OUR BABY IS BORN!! | Your Show, Episode 1 | The Valleyfolk

  • Published on Jul 10, 2018
  • So let's discuss some things... Yes, the news stories are old. This is a format test, and the news segment was filmed early on because it's slightly more involved than the other parts. In the future, the stories will be current. You'll learn. You'll laugh. You'll cringe. Sometimes it'll be Elliott C. Morgan and Lee Newton. Other times, it may be Joe Bereta and Luke Barats (if we can get him). Yes, we will likely break the show up into parts and post individual video segments as well. BUT, some of those stand-alone segments will have extra moments/bits/jokes added to increase viewing pleasure and shareability. Our goal with this here video is to create a show where people feel comfortable watching for twenty minutes. Schedule?! The next episode drops in two weeks. We've finally built our team up so we can streamline this into a weekly show, aka a full week's worth of content all the time. IT'S HAPPENING!! Finally ~THANK YOU~ for watching, for your feedback, for sharing and for gifting us with the opportunity to make some awesome stuff for the world. We get to make this because of all of you. That's why this is YOUR SHOW. Enjoy.


    . We need your support to make this baby sing (Creed's "My Own Prison," that is). This show has everything: retro couches, belly rubs, nasty dumps, goose bashes, new characters, old characters, news, music videos, vlogs, sketches, and one incredibly timed, very fortunate segment-segueing booty whisper. It's "Your Show" because YOU'RE watching it and YOU can be part of it and help mold future episodes by becoming part of our awesome Patreon community. A massive, folksy thanks to Matthew Boman for helping us film the couch segments, and Kait, our intern/PA/all-around wondrous human, for filming and editing Out Yonder. Thank you to Kevin Plachy for editing the news segment. Also shout-out to Andy Mogren for helping us with our animations, and David Morgan for designing our logo! And thanks, of course, to Aaron Massey (AKA Mr. Fix-It), for being manly and helping us non-mans build a desk! Check him out here:


    Here's the test episode of our new show! We're experimenting with a longer-form format with multiple segments. There's a lot packed into this and we're excited! To see the FULL BLOOPERS vid, head on over to

  • The Valleyfolk
    The Valleyfolk 2 months ago

    Hit us with your feedback! Favorite segments, best line, what needs tweaking... give it to us! Thanks for watching!

  • Smosh
    Smosh 2 months ago

    You guys are weird

  • WilliamHaynesTV
    WilliamHaynesTV 2 months ago

    Y'all owe me 30 cents for that.

  • Jay HM
    Jay HM 2 months ago

    Note for the show: Firstly, I thought it was great! But definitely add a small mashup in the beginning so we know what we're going to see in the throughout episode. At the start I thought it was just reading questions off the couch. It'll help build excitement I think and keep new viewers engaged to stay.

  • Mr. Fix It
    Mr. Fix It 2 months ago

    That was the GOD DAMN SEXIEST MAN MONTAGE OF ALL TIME! Thanks for letting me jump in on the fun!...Now come help me finish this damn desk!

  • AndyG
    AndyG 2 months ago

    Long video format 

  • tallasianchick
    tallasianchick 2 months ago

    I'd love for Elliott to be covered in applesauce while I hit him with my car... CONSENSUALLY, OF COURSE.

  • goober4502
    goober4502 2 months ago

    Ok, so I remember That y’all want to hear actual critiques, and I promise to be as constructive as possible, so here goes: I appreciate the comment commentary-style Quadologue, but I don’t think it’s all that necessary ( Altho as I type this I remember it’s called Your Show, so I get why you’re doing it) my concern is that it’s too reminiscent of SF. I loved the out yonder part; cameos are always welcome and the physical comedy is what I’m looking for. It’s be cool if you did like a positivity challenge, doing random good, funny and cool shit out in the world, so we can start... feelin good (wink) News: again, the SF thing. At least it’s not white walls. Personally I can do without the news format, but I’d love to see more of these characters. Something reoccurring, Portlandia style. The editing and graphics look professional and clean, I love it! Props to the editor and graphic designer. Suggestion: I’d love to see more music based things like covers, karaoke, music videos, etc. shit, start a band, that’d be sick lol Finally, I’ll put my money where my mouth is and finally become a patron, cuz I feel you deserve it and I believe in what you’re trying to do. Love y’all.

  • chame17
    chame17 2 months ago

    I want you to get a table, arrange four chairs around that table, get a container of some sort, put strips of paper in that container, then have a discussion around said strip of paper. Once concluded, take a miniature trebuchet (the superior siege engine) and launch the pieces of paper at some audiovisual equipment. Give it a catchy name. Like Desk Discourse. The name needs work.

  • Jacob A
    Jacob A 2 months ago

    "It's like SourceFed, But BETTER" You're goddamn right.

  • Dunlei 16
    Dunlei 16 2 months ago

    maybe put time stamps of where the segments are in the comments :)

  • Gouravager
    Gouravager 2 months ago

    What tier of patreon perk is to have dude spoonfeed me butter soup?

  • Saurabhav
    Saurabhav 2 months ago

    You lost me at 9 minutes with Steve's Character. I loved Elliot's conservative bit. Couldn't tell if he was serious or not and that's what made it great

  • Zach Davis
    Zach Davis 2 months ago

    So Elliot is 51 years old?

  • vampjoseph11
    vampjoseph11 2 months ago

    the way that Mr. Fixit opened that beer was the manliest thing ever!

  • Em O
    Em O 2 months ago

    I've been so excited waiting for this! Okay, so first I must say that the production quality and graphics are awesome. If this is going to be formatted as a compilation of skits, news segments, pop culture,etc. I like the breaks in between with the comments and questions segueing between them. I really enjoyed all of the skits, but my favorite was probably Out Yonder. Would love to see y'all out and about having adventures creating content more in the future. Y'all are creating something great here and it's so fun to see y'all creating and writing content together again. Genuinely, I really enjoyed the first episode of Your Show and I'm excited to see more!

  • SimplyCanadian
    SimplyCanadian 2 months ago

    Hands down the best thing ive ever seen since the og SF days!! I wish i could support you guys but im literally drowning in debt.

  • parthanaught
    parthanaught 2 months ago

    personally i think we need less cuts to have a more raw experience in the first comment segment

  • Alex Alex
    Alex Alex 2 months ago

    ironic that elliott c morgan has so much in common with the girl that catfished original universe elliott

  • IceMetalPunk
    IceMetalPunk 2 months ago

    I can see you're finding yourselves. Welp, you're found! This was great <3 (Also, after this episode, I feel like the C in "Elliott C. Morgan" stands for something that rhymes with "mild molester", but I could be wrong.)