The RoastMasters 6.11.18: Patrick Schroeder vs. Joel Walkowski

  • Published on Jun 17, 2018
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    Comedians Patrick Schroeder & Joel Walkowski battle it out at The RoastMasters hosted by Luis J. Gomez! With judges: - Mike Lawrence - Rich Vos - Eli Sairs - Big Jay Oakerson - Bonnie McFarlane - Doug Benson - Myka Fox - Ari Shaffir - Kim Congdon Want to watch the whole night of battles in it's entirety? Go to

  • Blake is my name
    Blake is my name 1 month ago

    I would rather struggle to pass 1000 kidney stones than hear Bonnie McFarlane judge even once.

  • socaltop10
    socaltop10 1 month ago

    Joel was on fire in this roast. I burst out laughing at "having your foot amputated..."

  • googlestopaskingformyname
    googlestopaskingformyname 4 weeks ago (edited)

    Joel ate Pat alive this one. I always love Joels stage presence but this time he also had some nuclear material

  • cosmodrum1
    cosmodrum1 3 weeks ago

    Myka is a constant cringe.

  • Theo Fuller
    Theo Fuller 4 weeks ago

    Joel went beast mode

  • John Nada
    John Nada 4 weeks ago

    Joel is so underrated

  • Frank Frank
    Frank Frank 1 month ago

    Micha is jus not funny.. she needs to get help for her coke problem and land an office job already

  • taipz
    taipz 1 month ago

    the feminazi SJW tumors are so cringey and unfunny

  • onpsxmember
    onpsxmember 1 month ago

    Overall...Joel killed it. Patrick reused his joke at 4:23. Props are a it got closer but Joel still won. I thought I judge this, since the judges do such a shitty job. It would be best IF they cleared WHO is judging that night. A shitload of people just sit in, eat, drink and brainfart. I remember when 4 guys sitting in front and doing some real judging like on a stand up contest. Put in some rule. No more than 6 Judges. The others can sit but can't judge. If someone doesn't feel like judging that night, they can switch. No sitting around and doing a shitty job. Myka Fox makes Bonnie seem like a good judge. If you can't keep your stupid political views out of that fun night, fuck off. Big Jay is out of his mind thinking about another joke. 6 Judges, no more. YOU GUYS NEED A DAMN HACK JAR. For every hacky shit you have to pay. Worked great on tough crowd.

  • TheKingdom
    TheKingdom 1 month ago

    Thought Patrick won that myself

  • Loki D. Wolf
    Loki D. Wolf 4 weeks ago

    Great roast! Sound was a little messed up though.

  • jojothekoala
    jojothekoala 3 weeks ago

    yeah guys seriously can we keep the arm pussy from grabbing the mic awesome battle tho these guys are both fun

  • Josh Smith
    Josh Smith 3 weeks ago

    Not that I'm complaining but what happened to Christi Chiello?

  • Slow Cut
    Slow Cut 4 weeks ago

    How come Joel always stands with his arm looking as though he's resting it on an invisible counter.

  • mike kennedy
    mike kennedy 1 month ago

    Loved the Owen Benjamin dig

  • SniffyPoo
    SniffyPoo 1 month ago

    that was good battle

  • Shawn Joyce
    Shawn Joyce 3 weeks ago

    Is the lighting bad or did Louis lose a fight recently? About time those girls started fighting back.

  • He-Man MOTU
    He-Man MOTU 1 week ago

    11:20 All Three Of Them Do!!!! All three look like bullies from kids movies!