Best new comedy around - Tongue Tied Maori TV

  • Published on Jul 12, 2018
  • Love comedy, you will love this. If you like this taste check out promo of ep one. Check this out Maori TV On Demand. An all-star cast including Maaka Pohatu (Wellington Paranormal), Lisa Chappell (McLeod’s Daughters), Grace Palmer and Karl Burnett from Shortland Street and comedians Kura Forrester and Pax Assadi heads up Tongue Tied – Māori TV’s outrageous new comedy set in a kura pō. A combustible mix of students try to learn te reo Māori from hapless wanna-be actor Haami Samuels (Pohatu) under the fierce guidance of principal Hihi Smith (Forrester). Turns out the struggle is reo.