kese ho sakta hai ki modi ko pata tha ki anil ambani ko contract milega , esa to ho hi nahin sakta bhai . ye namumkin hai ki modi ko ye pata tha . and here comes indian public , haan bhai modi ko kese pata ho sakta hai ki anil ambani ko contract milega . modi to devta hai , ek avtaar hai . matlab kab tak bhai ? Kab tak lutne doge . kher luto , ache din enjoy kar sab . kul milake baat ye hai ki ambaani ko khaane do . ambani ko public ke paise khaane se rokoge to fir tum log desh drohi ho . ambani ko khaane do , ye hi desh bhakti hai ki ambani ko khaane do , kuch mat kaho . tab jaake tum log desh bhakt kehlaoge .

  • Hair stuff
    Hair stuff 3 days ago

    If Reliance removed as offset Partner then we can be sure that this Government is highly involved in crony capitalism... And that would be shame

  • Moni Kumar
    Moni Kumar 3 days ago

    She looks arrogant and talks arrogant like Modiji.

  • Shamita Dasgupta
    Shamita Dasgupta 3 days ago

    Sambit patra gets paid for a nominated position Could you do a program on how many days a month he reports for that work? How qualified he is for that job? only thing he does is barks like a pet dog

  • Rahul Troy
    Rahul Troy 3 days ago

    Modi's a thief, must abandon the post of PM...

  • Moni Kumar
    Moni Kumar 3 days ago

    How long BJP can drag not answering Rafale deal straight , it becomes nightmare to BJP/Modiji. Better release all documents to Indian public who put you in power. Let them exam those documents , exonerate Modiji. It is that simple. Mr. Patra is wasting time with old BS of middlemen. So far nothing proved in the court of law. Regarding bodies 2G scam . BJP manufactured all scams to take the power and looting The country in daylight. Shame . Who will give good governance?

  • P Maitra
    P Maitra 3 days ago

    Sambit Fart-ra is the honcho of Oil and Natural Gas Corporation, but his education is in the health/medical sector, not in the energy sector.