Don Giovanni LIVE from the Royal Opera House

  • Streamed live on Jul 12, 2018
  • Mozart’s dazzling tragicomic opera, Marc Minkowski conducts a world-class cast led by Mariusz Kwiecień with Ildebrando D’Arcangelo, Rachel Willis-Sørensen, Pavol Breslik and Hrachuhi Bassenz. Don Giovanni is the second of Mozart’s landmark collaborations with librettist Lorenzo da Ponte (after The Marriage of Figaro and before Così fan tutte). In it they created a work that has beguiled and entranced in equal measure since its premiere in 1787. Perfectly situated, as no other opera, between tragedy and comedy, this potent drama combines glorious music with a seductive central character who is endlessly fascinating in his complexity. Kasper Holten’s 2014 production for The Royal Opera casts Don Giovanni as an artist who thrives on an audience enticed by his creative gifts. Ink blots splatter across the visually spectacular set by award-winning designer Es Devlin, with ingenious video designs by Luke Halls. But at the production’s heart are the beauty and invention of Mozart’s dazzling score.

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    The performance will be available for 30 days, until 10.30pm BST on 11 August 2018.

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  • WIDLEY1000
    WIDLEY1000 6 days ago

    opportunity for subtitles would have been nice.

  • wiltaleggio
    wiltaleggio 6 days ago

    kasper holten does the worst productions. incredibly unfaithful to simple plot elements and completely disregards mozart and the librettist’s instructions. to challenge at any cost is just so arrogant not to mention disrespectful to all the hard work of the amazing singers and orchestra who instead make an honest effort to faithfully bring to life the masterpiece that is mozart’s don giovanni. what a shame kasper....

  • Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc
    Ifmusicbethefoodoflove Egc 6 days ago

    Well done BP for getting real music, ballet & classic theatre to a wider audience. If only it had been introduced by people with SOME idea about opera. Those two were an embarrassment. We often go to the live in HD performances of operas, ballet & plays in local cinemas. It's like having the best seats, for a fraction of what they cost at the opera houses or theatres.

  • Talita Komelj
    Talita Komelj 6 days ago

    Leporello was the best!!! 

  • Michael Deakin
    Michael Deakin 6 days ago

    Overall, way too fast

  • Steven Watson
    Steven Watson 4 days ago

    Technology and psychology, two of the worst modern obsessions

  • theoldar
    theoldar 6 days ago

    They didn't have a budget for sets?

  • Christiaan d'Hooghe
    Christiaan d'Hooghe 4 days ago

    The Donna Anna is magnificent!!!!!!!!!! <3 <3 <3

  • TheWiseMonkey8888
    TheWiseMonkey8888 6 days ago

    I enjoyed the performance very much. I found the ensemble work particularly interesting... well balanced, yet offering a set of psychological topologies worthy of Mozart’s genus; intricate, characterised and intellectually redolent. How a Mozart opera should be...

  • Dave Glo
    Dave Glo 4 days ago

    Isn’t the whole Anna-Giovanni ‘secret romance’ been played to death already? It’s a tired old director’s conceit, and there’s no evidence that Mozart or DaPonte ever intended such an idea. And in this era of MeToo, do you think women are interested in hearing that they either can’t help themselves, or they’re too weak to resist a serial rapist?

  • Velissiotis
    Velissiotis 6 days ago

    Giusto di far un Don Giovanni nevrotico. e um Leporello un po volgare. ma non cosi tanto! si perde l'idea di Mozart che l'uno è la copia dell'altrove non una copia invero! Justo che Donna Anna ama Don Giovanni all'inizio e decide la sua distruzione solo dopo aver visto Zerlina ed Elvira. Minkowski perfetto nervoso e veloce senza per ciò perdere i particolari dei fiatti. Tutt'altro. Tutti perfetti vocalmente, a parte Leporello che, penso a causa di regia, strafà... Anche il finale giusto senza l'inutile "epilogo" . una esecuzione bella, se il regista aveva il buon senso di fermarsi un po.....

  • Doodle Buddy
    Doodle Buddy 4 days ago

    Mozart is the daddy, Mozart is the boss 

  • Zubair Hossain
    Zubair Hossain 6 days ago

    Very lavish production! Looks absolutely breathtaking! Only complaint Don Ottavio's nasality... Good actor though!

  • Al Vin
    Al Vin 6 days ago


  • WasteLand
    WasteLand 6 days ago

    this is amazing, I'm not an opera expert but I do love Mozart and this was great

  • Talita Komelj
    Talita Komelj 6 days ago

    This is genius!!!!

  • lucynka102
    lucynka102 1 day ago

    Mariusz is always a great singer and actor

  • Angelia Milanovic
    Angelia Milanovic 5 days ago

    3:13:52 Don Ottavio: il mio tesoro intanto...