Tanushree Dutta Speaks Out Against Harassment: No #MeToo In Bollywood?

  • Published on Sep 27, 2018
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    movement in Bollywood? Actress Tanushree Dutta speaks out about the harassment she says she faced several years ago. Watch full video:


    Can there ever be a

  • SK 0506
    SK 0506 3 weeks ago

    Film industry is full of hypocrites. They just tweet about things they have nothing to do with on the basis of what their PR advices. Now when a former actress genuinely need support, they'll act like they have no idea what's happening. Disgusting.

    PRASHANT KUMAR 2 weeks ago

    Amitabh Bachhan in Pink- " a woman's character is not related to the length of her clothes". Amitabh Bachhan during Priyanka Chopra getting trolled for wearing short clothes in front of the PM- "I am neither Priyanka Chopra nor the PM, how can I comment on this". Amitabh Bacchan during KBC game show- " Every word I spoke in Pink, I follow in my personal life as well". Amitabh Bachchan when asked about Tanushree allegations on Nana Patekar- "I am neither Tanushree nor Nana, how can I comment on this". I think its time we should stop worshipping these spineless nautankiawalas and look up to better role models like out army, doctors , farmers, people who are working for society and not get enough recognition.

  • Navjyoti Paul
    Navjyoti Paul 2 weeks ago

    Mr bacchann u r such a coward.shameful.we all know u r not tanusree.u don't have that guts to be like her.

  • Nelson Dcosta
    Nelson Dcosta 3 weeks ago

    Bollywood Stars are Cowards..

  • Aryaan Singh
    Aryaan Singh 2 weeks ago


  • Abhishek Das
    Abhishek Das 3 weeks ago

    Boycott Bollywood till truth comes or Bollywood speaks on this!

  • Rashmi Chhabra
    Rashmi Chhabra 2 weeks ago

    I mean seriously guys. Let's ban Bollywood. They look so clean and shiny outside but its horrendous from inside. All mainstream male actors are predators and by watching their movies we are actually filling their pockets.

  • Cdant Daku
    Cdant Daku 3 weeks ago

    Dimple Kapadia called Nana out as well. People like Nana Patekar and Salman Khan shouldn't be anywhere near women given their history against women violence. Absolute joke and humiliating. Someone needed to take a stand.

  • Mr. A
    Mr. A 3 weeks ago

    Ye Shakti Kapoor , Nana patekar, salmaan Khan , arbaaz Khan sab ko andar Karo... sexual harrashment is a crime and even if they are film super star or whatever they are not above the LAW!

  • Shreshtha Mani Choudhary
    Shreshtha Mani Choudhary 3 weeks ago

    She is right ..she did spoke out ...i do remember it ...lost respect for Nana Patekar ever since!

  • Nelson Dcosta
    Nelson Dcosta 3 weeks ago

    Support Tanushree Dutta

  • sagewithrage
    sagewithrage 2 weeks ago

    Great journalism. Thank you Nidhi and Ndtv for speaking and supporting in favour of the victim ladies and giving them more courage to speak up.

  • P M
    P M 3 weeks ago

    She did raised this earlier but no one listened. When Indians saw the impact of the MeToo movement in Hollywood they are desperate to follow the same. Now the media trail will start. Truth is most Indians are hypocrites including me.

  • Dr.Debasmita Mishra
    Dr.Debasmita Mishra 2 weeks ago

    Proud of you Tanushree...l hope woman like you get justice soon...this kind of behaviour is tolerated enough in the society ...shame on those kind of people and Nana Patekar

  • Tenzin Noryang
    Tenzin Noryang 3 weeks ago

    Everyone should stop watching those fake Bollywood movies .Boycott bollywood. Stand up for tanu shree

  • Sonu Sangam
    Sonu Sangam 2 weeks ago

    This is Brave lady.....salute to u ..... Bollywood is full of mostly coward people.....how can Amitabh said that I m not Nana or Tanushree...it is like close ur eyes from ur responsibility....I hate Amitabh.....this have double standard person......

  • hobgoblin1216
    hobgoblin1216 2 weeks ago

    Amitabh Bachchan and his family's name is figuring in Swiss bank list, Panama papers leak and Paradise papers leak! And forget taking action against him, he is acting as brand ambassador for social schemes of the government! It is time people also started boycotting Amitabh Bachchan.

  • Syntilang Kharumnuid
    Syntilang Kharumnuid 2 weeks ago

    Amitabh Bachchan is really a coward... he is real hero in movie only... so surprised to see and hear the response from Big B when asked about Tanushree Dutta really Shame

  • The Another Girl Dink
    The Another Girl Dink 2 weeks ago

    Please support Tanushree.. its the time we really got to support women empowerment rather than just talking about it.

  • Shaheer Sherminator
    Shaheer Sherminator 3 weeks ago

    I hope she gets justice !